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I do? Considering I have almost every single game and on a Playstation platform. :) #17.1.1
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In my opinion the exclusive rights should have been the other way around. Tomb Raider should be exclusive on PS4. I will always see this franchise as a Sony franchise. I have the previous game on PS3, not to mention the collection and other games on Sony's consoles. So I will wait for Rise of the Tomb Raider to eventually hit PS4. #17
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I'm glad I got mine when I did. I always wanted the Vita, then I heard about the new revised slim and I figured I'd jump on that to have the latest model. Bought the Boderlands bundle and it was a very satisfying purchase. I love the Vita, and I can't see myself even going back to my 3DS. Its a great and powerful little system.

I think another reason we are seeing such low stock is because they will be bundling vita's with PS4. So i'm sure Sony had to m... #10
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I was very very impressed with the last MK for PS3/360. I'm glad that they are now deciding to evolve and progress the series a bit. The last game was a nostalgia trip for the fans that supported the series over the years. Didn't even introduce a new character. Now the team knows its time to move, and everything I am seeing I am impressed with. #5
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Fuck that. I'd rather have physical disc all the way. Won't fill up the Hard Drive. Won't need an external to clutter up my shelf. And most importantly I'll have the game in physical form so i can take to my friends houses if I choose.

The only time I buy digital is for smaller arcade games or if I am forced to because there is no physical option (like Crysis 1 for xbox).

I love artwork, and I display my games like Trophies :). Physical... #1.5
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Grand Theft Auto V taking 8 gigs is ridiculous. I have both systems, and I play my ps3 more. But I can't stand these mandatory data installs. I have a 500 gig also, I have only 250 left I have a stack of games left.

People try to make the excuse that you can delete game data, get a bigger HDD, etc... but you shouldn't have to. The 360 is a less powerful system and you can play right away. And xbox fan boys love to hang that over our head. #7
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I really didn't have an issue with the launch of PS3. Resistance and Motorstorm kept me quite busy.

My only issue, is that not all PS3 games had trophy support from the beginning. It was an after thought and then added on 2 years later. And most developers didn't go back to do a trophy patch for their games. #3
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I love trophies. I don't play a game over and over again to get them. But Ill try to get as many as I can in one play through. I feel like I'm being rewarded and accomplishing a little extra for something I wouldn't normally do. Some trophies are really unique. I like the trophies that make you go to a certain part of the that you normally wouldn't have, or wouldn't have found out. Like the highest point in Infamous 2. Trophies don' tmake or break a game for me.... #2
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I can't wait. I love all types of games. From traditional MGS games with stealth and sneaking to Hack n Slash games like Bayonetta or God of War. TO me this MGS R game is the best of both worlds from what I've been hearing. ANd platinum games is at the helm. So I'm all on bored. Day 1 purchase for me.

If you are on the fence. Then just wait and let the gamer videos and opinions speak for themselves #4
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Completely agree. TO get DLC for a game. Say for example Uncharted. You have to input each letter manually to find the game. Why?
You used to be able to go to PS3 add ons and T-Z and pick Uncharted and you are there.

Buying DLC sucks. #4.1.1
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Personally I don't think Uncharted 3's story or gameplay was anything to complain about at all. I thought it was an amazing game. The second was probably the high point but I really enjoyed the third game better overall. With that being said, I liked the simplicity of the multiplayer from the 2nd game better. 3rd game's multiplayer is all over the place. I still enjoy it. But overall I liked the 2nd games better.

I just don't understand how anyone can ha... #15
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What more exclusives does it get? THere are way more exclsuves on xbox lol.
And no sorry dude. PS3 does not get the same multiplat games. They get terrible broken versions of the same game. Look at Bayonetta, Madden, Black ops 2 for reference.

I do love games. And don't get me wrong I love my PS3. But I'd glady rather pay for a stable service then a free broken one. #77.1.2
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I have all 3 systems and although I have an attachment to my ps3. And feel that its a unique system. There is no denying that overall the xbox is just the better way to go.

The only thing I can add is that if my xbox dies. I'm not worried. I just switch the hard drive to the new system and I'm ready to go. But if my ps3 dies and I switch the hard drive to a new system. It reformats the drive. And lose everything. This has happened to me twice in one year.... #77
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Backwards Compatibility is a huge incentive for me. I don't like having multiple systems as well. Which is Why I loved the PS2 and Original PS3. And the fact that the Wii played Gamecube games great. I'm a collector so I don't really get rid of my old games too often. I know not everyone is the same. But since when was backwards compatibility a bad thing? #3
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I'm physical all the way. And personally I think it should stay that way. ALL out digital works for the PC world. they are different type of community and they want to buy their games whenever they want at their leisure. And although big releases for PC are still physical (ie Diablo Warcraft etc..) a lot of their games are digital only. Or eventually end up being digital only.
Being a console gamer, I want to actually own my game. I let friends borrow it. I put it on a book... #9
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Agreed. I've seen the prices for Games on Demand on xbox and they are almost twice as much as the physical version of the same game on Amazon. #7.2
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Same here. I completely agree #6.1
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I would love to see these series come out in a HD collection. Max Payne, GTA, Onimusha, Need for Speed Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Carbon. Would buy them Day 1.
But I am greatful so far for GOW HD collection, Metal Gear, and I just picked up DMC HD collection #36
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Was really dissapointed in this game. I beat it within 6 hours. The cutscenes were cool. And the gameplay is still classic. But I felt it would've been better with the traditional beat the game per character to get their specific ending. Also some of the boss fights were absurdly ridiculous. #5
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I completely agree. I loved UC2 multiplayer and played the crap out of it. As soon as I started playing UC3. I was kinda shocked at the questionable changes they made. Although UC3's multiplayer has grown on me. It still doesn't compare to the enjoyment to UC2.

As for KZ? I completely COMPLETELY disagree. KZ3 is 10x better. KZ2 had a lobby list and you couldn't make game parties to play with you friends like you could in KZ3. You had to leap frog in. Al... #18.2
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