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Looking fwd to PM, slightly disappointed we didn't see that must have VR experience during the conference itself, but E3 in general is popping up with more info on PM games etc, #4
Totally agree, sea of thieves and recore caught my attention, will the conference make me go out and buy my 1st Microsoft console, maybe not, will look into hologens nearer launch #1.7.1
Yeah options are always welcome, not a bc type of guy personally but its great for the gamers who do, interesting to see how sony move fwd with playstation now pricing #4
Average conference imo, no wow must have title, recore looks interesting though #8
Impossible to answer lol, last guardian would be epic though, still watch original trailer weekly when stoned to #5
The article states half the booth space occupied with PM, not half the sony press conference, sony will use about 20 mins showing vr games during press conference then videos on youtube, game sites of vr booth area plus a announcement of gaming stores ie gamestop, game UK will have demonstrations of the vr device in stores imo #10
E3 vita games montage is about as much time they'll give the vita unfortunately, great device and Sony made it while listening to the consumer yet they never supported it. #5.1
Last guardian and agent would be a mind blown moment #1.1
Neither agree or disagree, very tempted just too see UC1 remaster out of all them tbh #1.3
I'm super careful 1 mth prior to E3 on n4g and other sites with article clicks, I just don't click any leak articles, simples #23
Wasn't it obvious March/April time #5
Enjoyed the most recent sherlock very much #5
Project morpheus support could be interesting also. #5
Same here, you found a fix yet buddy, I've tried everyrhing, Sony customer support not available till after bank holiday :( #3.2

I understand where your coming from, but companies have to adapt. I'm from the UK and have cancelled skytv after 20 yrs and save £600 a year since my playstation.
All my tv on demand, occasional nowtv (ryder cup etc)box office stuff, movies when I desire, websites, music etc. It all works out cheaper in the long run.
I haven't played a Nintendo system since N64, love Nintendo but they have lost touch unfortunaly.
Still make great ga... #1.2
Excellent connection also, just depends on pricing nxt, great so far though. #4
It has my interest but will for gameplay, can't stop watching force awaken 2nd trailer with sonys 7.1 gold headset, sounds epic, best £53 ever spent #5

It's 2 days dude, stop being a cry baby ffs. #1.1.1
Used to love rally games, but unfortunately thats ps2 era, devs just can't seem to capture the magic of rally these days imo, hoping for a good rally game at somepoint on current gen this time around. #3
If anyone finds it hard to navigate psn store then there IQ is very low, plus it's not rocket science to youtube ps4 themes for a demonstration to see if you like it, gamers have become stupid and God they fucking moan. #12
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