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Spend the money in new IP's sega, or reviving the good old ones, and make all multiplat for more profits.

Dont waste the money and reputation you built in the last 15 years chasing ghosts.

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We do, Nov 2020 should be fine. Death Stranding and GTA6 launch titles.

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XB1X and PS4 PRO only exists because the industry is pushing the 4K to be the standard, they want you to buy a new TV and the perfect excuse is to sell you a console with 4K capabilities, XBO/PS4 where nowhere near to run a game on that resolution. I think we are not going to see mid cycle upgrades in the foreseeable future.

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RIP PES, EA signing with UEFA in 3, 2, 1...

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I played Zero and the Remake of the first one on the GameCube back in 2001, 17 years waiting for the 2 and counting.

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Hoping for a E3 2018 gameplay

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PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 backward compatibility (4K BluRay lens can read CD/DVD/BRD and UHD), there's no excuse this time.

In terms of specs, 15TF, 32GB GDDR6 or 16 GB HBM2 with the last gen AMD CPU and GPU and 4TB HDD. Price: $499 or $399 taking a loss the first 2 years.

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I would like to se RE2 Remake, TLOU2, Death Stranding, RDR2, FFVII Remake, L4D3 and Left Alive gameplay.

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The Wii was the winner of that gen with 102 million, with the Playstation 3 in second place with near 90 million (incredible, PS3 was a dead horse by day one just like the Xbox One). Xbox 360 sold A BUCH, specialy the first 4/5 years (with LOTS of exclusives, better third party games, great online service, etc etc), but, lasted in third place with 85 million.

Just to remid you, RROD made pople to buy at least two consoles per user, that 85 is pretty inflated.

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Sadly, hardware is not advancing as we thought. I think, in order to have a substancial leap with this gen, November 2020 release will be OK.

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If i had to bet, Nov 2019 (most likely) or March 2020 with the 20 year celebration of the PS2 birthdate!

I would LOVE the second one, with BEEFY wardware (Navi/Volta succesor, Ryzen 2/3, HBM2/3, 20TF) but who knows!

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Sony should wait for Ryzen 2 and Navi both 7nm. Or kick the table and go with Nvidia for the GPU (not a chance).

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Bloodborne 2 please, and gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima and TLOU Part II.

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It's not 2005 anymore, PS5 (2019?) should cost around $600. Unless you want a shitty APU with outdated hardware all over again. Perhaps for 600 they can put a Ryzen+ with Navi in it and we will have a TRUE next generation leap.

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No Next gen, no buy. $500 is Next gen price.

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Me too. I dont play online i dont even connect my PS4 to the internet

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I summon SEGA! Multiplatform including Switch release.

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MS and Sony are going to stick to "powerfull" home consoles. Nintendo to handheld gaming only, and that's OK.

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Great game! and for 10 bucks? no brainer

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