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Isnt seeing something in the flesh actually being in front of the hardware not viewing pics and vids on the web ? Lmfao

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Agreed then moan about vita memory card prices

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We the gamer have been asking for shorter gen cycles, then we complain when they do it

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Agreed, interpreter clearly said nxt gen. So my guess is ps5 launch title

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Ps4 pro slim with 4k uhd drive included 2018, then ps5 announcement at E3 2020 with October 2020 release imo

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Well spotted, hangs head in shame at spelling it wrong. Only been into astronomy and NASA for 30yrs lol

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Agreed, 84% of astranaunts are sick on there first mission to space, I don't see them giving up being a astranaunt

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Article is stating the captain obvious

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Btw im a day 1 for psvr and neo buyer

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I think its gonna confuse the market, plus what will become of e3 reveals, neo or ps4 trailer being shown, i can see the comments now

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Disagreed buddy as that 24m kinect sales is 98% xboxone not pc guys with kinect. You say you know devs working on kinect oculus games ? Good luck to the devs as thats financial suicide with pc guys with kinect in there homes

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Alienation from housemarque also along with uc4 and doom have my pre orders also homefront on rent

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Mystery machine, madmax v8 interceptor and italian job mini

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2days and 16 hrs for me to complete the campaign with all encounters, side missions and collectibles done. Great game bur since getting to dz rank 31 I'm kinda bored, not played in 4days, bk to rocket league ;) and driveclub atm

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Im on the fence, im a day 1 psvr buying so im feeling alittle forced to buy ps4.5 if it plays psvr games better but if its just a slim with 4k and slighter better gfx then im good as im not getting a 4ktv until 2018 1 week prior to the 1st global 4k broadcast of Olympics.

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Type trackmania in search it comes up with full game then, its the same on uk store also bt search brings up full game buddy

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Or MS could have put a mic into the controller like ps4 using a simple £1.99 microphone plugged in lol

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Talented x members of evolution studios ? Count me interested :)

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That's a disgusting answer from phil

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I think the servers will be fine, the 2 betas I was in handled very well.

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