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I'm playing the game now, and i'm glad I took the plunge. This is a very unique game. I really love this developer and have been a fan of all their works.

For all you PC players, this game is 25% off right now!

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I will always prefer physical games. Might be my old school mentality. IDK. But regardless, I love driving to the store, picking up a game, holding it with my hands, opening the package, and installing the game. I just enjoy the process and thrill of that. If I were to buy the game digitally, in my head, since I don't go through that process, I would feel the game is too expensive.

Another reason is with these small HDD, we have to install/uninstall/reinstall games and...

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Alan Wakeeeeee!

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I upgraded to the Xbox One Elite since Game Stop had a killer deal for it. So i'm not as open to again, get another console. But if it truly does have better specs, is a slim, and has a bigger storage capacity then 1TB. I'll consider it.

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Definitely RAGE needs to be on that list. I'm actually shocked its not there. RAGE had one of the laziest endings of all time. Pure slap to the gamers that were playing that game.

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Completely AGREE!!!!!!!!

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Super Excited. I still remember getting each game since MGS for playstation at Launch. It's been such a wild ride. One of the best games and story/lore around.

My favorite part of a MGS game, is explaining it to people who have never played. Their faces and reactions are priceless. Glad I got to experience this.

Time to go on one last ride...

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I personally prefer a physical disc/case, so I will opt for that.

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Bit to early to come to a conclusion like that. I get the times have changed since PS2, but we really don't know what will happen and PS4 isn't 2 years old yet.

Either way, I'm happy for Playstation's success and, specifically, the PS4's success. Especially, after the initial mis-step of the PS3.

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I'm all for a new Dashboard Overhaul. And from the preview and things I've seen, it looks like its going to be a good improvement and a step forward.

They did do a good job updating the 360 OS overtime and improving on it and taking feedback so I do hope that they continue that trend.

PS4 does have a very sleak and clean look, but Sony never really updated the PS3 OS, so I don't expect much in PS4 as far as improvements either.


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I wan this.... Inside my Playstation 4....

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The future or DMC is uncertain? I thought the DMC reboot was great and the beginning of a new series?

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Doesn't the COD series still outsell its Playstation counterparts on XBox? I personally prefer COD on XBOX just cause of the better online experience that I have personally had and have been getting each game there since the first Modern Warfare.

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They said the same about Halo 4. And it turned out to be one of the best entries in the series.

I personally thought Gears 3 outdid 2 in every way.

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I know. I'm beyond disappointed! I want a collection of all 3 (or 4 games including Judgement). Not just Gears of War 1.

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Wait just a remastering of Gears of War 1? I was really hoping for a Gears of War collection. (all 3 games, or all 3 games w/ Judgement).

I mean its great to get a remastering of GOW1, since its showing its age. But I was really, REALLY looking forward to a Collection.

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I couldn't be happier! I know a lot of people are tired of remasterings, but this series is deserving of one! Especially with the good job they did with Last of Us.

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I am in the same boat. I have a huge huge backlog of unwrapped PS3 games. I still think the PS3 is a excellent console with a lot of life. Regardless of it being 9 years old.

I still think they could make some improvements to the PSN store and download list, if you have a lot of DLC it is quite hard to navigate through. Ps3 will still have some life in the next few years and Millions of dollars worth of DLC will still be sold.

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Disappointing.. Especially with the space issues we are encountering this gen. Plus I prefer physical copies. I would not want to go with a Japanese release.

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Soooo is there going to be a physical version of this game?

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