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Great app, been enjoying the comedy section today plus phone support makes it easy to use while gaming. #15
It's a place marker like all game shops do, when will journalists understand this. #5
Only share played to see if I would be any good at it b4 purchasing lol,thrown in at the deep end, I say this cause I sucked bad at demon souls lmfao. Gonna rent after my share play experience, but my spider senses say I will end up purchasing the game after a price drop (not saying the games not worth it btw), just £50 is alot of money on something your pants at lol #5
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Tried the beta for a few hrs, shockingly slow and boring, I fear we'll end up with a pointless ps plus month with evolve at somepoint, won't even bother then either lol, hope they learn from this though. #16
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Lmfao #2
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Never forget getting my copy of gta4 waiting in the rain for store to open, 4 women in a car asked if I wanted to wait in the car with them.

All 4 women were waiting to get their 7yr old children gta4 cause they demanded there parents get it while they were at school, 11yrs plus is ok imo but 7yr old is disgracful #11
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Not bought a wii u yet but zombie u almost did, not owned a Nintendo console since N64. Will wait for £199 bundle b4 getting one. Game looked great and watched some walkthroughs #7
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Great game, 3 playthroughs. Wish I'd bought retail though for trade in purposes. #4
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Cheers on update fella, uk myself, so we're looking at 2pm for uk. #25
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Clocks at zero, nothing happened? #16
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2020 imo for xbone and playstation #1.3.2
Tried the demo, it was pants,looks nice but still no one ever has replicated the turns movement in bike games imo #6
£249 on its own, 300 with camera #6

I loved it, played twice and gave it a 8.8/10. I enjoy sp cinematic stories like Heavy rain, beyond 2 souls etc, if you like them you will enjoy this game, 10 hrs for playthrough, nice twist, glitch free and a memorable story, making you want more. #2.10
Only 40 mins from me, uploaded a nice pic #2
Came close a few times with fifa but ocd with stuff lol #4
Agree dude, fifa, cod etc should be every 2 yrs imo, but hey gamers keep supporting them which means devs/publishers see money. Which at the end of the day is what they after, apart from some selected devs. #8
Renault clio 16v sport #2
I have a electric energy installer and I use about 70p a day with ps4 being on all day/rest mode, cooking, lights on in house, charging phone and controller etc, plus fridge and security lights, it's propaganda high gas and electricity bills imo #11
Great list, stick it to the man plus contrast were great also #6
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