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True story

I tried a horror vr experience and when I went to bed that night I woke up after a nightmare thinking I had blood all over me thinking I had a nose bleed, woke up no blood etc, proper freaked me out lol, day 1 #2
My friends, Dan, daz, kev, Paul, benton and James have never been gamers (friends for 32yrs) but they all have always purchased playstation just for gran turismo #6
Does it have g29 support on ps4 yet. #3
Psx will announce kojima on stage imo, playstation will say here's 100m well see you in 3 yrs #7

Neither agreed or disagreed buddy, I think the main problem for tr and sp only games is too not release them at Xmas holiday season in general.
Example; do you buy a 100 hr open world game fallout 4, just cause 3 etc to play over Xmas or tr or other sp only game where it will only take you half a day to complete. It's a no brainer, you go with the more bang for your buck and countless hrs of gaming over the Xmas period.
sp only games should be left... #1.8.1

Disagreed bruv, agree the bikes dlc is good but disagreed cause I think £7.99 would have been better pricing. Just wanted to explain my disagree buddy. #1.1
No wheel support,very disapointing #3
Sony bends open world horror new ip will be the playstation must have game but vr will be needed, playstation vr price reveal with trailer and price, playstation vr bundle with game free #1.2.4
No man's sky
Unnounounced shooter with vr from the ground up #3
Hoping for GT7 reveal, we might get a quick glimpse of GT7 as a tease then more at Playstation Experience, Media Molecule is comfirmed, guessing Sony Bend new horror IP, definatly Quantum Dreams nxt title as there based in Paris. Release date for No Mans Sky with support for Playstation VR and some Playstation VR game reveals

Someone I know in the industry in Japan mentioned Uncharted 4 has a special section, seperate story part which is for playstation VR,Interesting if t... #4
Was hoping to play after work, but it says £3.99 when I click download from game menu, brought full season pack months ago, done a account restore but nothing, guess it's a call to Sony tomorrow. so excited to play finale too :(

Anyone else had same problem with downloading episode 5 or any suggestions. Internet has nothing on it #1
October 6th 2017 imo #3
Will pay £299, any more and I'll have a rethink, but £229 would be a great launch price with it being priced at £149 yr or 2 later.
I personally think it will be ps5 before its consumer price friendly for the masses. I expect playstation vr to be included with every ps5 hopefully #1.4.1
Did a horizon pluto mission thread, no ones joined yet lol #9
I tried kitchen, great experience, a few kinks in there to sort out but day 1 for me, didn't even have a time slot as I booked too late and Sony staff bent over backwards to get me in, only waited 15 mins to have a go plus I sat nxt too a well fit blonde in zelda cosplay while waiting on bean bags :) #2
How did you book your timeslot for vr, o go on Sunday and would like to try it #4
Add PlayStation VR to the remaster ;) #22
Ww2 this time #6
Never really cared for unboxing videos, but if your going to do one, this is it, take note unboxing video people, I expect originality from unboxing videos from now on. #7
Yeah going to pick this up October time, not watching any videos though #6
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