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so excited!

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I guess the author of this is going to miss out

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The message it sends: Zelda STILL rocks!

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How far did you get in the game? I'm 40 hours in and I can tell you that this is not a 'Traditional' Strategy RPG. Not by a long shot...

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well I have a 500 gig HDD in my machine, so I'll be okay. Gotta love how we aren;t forced to buy over priced HDD's. Now if a certain other company would stop screwing their customers over (cough Microsoft cough) with HDD prices


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Translation sucks.

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...well put together. EVen though I may disagree with a few of these selections, I appreciate the tracks chosen for this top 10 video.

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im sold

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This article is trolling. There is more than enough "game' in 1.1 to justify the price of admission...

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All this arguing for nothin... It is a damn great game

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Can anyone say: "ouch". I'm still excited for the PSN release, however.

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So far so good. I don't agree 100%, but I think all in all its a pretty accurate list. Only thing I really disagree w/ is I think Metroid Prime should be much higher on the list. IMO its one of the greatest games ever made...

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WHat was bad, was the grammer used in that article. Just terrible. Anyway, the new MK is great. I've been loving it for the past few days. Even if I can't play it online with my PS3. Still fun as all hell.

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god im psyched for this!

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looks great!


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wow, im excited for this. I wonder if there will be traditional turn-based battles involved. that would be pretty sick. I am currently playing the DS remake of final fantasy 4, and was thinking about how awesome it would be to have traditional turn-based battles with an all-star cast. maybe even have a dual-tech feature ala crono trigger.
now im dreaming... *sigh*


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Title of submission is misleading. This is by no means an official source. This is just a forum post from some random Gamestop employee.

Wait until one of the major retail outlets officially comes out and complains about this and then post THAT story. Something like this just comes off as flame-bait.

With that being said, I don't think Sony would be channel stuffing. I think Gamestop just ordered too many...


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I'm a field tester for Verizon Wireless, Zeus IS the PSPhone. Has the d-pad and everything

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