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If single player ever dies my gaming hobby of 35yrs ends

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It never lost the number 1 spot to begin with

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^^ someone gets its

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Totally agree, day 1 for me still though but what I scratch my head at is why didn't they include a track editor of some sort for people to upload tracks like monza, spa etc. Obviously they wouldnt be premium tracks but they could of had something in place for us create tracks within a section of the game via ps4 and PC editing

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Slightly off topic, but with the lack of tracks compared to previous gt games why didn't they provide a track editor

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Well I've been a gt fan since the beginning and even now at 42yrs old I have no clue about what tuning or upgrading cars is all about but I will tell you 1 thing for free, that was one of the best parts of gt spending time changing things to see what worked and did not.

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Not the best news :(
On a plus note maybe we could expect the game to be a close next gen launch title

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Practice, I had a tire blow out at 90mph coming home from holiday and to this day I have to say my reactions to that situation on a busy motorway/highway was thanks to the gt series, counter acting the slide from the back end.

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Never crashed a car in 27yrs, I personally thank the gt series for that help

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Hoping for monza

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Imagine Sony teaming up with Nissan again for the le mans 24hr race and picking 2 gts fia license holders to race for them and they won the car class/category

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Well one would imagine to get the fia license in the game your gonna have to get all golds in everything, complete a set amount of online racing hrs with clean driving grade A and A respectively. Personally I'll be taking a screenshot of the licence if I manage to get one and share with psn friends my joy of achieving it, I guess 1% of people who get it will actually apply for the card license and pay the yearly fees

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Cup head, ori and playing the gears series plus alan wake and quantum break, poor list for a someone who hasn't owned a xbox, I'll bag my 1st Xbox purchase when the Xbox one x is about £129 with a nice back catalogue. I'll grab it when I buy my ps5 I guess and I'm ready to jump into 4k gaming

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Good numbers tbh, plus you have the season pass numbers to add to this, also there will be ps4 Xmas bundles with the game included. Great game and everyones happy.

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Awesome, love scapes, challenges are hard especially the rally one on 6, not even got bronze yet lol

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The Xbox brand still has that shooter bro attachment, I personally think a big percentage of Xbox owners prefer fps over diversity.

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I got the mustang :(

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Played the beta for a couple of hrs, it just seems so dam slow, gonna rent for sp experience then move on tbh.

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Enjoyed the beta, really looking fwd to this, so intense racing against other countries flags especially the Germans :)

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Was hoping for the Ford fiesta rs

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