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powned and worse yet is when
the 360 itself scatches your discs so that they can play anmore happend to 2 of my freinds disks it has something to do with having the system standing up lay it down and its better problem is they advertise it standing up all the time #25
Ps3 has won the console war
just want to see how many delusional agrees i get .... #45
ps3 is being treated by bethesda like
a ugly step child that no body likes hope they get the downloads someday maybee before end of decade #22
ya another story was
when someone in asia think it was china lent someone a special sword in an onine game that person sold it the dude who lent it to him found where he lived and killed him see gaming policies do effect real life out comes who knows what this girl said to him they were probably sexting and talking dirty to each other but yea way to far ... #13
and who said violence in video games dosent effect people
please speak here .... yeas video game violence effects people the end.... #1
lets face it people i own both consoles and a bunch of other consoles andd.....
there is nothing on the market today that touches what halo 3 is and nothing that touches what gears of war 2 is and since there both on the xbox but its typical people always want what they cant have ...

so basically if you want the best 2 games on the market today better save for an xbox or sell that ps3 #56
im sorry but
that picture dosent look anything like any kind of joker ive ever seen hope it isnt that one there getting ...lol #25
why is it bieng called v.i.p.
everyone knows a gamer will never set foot in a v.i.p. lounge rofl... #44
blu ray sales have died
after dark night its been real quite #93
going by the comments here ive gatherd that
the amount of consoles sold means nothing
the amount of games sold means nothing

so when exactly does something mean something #98
sounds made up
cmon when have you ever bought anything with an extra memory card that costs money pfft fake #30
and killzone 2
was the halo killer rofl hype hype hype #70
no wonder 360 is out selling ps3
you have to have bought at least 2 of em in 3 -4 years im on my fourth or is it 5th and its making funny noises lately uh oh #60
pretty sad
what its turning into on xbox live #7
yeah i pretty much stopped buying from arcade about 8 months ago
i got all my old shcool titles some were even to expensive but this is just way beyond for some reason i though arcade would be a place to get cheap buys for reasonable games something to reward 360 owners there just turning it into greed arcade its sad #24
the results are spot on
they dont ,, spent all money on blu ray movies #32
this video will explain and answer why this article is wrong
have a nice day #43
why is it with every article posted
theres always people who say this is rubbish not even worth a post ...lol just wondering ... #38
maybee its because
the game had to much hype and people got burned out quick #82
the prob is the best ones get deleted
one of my favs was playing halo2 and seeing some guy called butt rapist running around lol... #30
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