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Looking fwd to some Europe beta news at gamescom #16
no PS4 price drop imo until Xmas 2015 #10
lmfao.good one made me chuckle #10
looking on with interest personally, Sony fan at heart but wish MS the best of luck in China, not too much though lol.
Will be very interesting how it plays out for Sony also.

I would say advantage MS for being first but i see China future console market being a steady market looking brighter as each gen passes.

As for the argument of "Which country do china hate the most" America (MS) or Japan (sony), well i personally dont think china... #7
Moon mission is available tonight in uk at 9pm for 2 hrs only, think it is 2pm pdt time #1.2
The crew is just watchdogs without the guns and hacking, obviously the crew has social driving with friends. Will give the crew a miss, driveclub and project cars for me until gt7 comes out #8
God no #1.1.1
Nice? £9.99 for 1 day of sky sports lol, nowtv is a waste of money and a rip off.

Edit: skygo is coming this yr #2
Not tried titan, but used warlock and hunter in alpha and beta, my minds set on warlock #12
1 is arcadey while the other is a sim, both can compete as gamers like 1 over the other or both, me personally am buying both, project cars will tie me over until gt7 while driveclub will bring my competitive side into play #1.1.1
I find it funny how gamers slate devs for releasing a buggy or CRAP game and also slate them for delaying a game to make it the game they envisioned #15
My video sharing worked 100% until the sharefactory update, now it never works :( #28
I think it will be like project spark, but a million times better with clay and paint tools plus music editor plus you can share your creations like a evil medieval castle or a modelled car etc #5
I think it's time to put knack or kzsf on plus. You can get kzsf and knack for £15 now #2.3
I generally buy all the first party exclusives and use a rental service for 3 rd party games, not all though. October alone u want 10 games, only gonna purchase evil within, project cars and 1 more will rent the rest, simply to much money for October games releases. #10
Quote "However, in all fairness, what did we get out of having the PS4 so early?"

Well resogun and war thunder plus KZSF, Infamous SS, awesome assassins creed, contrast which was great imo, youtubeonfire.com :), better versions of Sniper Elite 3,thief etc, great new dual shock.

never regretted any day 1 console purchase as far as I am concerned #24
enjoying the beta very much, my only annoyance so far is people dont bother plugging in there mics, would be so much better #2

enjoy playing uncharted, killzone,quantum break, the order 1886 and sunset overdrive on your pc. I enjoy all consoles and also enjoy pc btw. #13
-Racing genre
-First person adventure genre like tomb raider
Survival horror
-Golf games
-Chess in awesome environments
-Fps #8
thank you ign #12
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