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Why don't you shareplay, simples. #7.1

The plus edition will have all cars your club members have, plus you get all the India circuits, just to inform you buddy #6.1.2
Exactly or youtube or share play. Online written reviews imo are like gaming magazines, deceased. #4.3.2
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Yeah stupid article really, rs300 is what I'm saving for project cars, no purchase until I get a new wheel #2
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Imo waiting for the blu ray release and watching it on my 58" tv is way better than going to cinema, better experience with the bonus content for £14.99. Plus I can smoke while I watch and not prices shouting out ruining the experience. #1.2.1
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Although it had a rough start, sp worked out the box great, nice car selections, great gfx, no sp glitches. Yes mp was a mess for 4 weeks but everything else like weather and replays etc was stated b4 launch they would come later, gamers just jumped straight to the hate wagon. #2.1.9
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I enjoyed the first yr games personally #2.2.1
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Ive always supported the dev, buying used saves you about £3. I neither agreed or disagreed either buddy, i just find it hard when i see someone buying used yet for a little you can get it new, amzon dc is 19.99 or used 14.99 #15.1.1
Buy it new and support the dev #15
It's certainly looking very interesting, day 1 for me I think #2
@bighugs Your embarrassing us sony fans with that comment. #2.3
Purchase it, massive gt fan but dc is phenomenonal #2.3
Great game but some tours are very hard, hooebtheybdont make it too easy though. Simply a stunning racer and my number 1 racer of all time arcade style, gt still number 1 for sim. #5
Cod waw was great looking fwd to thus #7
I will buy all astronomy themes lol, such a sucker for them #1
Agreed, ps4 will be great with puzzle games and indie titles and the occasional mid graphic racers, but games like driveclub with project morpheus is a no go, not until ps5 imo.
However I must admit project morpheus is still a day 1 purchase for me after my experiences at game events with oculus rift and project morpheus. #5
I`m really interested in how well xbone owners support this title, it looks great, coming from a sony supporter. #3
I think the gameplay looks great, tlou mixed with heavy rain, my only concern is the story, which I'm hoping will be up there with the tlou #27.1.2
Order 1886 will get bad reviews cause its the cool thing to do, be a sheep, all I know is that I will be enjoying it. #27
Well done evo #10
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