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I think people are missing the point, it's a 80,90s horror with teen bad acting and cheese fest, best horrors imo ever made compared to the CRAP horror films made today, this game is day 1 for me can't wait to hopefully finish the killer off properly rather than let him get bk up to kill me lol #14
Can't wait for this sp experience, think people forget Whitechapel then didn't have open parks, open spaces it was very thin cobbled streets mostly, not everything has to be open world, large spaces, this to me is fine.

Small spaces with no where to hide sounds great to me, if it plays anything like tlou which I believe it will, it will be epic #12

Agree both look great, but DC wins just looks more real and in place #1.21
Never been my type of game but will give this one hell of a go #6

Unfortunately vita owners didn't support tearaway that much which is sad that's why they did the ps4 version imo, didn't tearaway on vita sell like 300,000 copies with a install base of 8 million ? #5.1
Didn't mean to disagree

@dark #1.3
Piste editor would be cool #7
Where was GG and mm new ip, good show but was expecting them from my sources, all good in the end but still angry over tombraider, ban me fucking microsoft and SE #15
6pm if your in uk #1.1.4
Thus will hurt MS more than the DRM fiasco imo and rightfully so, let's say halo collection came to playstation and not xbone, same situation you would be pissed #25
Cheers for the info buddy #22.1.1

Gamers are raging cause tombraider has always been playstation at heart from beginning, image if gears of war or halo boxset got bought by sony and was not coming to xbone, you would be raging right. #3.12

Different cause no man's sky is new, where tombraider has always been associated with playstation brand from the beginning, this will hurt all involved, MS ,CD and SE hard, gamers will not forget, this will damage xbone sales even further imo #8.4
@Mr dude

Totally agree never touching anything Microsoft related SE related or CD related from now on, this will hit the xbone/microsoft even harder than the DRM shit imo #5.1
Tombraider has always been playstation from a gamers point of view from the beginning and crystal dynamics and Microsoft have just took a shit on playstation fans.

I personally am done with anything Microsoft related or crystal dynamics games, thus will further put a dent in xbone sales not increase them from playstation gamers who like me was thinking of buying a xbone in 2 yrs time, I am so angry right now. #28
Won't be buying anymore crystal dynamics games, they have shit in the face of every playstation fan, our disgusted and will never touch Microsoft products again #52
Just makes me hate Microsoft even more, was contemplating a xbone at some point 2 yrs down the road, but that's shit, will wait patiently for ps4 version if it is timed exclusive #65
Everyone is saying tombraider is exclusive to xbone, I thought they said exclusive content? Did I miss something #8
Tomb raider looks epic #9
Not sure what to make of evolve, will rent first to see if I like it #7
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