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Played it 3 times and shareplayed a few hrs, paid £49.99 for 12 hr campaign digital, works out at approx £1.65 per hr gameplay wise, so that's about what you'd pay down a local arcade, do I think it could have been cheaper yes, £40 should have been the price imo. Nonregrets for my purchase though as I gave it a 9/10, want the sequel now. #3.5
Gaming Reviews will be become extinct just like magazines if they don't stop with the hate, I agree everyone has a opinion but it's pointless giving a game like the order to someone who dislikes the cinematic, qte experience to review ( even though it's no different to any other game basically), opening of cod, press l1 unbuckle left strap, press r2 unbuckle right strap, oh the helicopter has been hit again, so original, hits building, gets out if heli and same old gun mechanics,... #17
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Disagreed with buddy about marketing, not seen anything on uk tv, only marketing I have seen is youtube adverts of the order 1886, hey maybe youtube is cheaper and more target audience these days,
I take my disagree bk lol, sensational story and game 9/10 for me. Didn't quite live upto heavy rain, half life and tlou but hey there my top 3 of all time.

Edit: I can see with ps4 bundles, digital and retail being 500,000 plus 1st week, jus... #1.2.3
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You should send them ideas off to ready at dawn, epic. Have a bubble #2.4
Great games missed bra #1.2.1
Love this type of game, played twice now and shareplayed once, selling the game in his playthrough, I gave it a 9/10, solid gun mechanics, no Fps drops, no glitches, engaging story throughout and wanting a sequel now lol, I appreciate the games probably not for everyone but like I said it's my type of game.
Even if it's not your type of game it shouldn't be getting any review score lower than 7 imo #2
Just finished it in 11hrs, great well told story, giving it a 9/10.
Would like to see puzzles and more half breed encounters nxt time though.
Very engaging game from opening title menu with beatyful opening music #10
I have, just 1 a mth #8.2.2
I have been playing it on my 58" Philips 21.9 super widescreen, it looks beautiful. 11hrs in btw, not finished it yet, a very well told story. #28
I love the way the you examine sack boy as if to say wtf this doing here lol #9
Same 6 hrs in, Hurry up work lol #4.2
I'm 5hrs in and just got to the SPOILER airship part lol, 5 hrs my ass #2
10 hrs left at work then beers, funny cig and order 1886, great day plus everton playing in Europe coyb #8
Can't wait to play it, btw check your transaction history as sony has took another £2.99 off me for the order even though I had £50 in wallet, it's happened to a few of us in the UK, I pre ordered months ago for £49.99 not £52.98, just a heads up, plus my auto download keeps Un ticking the auto download box on the game itself leaving just the Knights dlc ticked. #3
Downloading god eaters now, cheers man, wow 5gb for a demo #1.1.2
Theme is CRAP anyway lol #2.1
Any review which knocks points off the review score for no mp, Co/op etc need to get a life, since the game was revealed they said it would be sp only and story driven, game looks great, weapons look cool. If reviewers down score the game because the story is pants then maybe it's justified, at the end of the day it's like a film, if you don't like the story you don't like the film, same will happen if you dont like the story in order 1886 #4
I will be playing it at least twice, normal then hard, game length does not matter to me when purchasing a game, in fact I find to many open world games too long and very rarely complete them due to time so sp only games around 10/20 hrs are perfect for me.
As a comparison, a cinema release costs £8.50 in UK for a 2 hr experience so £45 for my the order 1886 with 2 playthrough sounds good to me as long as the story holds up. #34
Cause it doesn't have too, we have infamous to thank for that #12
Wonder what timelines they wil go for nxt #1.1
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