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I live 20 mins from deep silver and I got paid £50 by them to scan my face into the game :) #7
Day 1 #2
Great numbers for a new ip plus shaky start, imagine it will do 2.5 lifetime sales #22
Awesome from start to fimish #3
I'm downloading it now buddy, UK here #1.1
Awesome game 302th rank with global club
Would love to see full nuremberg circuit #16
Hoping for a hotshots for ps4 #3
They'll save the Aston Martin new bond car for season pack 2 my friend. #3.2
Do we know ps4 sales btw with China yet #9
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With project morpheus #1.3.5
Agree ^^,

Stupid journalism #2
Well said

Edit, and quake to that also buddy #1.2.1
Great game, 1 trophy left.
1 question though, why do people rage quit when a games only 5 mins long, plus you only get 250 points more for a win? #1
Great game, I advise gamers who are waiting for all episodes to finish before playing/buying them to stay away from articles as we all now people spoil endings etc. It's one of those games like heavy rain where the whole story/game is spoilt if you know stuff. #4
Never really looked at the xbox one as a complete work unit aswel as a console, bubbles up to MS I guess, from a Sony fan btw #7
I've played full game, flyby videos Jerky, press triangle to zoom in lag, stupid leggy UI, the golf itself is good though, especially the new draw and fade, gonna hold off though until around the £25 mark though. #2.1.1
5pm UK time, super excited by today's announcement on kepler discovery, bubble up for sharing info, my opinion is there found a earth 2.0 in the perfect goodie locks zone, we need to progress big time with other forms of fuel to really start exploring, big achievements so far in 50 yrs of space exploration #2.2

Neither agree or disagree buddy, fantastic game, I actually put valiants heart and never alone up there too, least these games release unbroken from launch. #1.1
I had the Xperia play for 2 years, wanna the best phones I've ever had plus my mum and dads foster children still use there wonderbook. Sometimes things are just ahead of its time, unfortunately kids were getting onto minecraft when wonderbook was coming out #3
Into my indies atm, at least they release not broken, valiants heart, life is strange and never alone truly great emotional storytelling games, very well told. #6
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