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2 is the best, then 1, followed by 3. Based off the single player only. #1.8
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New DLC worth $40? I have the other two, but it's tough convincing myself, that after spending $60 on the original game, plus $40 for the last two dlc's combined, that I should dump another $40 into this game. #4
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Holding back the urge to hit play....I don't need to watch this video to know how good this is gonna be.

Patience you must have my young Padawan, Patience. #3
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Sucks us PS4 owners have to be wait, but judging by how good the first one was, it'll be worth it. #4
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Fix the drop rate for the Black Hammer, seriously, how many times do I have to T-Bag Crota on Normal as a 32?! And ppl think the Gally is tough to get... #13
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Off Topic....but I'd love to be able to delete multiple ppl off my friends list at once. Thanks to Destiny's brilliant raiding system, i now have hundreds of friends who I don't even know. #3
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EQ "Grind" was wayyyy more fun than Destiny.....and still is #7.3
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Let me know when Heists arrive, until then..... #1
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Biggest announcement tease ever? Has to be up there with Eight Days, Beyond Good and Evil 2...what else?! #3.1
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FF Versus and Agent I completely forgot about and I remember how hyped everyone was when they were announced at....damn how many E3's ago was that!?...seems like forever ago. I'm guessing, and hoping, all 3 are being moved to the next gen consoles. Although with Agent, I don't remember ever seeing gameplay.....

If I had to choose just one to release at some point, I hope it's the Last Guardian, based on how amazing Shadow of the Colossus and Ico were, it'd... #1.4.2
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And the online as well. I always found the button delay when playing online,
even if its only a split second, to really throw me off. I find most all EA sports games to have this issue, altho ive never played FIFA. #6.1
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Hawaii - active volcanoes, rain forests, surf contests, and shark attacks

South Africa- Safari's, Diamond Mines, and Corruption ala District 9

Australia - The Outback #30
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Based on the Campaign alone....U2 > U1 > U3

Was not a fan of the villain in U3 or the story in general. I looked
forward to playing throught the previous two installments of the series and Platinumed both in no
time...but Uncharted 3....i dreaded, it almost became a tiresome, SOMEWHAT boring chore.

The multiplayer and coop were amazing and that
is what kept the disc from being ejected for
so long.

My poin... #4.1
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Anyone else think the added campaign DLC was far too
short to be $15? Or was it just me? #3
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The Suffering - Slayers


Or how about just the entire game?! Gets little mention for being one of the scariest games of all time. #7
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i should have been more specific, i was referring to the story moreso than anything else, i just didnt feel KZ3s was compelling enough to pay attention to it while i was playing or even care #1.4.5
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KZ3's campaign/story was subpar at best compared to KZ2, the multiplayer, however, was excellent and very addicting #1.4
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Beat this on every difficulty with friend via coop online so damn right I want a sequel!! #8
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I've played the first two chapters of Leon, and I won't say it sucks, but It's a rather Generic Action game with an average to below average story, clunky controls, and awful inventory swapping options.

The game is half-baked to say the least, you can tell they focused primarily on the graphics, CGI, and over the top action.

There really isn't a whole lot to the game, i recommend the Dead Space series over it and as of now, i'd rather play... #1.1
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wayyyyy better than the original, def worth full price, and, dare i say it?! GoTY contender?! i think so #3
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