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In the smartphone market you dont have 3 years or more in game development time to make a game. (6 if you are Rockstar).

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Just make 4 year console cycles Sony, not this confusing shit. Year one, the console, year three slim model, year four the next console.

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Eventually is going to be PlayStation vs Steam, and Nintendo vs Smartphones/Tablets.

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Time to take the "onlyhandheld" route Nintendo. You are lost in the console market since 1996.

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Both have pros and cons, that's why both always have to coexist.

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$400 price, 14nm AMD SOC with Polaris GPU with 5 Teraflop, compact and nice like the PS4, twicked GC controller with bluetooth, free online like PC.

That's a winner.

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100% agree with that. Upgradeable consoles is a stupid idea, it segments the userbase. To give an example, in call of duty, is not the same playing againist a guy who plays 60FPS or 4K resolution while you play 30FPS or 1080p. you kill the ancient "fairness" charm of the consoles.

4 year cycle would be perfect. I hope next gen for Nov 2018 with 10/12TF AMD APU at 10nm to have a substancial leap on interactive worlds and physics. 4K is stupid, 1080P/60HZ is the sweet...

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They are just cutting the shitty studios, thats OK. Fable Legends? that game was doomed since the day it was revealed, that crap wasn't near to be a Fable game.

Quantum Break
Gears of War 4
New Halo
New Forza
Killer Instinct S3
Sea of Thieves
Halo Wars 2

We, the gamers, are going to have LOTS of games for the Xbox One.

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WWII Please, not WWI.

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Bad idea, just make a 5 years console life cycle and release Xbox "Two" in 2018.

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Same for VR, HoloLens, 3D. All great tecnologies, but not for the entertaiment (games, Tv, Films) industry.

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Its a gimmick for us, the gamers, but its in fact a really interesting piece of tech for other purposes, personal example, i bought my xbox one day one and sold the kinect to a robotics ingeneer for a project, he said the hardware was really impresive.

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They are expanding to PC too, clever move. And they are not giving up on consoles, 20 million units are A LOT of consoles, Microsoft is the 2nd runner since the first Xbox and that's great, ask Burger King if they are not profitable because McDonalds sells more burguers...

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November 2019, if MS pushes it, November 2018.

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Silent Hill Sony exclusive?

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You can buy a XBO on Ebay for $240... who cares about "sunsoft shadows"?

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Yessssssssssssss at last!!

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Hope Nintendo will make a $249 Standard console, with a great joypad (like the GameCube) and an AMD Polaris 14nm APU with 3TF (anything crazy this days...) with New Zelda and the New StarFox in it plus all multiplats too like Microsoft/Sony.

The question is, how many people is going to buy a Nintendo consoles for multiplats? Since de 1991 SNES (including portable consoles) that's not their focus, thats A LOT of time, generations grew with PlayStation and Xbox. The Sega/Ni...

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Nintendo should focus all his efforts, money and R&D on making expectacular handheld consoles with ground breaking hardware with TV connection and quit the traditional home console market, they historically always did better with handhelds than home consoles since 1989 GameBoy.

Nintendo DS 155 Million
Game Boy 120 Million
Wii 100 Million
Game Boy Advance 82 Million
Nintendo Entertainment System 62 Million
Nintendo 3DS 57 Million and...

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