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Pokémon X and Y have full 3D battles and they look a lot better than Stadium even.

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Now this is a good week. Last week was the price drop which increased the sales but not a tremendous amount but the fact that Soul Sacrifice managed to make the hardware sales stay where they were is a great result.

I think it might be the best debut for a Sony New IP in a long time as well...

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The price drop happened simultaneously worldwide but it sold 196K just in Japan on the week of the price drop.

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You know accusing me of being a fanboy reflects worse on you than me right? You could have just as easily explained why you disagree with my assessment and why my points may not be correct or applicable.

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That's not an amazing boost. Vita had a 5000 Yen drop(10,000 yen drop for the 3G model), a new colour and a bunch of games with Soul Sacrifice coming next week. The sales won't stay at this level either but drop over the weeks unless Soul Sacrifice is a phenomenon.

For comparison the 3DS price drop saw it selling 196K the week of the drop. Hopefully the drop will help improve the baseline though and do enough to secure some future support.

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Actually the Assassin's Creed for 3DS became part of Assassin's Creed: Revelations for PS3/360/PC.

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I say it's going to be the other way around. Whilst hardcore gamers on sites like N4G may invest in new hardware site unseen the general public(those who make games like COD and GTA 20 million copies sellers) are motivated by games.

When the public see GTA5, COD, Madden and Fifa coming out on the current generation they're going to ask themselves "What's the point in buying a new system right now?". It affected the Wii U and PS4 and 720 being a lot more ...

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It's hard to say if it's a definite fact because it's subjective and different games prioritize different graphical effects. However I'd say X definitely has more consistently high detailed textures than any equivalents on PS3/360. That's an obvious advantage of the Wii U as it has twice at least twice as much RAM usable for games.

EDIT: I think the grass will remain sprite-based but pop-in should definitely be remedied. Sprite-based grass is the standard...

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I suspect it will be early 2014 in Japan and mid 2014 in the west.

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The number of million selling franchises in Japan can likely be counted on fingers and the majority of them are Nintendo franchises.

Even so a game like Bravely Default, a new IP with small promotion on the 3DS, was able to outsell every Vita game(including big brands like Hatsune Miku and Persona). Bravely Default is also barely in the 3DS's top 20 whereas Vita's no 3 is only at a third of its numbers and not even in the top 100.

If you have a very n...

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Monado was first seen in an NOA press pack after E3 2009 and came out in Japan in 2010 as Xenoblade. Apparently they started work on it in 2007.

If they started work on X immediately after Xenoblade that means they've nearly had three years on it. I wouldn't be surprised if this was an early 2014 release in Japan. As for the western release... well it was shown in all three Nintendo Directs and they had bothered to translate the trailers so hopefully they're aimi...

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I think it's doing better in Japan as well so far. We don't know about Europe but the UK figures were pretty bad.

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If they show it Ninjas will get them.

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They codeveloped Skyward Sword. I think a Monolith Zelda is much more likely than a Retro one.

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Well this just outlines what was already suspected to be the case. It's been 15 years since Sony had to actually fight for third party support and they seem to have forgotten that they have to and, more importantly, how to.

The Vita is the first Sony system which has not been expected to dominate since the PS1. The PS3 and PSP greatly benefitted from the fact that PS2 absolutely dominated and that early support is what made sure those systems didn't sink into irreleva...

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I haven't been commenting much.

Yeah, that would be awesome but with the state of Square Enix it's probably not going to happen.

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Nintendo published Dead or Alive Dimensions in Europe and is publishing Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge(which heavily features Ayane). They're fine with boobs.

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Wonder if Yurie Hattori is involved.

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Both games can play locally together but only the Wii U version has online AFAIK.

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