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Sony are the Godfathers of Gaming

1. agent

2. gran turismo 5


4.uncharted 3(pending)

5. socom 4

6.infamous 2 medieval

8.twisted metal

9.the last guardian

10.yakuza 4

11.resistance 3

12.killzone 3

i see alot of people want to play the sales game instead of...

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cant help yall...just play your xbox games and quit complaining about what you "do" and "dont" have.

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Saying PSN is free, is a fact.
Saying PSN is better than XBL is an opinion, which is an example of PS3 gamers blowing shit out their ass acting like that is a fact.

you cannot discredit the many awards and goty's uncharted 2 has gotten, demons souls got game of the year, as well as metal gear solid 4, and littlebigplanet, those are facts. and those things are proof that ps3 gamers are not blowing things out of their asses mr bravo.

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very mysterious dude, good honorable character though

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90% of the things ps3 gamers say on this site are true! not exaggerated, i can understand a person who does not have a ps3 getting kind of frusterated with someone saying..."uncharted 2's graphics are mental" "god of war 3 is epic" "gran turismo is the real driving simulator" ps3 gamers are saying those things because there true, not to purposely piss off anyone. and the reason alot of people are giving 3d props, is because it really is good, many, many peopl...

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perfect review, couldent have done it better.

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naughty dog challenged ps3's power and look what happened, one of the greatest games this gen (no seriously, its that good, not just ranting.) anyways if they can master that tech the way naughty dog did with uncharted 2...were going to be blown away once more.

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well said.

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heated online debates...cant live with em, cant live without em XD

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my list.

5. vanquish.
4. portal 2.
3. goldeneye wii.
2. gran turismo 5
1. killzone 3.

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i hope not, im used to traditional disk based games.

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i think that Sony is on the right track with the move, its like the nintendo wii, but 10x better. and with killzone 3 on the horizon, how could you resist?

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developers will want to get their games out there to be exposed, and as i see it, the ps+ looks to be on fire right now, and it sure in the hell dose not look like its dying out.

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awesome for ps3.

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ManEater from Demons Souls.

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