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Totally agree buddy but I am getting more tempted by the day, glad I waited though for the patch fixes #6
I am loving DC and agree with the reviewers negative points, but I don't see why they gave it a 67/100 score, my ownly concern which my friends agree with is the club aspect, I mean once the servers are fully functional where is the club aspect, mp is a smash fest which I will only bother with occasionally and the mind boggles why I can't set up a club only race with friends which basically leaves time trial challenges to send/receive from friends etc which at the end of the day all c... #6
Disappointed with delay, however it does give me time to save for the more expensive wheel now :) #2.1
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I am 12th in world at gran turismo, try again :-? #2.3.1

12th in the world with Gran turismo buddy, nxt #2.2.1
My contract runs out in may nxt yr, will wait for xperia z4 #15

It was confirmed yesterday that z2 will also get remote play update,but no release date fw update for it was mentioned, my guess is maybe Feb/March nxt yr #2.5
Great games #4
Great game imo, but seriously need challenges activated so I can get me platinum trophy, my DC connection is on/off all the time atm but when it's on on its fantastic just need a constant connection now. #5
Don't know why butvi get the impression it might be gears of war remaster edition #5
Don't understand the reviews, best racer ever imo. #2

Agree awesome game and tracks, best racer ever imo, this is also coming from a big GT fan #4.4
Because he's a child reviewer #6
Who would have thought/s #19
Just played a 10 minute demo which sacked big time, don't get me wrong 10 mins was not enough, but I didn't get scared once, nice to meet some of the team though and got some goodies, gonna rent and play it for a hr to see. 10 min demo was 1)forest, 2)open doors to house, 3 go upstairs and disarm a bomb trigger demo over lol, why did they let me play a shit bit, no enemies saw in my playthrough #15
Edit my comment above lol, since update I have not been connected once lol #7.1
I am a big GT fan, but this beats everything imo, mind boggles at what gt7 will look like, weather driveclub becomes a success or not PD will use DC as a gfx reference to beat and us gamers will reap the benefits if what DC has pushed #3
I have been lucky I think, only thing is challenges which have effected me, game is amazing and great. Just for the record it's still unacceptable with release server issues and game code. Didn't they say the game was basically finished in September. Someone needs a bollocking imo oh and change 3 second countdown to 5 #6
The game is amazing and although unacceptable with what is happening with servers the single player is epic and challenging, can't wait for issues to be fixed to complete masterpiece. When gamers get the chance to play plus edition they will be wtf were reviewers raging on about, a awesome breathtaking game #2
When the free plus edition is out and they actually get to play DC they will be like wtf were the reviews going on about, this is awesome #12
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