What says I. Makes sense doesn't none.


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True. But every game has it's flaws. :)

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I love that this game is still coming to last gen systems.

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Love this game.

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Hopefully. Not planning on buying a PS4 for a while.

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I wouldn't be surprised. I have my doubts about how such a massive game would run

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This is why i'm not subscribed to ps plus anymore. Why didn't they make Ground Zeroes cross buy with PS3?

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All about that nofap life.

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your mom is a little late

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Bought mine launch day. Didn't get anything.

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Nope. Both are good games. Both have their own strengths and their own flaws. And both are pretty different games as well.

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Great game right here..

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Bought the system at launch. System itself is amazing. But the lack of support has been disheartening. To put it lightly. I think i'll take the wait and see approach on any future playstation products.

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I AM!!!!! :D

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Over the past couple of years, i've cut down considerably on the amount of time I spend gaming. I no longer play competitive multiplayer. However, I doubt I will ever stop gaming entirely. No matter what anyone says, video games are simply too much fun.

Monster Hunter for Vita!!

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Of all time.

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uhh it's spelled *sole. Learn to spell. Sole reason.

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Playing video games in itself is not wrong at all. It's when people go overboard and make it their entire life. Everything in moderation.

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Real Life

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Obviously not.
I want an ownership share in the company, a PS4, an oculus rift, another copy of destiny so my brother and I can play coop, a million bucks and a Togo's gift card.

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