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Let's hope they make more acquisitions.

Mercury Steam(Know for Castlevania)

Remedy studio- Alan Wake and Quantum break

They need some Japanese studios as well.

The whole of Konami- Silent Hill, Metal gear solid and Castlevania.

Mistwalker- Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon

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I was expecting Ms to announce the acquisition of remedy at E3 but was surprise not to see them on the list.

Alan Wake and Quantum break need to be become one of the main games for Ms.

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"1) PSN Infrastructure - i'll give you name change, but i've used PSN since PS3 launched and never ran into "inconsistant download speeds" or having to go through the browser for the PSN store. also "connections are more stable than on PS3 too" WTF does that even mean? like to PSN in general or are you talking with online games, cause online games depends on the individual game servers, has nothing to do with PSN other than using your PSN ID


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Considering that Re2 story is quite short...they should have implemented the Re3 story into Re2.
The canon goes like this: Re3 outbreak happens and you play as Jill then after the clock tower event Re2 takes place. When that story concludes Re3 story continues and ends will the destruction of racoon city or maybe alter the story to leave Racoon city intact.

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If you want to own a game then no one is stopping you from buying it. Game pass gives gamers access to many games at a low cost. Most gamers see buying a full priced game as a barrier and will always opt to the popular franchises and won't try the niche titles out there. Game pass lets people at least try those games which may eventually lead to a purchase.

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If a game feels like a job, then you are probably not enjoying it. I'm currently playing Assassins creed origin and the game feels like a goddamn checklist.
Destiny was a cukprit as well, and I didn't enjoy being left behind so I had to forcibly put the game on and do the daily tasks. I'm glad I gave up on the game.

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It's a placeholder date...do u actually expect the game to release on the 31 December.
Sekiro comes out in 2019 and from soft never releases 2 games in one year.

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Miyazaki won't be at the helm...because he is working on Sekiro.

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I feel for Lionhead but pressplay....do you really miss that????

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The Initiative: Lead by former Crystal Dynamics head of studio Darrell Gallagher. It doesn't take a genius to think about what game they are trying to make with him at the helm. Ms gain criticism when they made Tomb Raider timed exclusive and Ms seem to use him to create an exclusive game on that caliber.

Ninja Theory: They have always created great single player experiences(Enslaved, Heavenly sword and Hellblade) and with Ms's word to give them creative freedom yo...

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I agree to an extent.
Spiderman doesn't do its own thing. The moment gameplay was revealed I immediately thought of the Batman, from the combat to stealth. It's clear that Spiderman is riding on the back of Batman and I wished insomniac, one of the most creative developers out there would try something new and innovative.

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The look of the game is quite disappointing.
I've seen many indie developers create games that emulate the look of 2d castlevania and absolutely nail it.

I have no clue why he decided to choose this 3d asthetic instead of a 2.5d similar to ori and ample other metroidvania games. This game just doesn't look right and in the gameplay side of things I don't think it's exciting either.

It seems Kickstarter has failed yet again to giv...

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Stop trying to downplay this acquisitions.
Ms first party support has been great. If ms makes a few new IP or work of exsisting ones those studios can really thrive from Ms support. Ms does not play around when it comes to Halo, Gears and Forza...because they have get massive support from Ms and if the new ip get this treatment from Ms you can expect great thing from studios.

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Showtime never disappoints. With the director they have involved and Showtime they can't go wrong with this series.

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Halo is a huge franchise...it's been expanding itself through many mediums way before 343 took over. 343 I have done more than what bungie have over the last few years and if your a Halo fan you should love the extra stuff they put in creating and expanding that universe.

343i have made a Halo with a great story and a halo with great multiplayer. All they need to do is find the right balance with the next game. If 343i were incompetent they would have released the next ...

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This is Microsofts chance to grab this talent.

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I don't know why Horizon is considered a juggernaut to you and Persona 5 is an afterthought.

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Why is everyone getting so excited over this game??? It looks good but all of those things have already been done by the Batman games.
Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Sony own Spiderman only. Why would people think they own the entire Marvel roster.

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It's part of the learning process and what separates the good and the bad players. People should be able to learn from these mistakes and adopt them in their next game. I'm not against the idea but it would ruin the natural learning curve players go through.

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Word it is...but re4's gameplay shook the entire industry, copycats followed in no time.

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