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Don't understand the yosh comment about project morpheus may not goto market, game devs don't make games for something that's not going to come out? #1
Great racer, a complet game now minus replays, guess ps plus edition wont be far off now #2
I got my launch ps4 for £429 with 2 controllers knack, battlefield and kzsf plus camera, black Friday has always been a ripoff, people need to open there eyes lol.

I work for a parcel company and all I have seen this week is random make televisions, with 100 hz 3d lol, only saw 1 or 2 samsungs and Sony pass me by all week, work colleague picked up a Toshiba 3d for £500 50" etc reduced from £1200 lol, I said you would buy a awesome samsung or sony for 1200... #8
Agreed #2
What time does it start in uk time #9
Please announce that playable demo at ps experience will be available on psn store #45
Driveclub or second son for me, not played lbp3 yet though #12
Beta put me off totally tbh, having a blast with driveclub, project cars will be my nxt car game along with the rs300 wheel :) #12
Couldn't agree more, still having a blast though.
Off topic my black Friday sony gold playstation headset came today, wow just wow, £53 just watched dawn of the apes, played driveclub and p.t, watched fury trailer and listened to new endless river pink Floyd album, best purchase audio wise ever. #1
I wonder if last guardian is ready to show, I think guerilla games new up horizon is a sure bet for a reveal #4
Getting gold headset tomorrow £53, bargain #4
I agreed with you buddy, not saying it's right but waiting a week minimum from launch date is a no brainer so far this gen. Being hypocritical of myself though I did pre order the order 1886 cause I want to support the devs #1.2.1
Never played the original gta5 on ps3 but having a blast with ps4 version,tlou was a great remaster also.
Off topic can I just say why some games get a free pass though, also having a blast with driveclub which is a great racer although without its issues yet gta online released messy as did driveclub, also to this day I never understood the 10/10 for skyrim which was more unplayable ps3 wise with the frame drops #9
Looking fwd to both, but disliked the controls with evil within and until dawn kinda seems the same with gameplay I have saw, hope im wrong though. #7
Coundnt agree more, play a game on phone during your lunch break at work and you can bet you can't do anything else until you get home from work barely with no battery life. #1.1
Yet you would be the first to complain if they released a broken game. #4.1
Breaking news, who would have thought. #2
Hopefully comes to all ps plus members, miss the ps3 betas we used to get with plus, had to register with game sites to get beta so far with ps4

Edit 18th December beta for ps plus subscribers imo, would be epic for holiday season #7
I've been having fun at work with xbone owners, me being the only ps4 owner we have been having some evil banter lol, they joking tried jumping me after work for being a Sony fan lmfao, I said what you playing over the weekend, they said cod, I said I will be playing cod, aliens, my new copy of fc4,gta5, golf club and valiants war. I think I won the joke. Funny thing is one of them was a big playstation fan but chose xbone, dont understand that one myself, both will have great games btw. #2.1.4
I am getting project morpheus day 1 but I am not going to hype myself up too much because I generally feel vr will properly take off with ps5 graphics wise but sony can definitely prove with the ps4 that the immersion side of things will be great but with just different art styles and more simplistic games so too speak.

Imo ps5 will do alot of hd vr remasters of some of the classics which will become available during ps5 life cycle like gta5, Fps uncharted, wild and launch... #4
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