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MS and Sony are going to stick to "powerfull" home consoles. Nintendo to handheld gaming only, and that's OK.

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Great game! and for 10 bucks? no brainer

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I bought my Nov 2013 PS4 to play Deep Down, still waiting...

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I hope a Nov 2019 release with 18/20TF for $600

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Nov 2019 with Ryzen 3rd gen and Vega refined. 20 Teraflops. 32GB HBM3

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Nintendo is handheld king since 1989, not a chance for Xbox/Playstation.

Xbox/Playstation need to keep focusing on making home consoles, that's their market.

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Xbox One S $199
Xbox One Scorpio (X?) $399

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Xbox One X
Xbox One Ultra
Xbox One Plus
Xbox One Scorpio

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$500 MAX for a 6TF machine.

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You can buy now a PS4 Slim/Xbox One S for $250 and play Resident Evil 7 in less than 2 weeks, Mass Effect Andromeda on March 21 and Red Dead Redemption 2 Fall 2017.

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Neither, ill probably replace my GTX 970 for a Radeon Vega and, next year, AMD ZEN if it delivers.

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When the game launches Sep/Oct/Nov 2017, a used cheap xbox one is going to be $120 or less (today you can pick one for $160~$170 if you search). Just pick one, finish the game and sell it, its not a big deal.

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Nintendo Famicom
_____________________________ _________________________
Sega Genesis Model 2
_____________________________ _________________________
Nintendo 64
_____________________________ _________________________
_____________________________ _________________________
_____________________________ _________________________
PlayStation 2
_____________________________ __...

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4K on consoles is STUPID, 90% of the people play consoles in the couch at 3/4/5 meters of distance, there is NO WAY you can see the diference between 1080P and 4K at that distance.

Make 1080p NATIVE with 30/60Hz (60hz competitive games) with SPECTACULAR physics, textures, effects and world interactivity

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bye bye third parties

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Says that is even shittier.

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If you know a little of PC hardware, 6TF is NOT a monster even NOW in June 2016. The RX480 (AMD $200 graphic card, mid range TODAY) have 6TF. Is Xbox One all over again, Nov 2017 Scorpio is going to be a low end 2017 PC.

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In the smartphone market you dont have 3 years or more in game development time to make a game. (6 if you are Rockstar).

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