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4K on consoles is STUPID, 90% of the people play consoles in the couch at 3/4/5 meters of distance, there is NO WAY you can see the diference between 1080P and 4K at that distance.

Make 1080p NATIVE with 30/60Hz (60hz competitive games) with SPECTACULAR physics, textures, effects and world interactivity

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bye bye third parties

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Says that is even shittier.

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If you know a little of PC hardware, 6TF is NOT a monster even NOW in June 2016. The RX480 (AMD $200 graphic card, mid range TODAY) have 6TF. Is Xbox One all over again, Nov 2017 Scorpio is going to be a low end 2017 PC.

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In the smartphone market you dont have 3 years or more in game development time to make a game. (6 if you are Rockstar).

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Just make 4 year console cycles Sony, not this confusing shit. Year one, the console, year three slim model, year four the next console.

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Eventually is going to be PlayStation vs Steam, and Nintendo vs Smartphones/Tablets.

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Time to take the "onlyhandheld" route Nintendo. You are lost in the console market since 1996.

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Both have pros and cons, that's why both always have to coexist.

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$400 price, 14nm AMD SOC with Polaris GPU with 5 Teraflop, compact and nice like the PS4, twicked GC controller with bluetooth, free online like PC.

That's a winner.

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100% agree with that. Upgradeable consoles is a stupid idea, it segments the userbase. To give an example, in call of duty, is not the same playing againist a guy who plays 60FPS or 4K resolution while you play 30FPS or 1080p. you kill the ancient "fairness" charm of the consoles.

4 year cycle would be perfect. I hope next gen for Nov 2018 with 10/12TF AMD APU at 10nm to have a substancial leap on interactive worlds and physics. 4K is stupid, 1080P/60HZ is the sweet...

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They are just cutting the shitty studios, thats OK. Fable Legends? that game was doomed since the day it was revealed, that crap wasn't near to be a Fable game.

Quantum Break
Gears of War 4
New Halo
New Forza
Killer Instinct S3
Sea of Thieves
Halo Wars 2

We, the gamers, are going to have LOTS of games for the Xbox One.

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WWII Please, not WWI.

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Bad idea, just make a 5 years console life cycle and release Xbox "Two" in 2018.

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Same for VR, HoloLens, 3D. All great tecnologies, but not for the entertaiment (games, Tv, Films) industry.

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Its a gimmick for us, the gamers, but its in fact a really interesting piece of tech for other purposes, personal example, i bought my xbox one day one and sold the kinect to a robotics ingeneer for a project, he said the hardware was really impresive.

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They are expanding to PC too, clever move. And they are not giving up on consoles, 20 million units are A LOT of consoles, Microsoft is the 2nd runner since the first Xbox and that's great, ask Burger King if they are not profitable because McDonalds sells more burguers...

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November 2019, if MS pushes it, November 2018.

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Silent Hill Sony exclusive?

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