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Coming "when it's Done"

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Yeah skipped these games tbh but I might try my first monster hunter experience with this, probably rent first though b4 putting me cash down, got some expensive months coming up 😀

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I don't know tne story line

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Shame it took this long though, we wonder why we the gamer moan at devs not taking risks with new experiences, but sometimes they don't get supported.
5million is great though but I expected more from word of mouth sales wise how awesome it was.

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It's fantastic

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Why would we be worried. What a stupid article AGAIN.

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Until dawn, order 1886, bloodborne and drive club spring to mind as great new ips also

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My 2nd favourite game of all time

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Someone read it correctly, will Sony play ball

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Tlou dethroned heavy rain rain for me, before that it was half life for about 15yrs b4 heavy rain topped it hehe

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The consumer there marketing won't have heard of labo yet cause they don't use gaming websites. Seen some bits on news but very brief.

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Stopped reading after "nintendo labo already a family favourite" looking fwd to seeing how labo pans out for nintendo but family favourite already? Ask any parent in the mall or shopping centre and I can guarantee they'll have never heard of it, like 99% of them, even the casual kids who there'll marketing won't know cause they don't browse gaming website. They'll be no demand for this until closer to launch, it's gonna need a big advertising campaign that...

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So were getting techno trance with some drum and bass mixed together, nice. Looking fwd to hearing the music and the frequency comment is super interesting too

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Spa and monza a must

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DC was awesome, got alot of unnecessary hate

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Happy with everybody's golf thx
edit: plus golf club

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The giraffe moment still resonates with me

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Looks cool as, unfortunately I don't think it will sell well imo. Wonder book looked cool but failed but it is nintendo so maybe it'll fair better.

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Controls for me

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Plus those 6 will be foreigner's living there from the states, UK etc lol

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