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Did a horizon pluto mission thread, no ones joined yet lol #9
I tried kitchen, great experience, a few kinks in there to sort out but day 1 for me, didn't even have a time slot as I booked too late and Sony staff bent over backwards to get me in, only waited 15 mins to have a go plus I sat nxt too a well fit blonde in zelda cosplay while waiting on bean bags :) #2
How did you book your timeslot for vr, o go on Sunday and would like to try it #4
Add PlayStation VR to the remaster ;) #22
Ww2 this time #6
Never really cared for unboxing videos, but if your going to do one, this is it, take note unboxing video people, I expect originality from unboxing videos from now on. #7
Yeah going to pick this up October time, not watching any videos though #6
While playing black ops 3 beta on ps4 I couldn't help get excited when playing "up link" mode, thinking how awesome "rigs" is going to be with morpheus, day 1 for me. #8
Whatever happened to going into store and buying a game from just the cover alone

If you haven't made up your mind yet on until dawn, chances are you were never going to or interested in the game anyway. #14
Been holding off on rapture just in case it gets vr treatment. #2
Great game if you ask me, yes the gfx are alittle last gen, but for a survival horror game at £15 with replay value and about 30hrs of gameplay (1st playthrough) you can't go wrong #2
Came to comment "placeholder" gaming journalism at its finest once again/s #4
Enjoyed the series over the years will check it out after the new year though once I have until dawn, mgs, tearaway and fallout out the way #4
Yawn nxt #7
Great game imo, 2 playthroughs and great story. Would I pay the price NO, WHY, ps plus game within 6 mths imo

Edit: gonna see some big ps4 ps plus games Oct/November onwards imo #12
Is everyone forgetting atari here, i remember playing pong, pitfall, starwars with amazement, ask a non gaming mum or dad about consoles and they will 9/10 times say atari, Nintendo and playstation. #20
It's great, but with driveclub it does become sweaty and slippery alot, My only negative #18
Golf club is the best golf game around at the moment #3
Console subscription based purchase will be the norm in 20 yrs imo, just like your TV box /mobile subscription. #10
I think the police should let him go just for trying such a stupid thing haha. Did he actually think security wouldn't see him pack something that big into his pants.

Mind boggles #14
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