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Tlou, journey, lis and heavy rain for me
Edit plus last guardian oops

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Great sp game and true gem of a story and emotional journey, this game would be perfect now for a ps plus monthly game for all ps plus subscribers

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It's very simple, if you have a nice hdr 4k TV and have savings in the bank left aside for your gaming hobby then why not buy a mid gen upgrade Xbox one x or pro, if you don't have a hdr 4k TV or not planning on getting one anytime soon then don't buy it, it's that simple. For me personally 4k starts with the next installments of consoles ps5 and Xbox 2.

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"Why is everyone still playing wolfeinstein" because they enjoy it. Journalism today lol

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No chance in those numbers, I'm thinking more like 5 or 6 million b4 Xbox 2 imo.

Those imo are good numbers btw

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The sales of 4k TVs are rising but it's not for casuals yet. Although we have consoles that can do 4k, imo 4k gaming won't be mainstream until ps5/Xbox 2 where the install Base of 4k TVs will be around the 50million mark. I thought Sony made a good dicision leaving out the 4k blu Ray player to keep price down. My TV 58" Philips HD is awesome and only 3 yrs old, I will be in the perfect buying market for new TV in 2019/20 right on que for next gen :)

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Not keen on these mid gen upgrades, I would rather Sony announce a £350 ps5 Base model and the ps5 Pro £600 for those who don't mind the xtra cost launching on the same day.
I don't want to buy a ps5 on launch to then have to get the pro version 3yrs down the line

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Gonna try it out for sure, but not keen on the teleport movement games for vr

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I enjoyed the 1st

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T minus 1hr

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Ubisoft 10/10

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Best conference so far

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As a playstation only fan I always go into ms E3 show hoping they can impress me enough to buy a second console but as usual they've failed again. Had high hopes but they just don't seem to get it atm. No new AAA 1st party ips

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14hrs to go for Sony E3 :)

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Thought the price was OK tbh, considering the tech inside. Problem was there was no big OMFG moments with must have exclusives

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Just wolfeinstein for me, so far been a disappointing E3 for me. Ms = ori, state of decay 2, anthem, last light, artful escape, metro, Ashen and code vein. Ea= a way out and sratwars

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Looked really interesting

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I think you mean N Switch being similar to filed 2015 Sony patent.

Edit: article was written poorly also

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so making a game, film, comic book character or employ people at a place of work have to be attractive do they. Journalism at its finest as usual/s

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no, its how you use it

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