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Some gamers care, but unfortunately imo this is where sony lose money within the company. Seriously how many millions will it sell on blue ray? I think heavenly sword will struggle with 500,000 sold #10

Agree, I think people may shift towards sony Bravia tvs though, why buy a Samsung tv when you have a ps4 with project morpheus. Seems pointless having to buy 2 vr helmets, could be a excellent marketing tool for sony #3.1
We the gamer would have kicked off if they delayed again, that's why they released it. Tbh though incident have many problems apart from frame drop when level 5 police chases #11
Can't wait for this, day1. I think DC, GT7 and Project cars is all I will need for this entire gen for car racing fix oh and hopefully MS4 #8
China will be interesting for all companies concerned, not sure which way it could go, advantage MS I guess for being first. Only time will tell. #5
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you call millions dieing for there country for the better good in horrific and brave situations boring, you my son are a disgrace and need a history lesson you pathetic excuse of a human being. #1.3
Options for move and dualshockers support #3.1
I stopped reading at 360 @ 84 million and ps3 @ 80million #1.2

Everyone is welcome to check my comment history out and yes I am a Sony fan, but I enjoy gaming as a whole so go check my comment history and there is hardly any hate on ms on there, so not sure what you are going on about, we have gran tourismo and you guys have a good forza franchise get over yourself I just made a observation that the cars looked slow and twitchy it just my opinion bra #10.1.2
Film streaming, youtubeonfire.com it's 1080p excellence #5
Raw power equal to what the ps5/xbone 2 will be to help with there 3rd party mistakes. Not owned a Nintendo since 64 #4

Totally agree bra, believe it or not without porn the vhs format would never of took off like it did, porn can help push vr to the masses #1.1.1
Looked slow and twitchy imo #10
I will give some love to MS and the xbone when I see more games that cater to me and the console is £250 #25
It has loads of games #45.1.2
Added your shop to bookmarks #12
I would love to see men vs women in fifa 15. would be very funny with a photo mode on ps4 showing all kind of funny positions with the detenction physics lol #3
Gamers asked for dual analogue sticks,
gamers asked for console like gfx
gamers asked for social connectivity
gamers asked for game variety

yet a massive majority of gamers who asked for these things never bothered to support or buy the VITA.

I had never been a handheld gamer before my day 1 VITA purchase, but sony delivered with the dual analogue sticks, i am still having a blast with the VITA and never regretted my purchase but come... #45
Gonna wait for a 4k oled curved tv before I goto 4k, in fact I will probably buy one just before launch of the ps5, they should be well under the £1,000 mark by then #15

Sony and Samsung 4k are both selling at £1,700 here in the UK, trust me, they will be below the £1,000 mark by Xmas 2015 early 2016. I do believe though the 4k global attach rate when ps5 comes out will probably be around 30%, we're probably looking at 10 yrs from now before 4k is standard in most homes. #3.2
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