JRPGs are my way of the ninja.


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It's alright.

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2015 shaping up to be one of the greatest years in gaming history.

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A humble plea to gamingbolt staff- please refrain from posting articles without consulting Tora. It's unprofessional and he complained about it putting him in a tight spot with actual Konami execs. Thank you.

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Because it's games related?

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Did people really think it was a new video game?

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I've found them useful for games I already own so I can advocate for them. It becomes a gray area when people do not follow that principle - emulate what you own.

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Sometimes I wake up thinking all of this is just a nightmare. Kojima is well established in the industry so whatever he does after TPP will be probably another masterpiece. *salute*

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Now you know how Metal Gear Solid fans feel. Expect more pics. Create a folder on your computer. Oh, crap, I'm also an Uncharted fan... ( ._.) Damn.

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That's really open ended - "Making New Metal Gear Games"... If they want, they can call them Metal Gear Something Else: Brand New Protagonist. There's no telling just how different those new Metal Gear games will be from what we've come to know and love.
Anticipate frequent releases of Metal Gear titles... And if they've announced work is being done on one soon after MGSV, then Rizing 2 is on the horizon.
I'm conflicted by the whole thing. I got ...

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That headline is misleading. It should really say "The Last KojiPro Developed MGS Game Konami Will Publish."

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Lawyer-N4G, if Solid Snake is indeed the main character, isn't that false advertisement on KONAMI's part? If so, that's illegal, right? One can sue?

Anyway, imo, for the majority of the game, we'll assume control of Big Boss. However, it's almost a given for Solid Snake to make some sort of appearance.

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I'd play through all the canon titles first. Afterwards, look at some vids and analyses and stuff. September's still a long way off.

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Then why not just say that in the first place? We got official word of lack of Hayter's involvement.
And why did the Japanese VA retain his role then?

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Love how Metal Gear Fans are so coherent and cohesive. May not resort to this but it's an option. Thank you.

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Again? Have mercy on my wallet, 2015!

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Yes! This is a natural move! So glad! Day fucking one! *off to preorder and shit* yes!!!

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Dasteru, what a list. VI is #2, glad it's up there *thumbs up* I've never played every FF game, so my list is humble. Here it is:
1. VI
2. XII
3. X (fav battle theme)
4. VII
5. Tactics (honorary mention)
6. I
7. II

I'll have to sink my teeth into XIII and XIV soon... Sorry to mention this but, long way to Sept (V has come to) so gives me some time to play those.

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So... Metal Gear Soild 6: Solid Snake Returns confirmed.

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FF XII was actually the first FF title I beat. But this is the Internet, can't turn a corner before someone hates on Vaan and company. >_>

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