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Is that the first time pro has out sold ps4 base model, would love to get European and USA pro sales numbers to see how they've done for a first dip into the mid gen upgrade cycle.

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Why is everyone panicking, I've downloaded it fine, and it's OK from numerous sites ie playstation, jeez

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No services?
Horrible online?
"FORCED" to play old games? I'm not being FORCED ANYTHING thank you very much.

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Yep just a good old fashioned sp experience unlocking and progressing stuff as you play through the game. Who would of thought :)

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Agreed, plus gow is the classic sp model from the 80s, no dlc, no season pass, no Mt, no grinding.
Its just a very well made sp game with great story, passion, dedicated talented devs and unlocking and crafting stuff as you progress. Who would have thought.

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Agreed, pisses me right off.

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I can't afford to buy it atm :) so hard avoiding spoilers

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Who cares, buy the games you like and want to play.

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So you differ than his opinion who's played and you haven't. Maybe he reviews games with no game being a perfect 10, so he knocks a few points off for a slow start, 86 is a great score, the same as a 7 is a good score.
problem with today's gamers if its not a 8 or above is means its shit.
one of my most enjoyable games last gen was prison break which scored 3/10s from most reviews. Yet prison break played exactly the same as a cult classic from my pc days called ...

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Well said, I'm pro Sony but see the benefits of options in gaas/game pass/ps now, buying used or new etc. There just options and it's great for say a mum and dad who can't always afford games for there child, I think it's £7.99 per month here in the UK.
Although I can see where gamers may see this going regarding the future of the industry. I for one have been digital only since ps4 launch but I understand where it could end up regarding physical copies. Onwards ...

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Game pass is no different to a rental service tbh, apart from its quicker not having to wait for a disc in the post.
I use boomerang rentals here in the UK and it's anywhere from £4.99/£14.99 depending on your package. You also get a free month every 6mths or so for gaining credits plus cheaper discounts on games/used.
My point is game pass is nice but why is every saying its like the nxt coming of christ. These rental type services have been around for ages. ...

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I want to do a "spitting image" scetch of the old 80s UK TV series using putin, Teresa may, trump and Jing Jong be funny as hell but would they block it for politics reasons?

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They have a algarythem system in place for the adult content side, they mentioned in a interview @psx

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Plus there weakly/monthly youtube videos

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I still can't understand why they didn't delay until say june/July. Would have been better suited to a summer release with the extra content imo

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Although it's possible for Phil to play rdr on all 3 systems, I believe he's bs that he actually did the start on 360, middle on xbox s and finished it on 4k, sadly that's where ms with trust issues.

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Rather wait for the day 1 patch on release date

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Agreed for the extra spec and price being cheaper 2020 for sure

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All I want is 4k gfx we have now with 60fs and better ai and physics

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Neither agreed or disagreed btw but we were playing cross play on ps4 with pc b4 we even knew about switch on rocket league. Keep up the good work though really enjoyed the podcast liked and subscribed currently watching episode 1of your podcast

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