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Wasn't it obvious March/April time #5
Enjoyed the most recent sherlock very much #5
Project morpheus support could be interesting also. #5
Same here, you found a fix yet buddy, I've tried everyrhing, Sony customer support not available till after bank holiday :( #3.2

I understand where your coming from, but companies have to adapt. I'm from the UK and have cancelled skytv after 20 yrs and save £600 a year since my playstation.
All my tv on demand, occasional nowtv (ryder cup etc)box office stuff, movies when I desire, websites, music etc. It all works out cheaper in the long run.
I haven't played a Nintendo system since N64, love Nintendo but they have lost touch unfortunaly.
Still make great ga... #1.2
Excellent connection also, just depends on pricing nxt, great so far though. #4
It has my interest but will for gameplay, can't stop watching force awaken 2nd trailer with sonys 7.1 gold headset, sounds epic, best £53 ever spent #5

It's 2 days dude, stop being a cry baby ffs. #1.1.1
Used to love rally games, but unfortunately thats ps2 era, devs just can't seem to capture the magic of rally these days imo, hoping for a good rally game at somepoint on current gen this time around. #3
If anyone finds it hard to navigate psn store then there IQ is very low, plus it's not rocket science to youtube ps4 themes for a demonstration to see if you like it, gamers have become stupid and God they fucking moan. #12
GT7 will be amongst us around March/April 2016 imo, failing those dates xmas holidays October/November time. Poly digital must have looked at driveclub graphics and gone wow. #4

Lots of free games

Farcry 3
Arkam knight
Deadspace 3
Lots more

No lag mt end but I do have excellent up and download speed #2.2

You ever heard of something called a memory stick, there like £10, why are choosing which ones to delete? It's 2015 you know. #1.6
"never alone" Nuff said. #8
after watching the trailer i thought of crash bandicoot, wonder if someone will do a crash bandicoot level #5
So I get disagrees for waiting and saving money on the bundle I want, lol #2.1
Console wise dc is awesome compared to pcars but pc ultra setting for pcars do look great. #3
Great deal from massive sony fan, still gonna wait though on my 1st MS console ever, gonna wait till quantum break releases then wait again for xmas bundles #2
They fooled me lol #1.8
Great app, been enjoying the comedy section today plus phone support makes it easy to use while gaming. #15
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