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The Switch is killing it right now.

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Mine arrived this morning. I'm about 2 hours in. Loving it so far.

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It wasn't written by Polygon.

It was written by a freelancer. Seems to be the only thing she's done for Polygon according to her profile.

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The Pro version had better anti-aliasing on the grass during the T-Rex section but that's the only real difference I spotted. Hardly a deal-breaker =]

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It was obviously a joke. I'm a massive fan.

People on this site are idiots.

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Nah. It sucks.

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If the game can be played wrong then that's the dev's fault.

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I've seen around 5 reviews below a 9. Not everyone has to love a game as much as everyone else does.

Not to mention that The Jimquisition is completely ad-free and funed by Patreon. It doesn't matter how many clicks the review gets.

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If a reviewer has time to play more than one version then I welcome it.

It seems like all versions have a few performance issues but it's encouraging to see that the PC port isn't a complete disaster.

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What's unfair about this review? I've never really read of Jed Whitaker's work but I was curious to see what he had to say about it.

His opinions and criticisms seemed fair to me. The game has less content than previous iterations and contains a lot of reused assets. The 6 mini games on offer sound terrible and consist of button mashing and QTE's. Obviously there's also micro-tractions.

The rest of the content looks like it's made up o...

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£40 season pass...

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I'm amazed at how many people haven't watched the video and are just commenting on the Headline.

N4G in a nutshell.

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Jim Sterling isn't a journalist. He works independently and is funding solely by his fans. I would trust his opinion over some IGN puppet

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Breath of Fire 3 has been on the EU PSN for years. I purchased it back in 2012 for £4.00.

It's currently only £2.00 for anyone that wants to pick it up.

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Haha. I love how salty people still are about that.

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Just a heads up.

The Handsome Collection is pretty much broken on the PS4 at the moment. The Pre-Sequel crashes very frequently but the issue is less frequent on Borderlands 2.

This has been going on since the 3.00 update but a fix is on the way.


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You obviously haven't had much experience with Videogamer. They do their own thing and don't really care about being recognised as "journalists". You should check out their YouTube videos to get a taste of what these guys are like. They look like they have the best time ever and love doing what they do.

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I sent mine back to Amazon. They hadn't been updated at all.

Even Vincent still has the exact same bio page as Red XIII in the FF7 guide.

I expect that these new guides to be just as terrible. Such a shame as well.

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Misco are a dreadful company. There's no way that they would honour this deal.

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The person that gave Deadly Premonition a 10/10 now works for The Escapist.

He gave D4 4 out of 5 stars.

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