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ZombiU has been massively underrated by the gaming media, so it's great to see this take the number 1 spot. #1
Do I detect sarcasm? #3.1
I've been using this for a few days now. It's pretty cool.

Go give it a try if you're based in the UK. #1
I lol'd. #2.2
I need one of those screen protection things. How much are they? #1.2
Nice! I might invest at some point if I get bored of my usual white Wii U. #2
Excellent game! Massively underrated. #1
Each to their own. #1.1
I was one of the many who contributed to the Kickstarter fund. Can't wait for this to arrive. #2
That's because the tech inside is basically a mobile device. Anything bigger than what's there would be useless space. #1.1
Rayman Legends looks far more interesting than the Mario offerings. #4
I want to know more about how the two versions will differ from each other. If there are substantial differences I will have to invest in both.

I just hope the Wii U version won't be dumbed down in anyway because of the 3DS. #3
It's too early days for that. If we did get a trailer, it would most likely be CGI. #1.1
Seems legit. #2.1
Easily one of my favourite spin-off series. If anyone is up for a few games, PM me your friend code and we'll have a few games. :) #2
Please open your eyes and stop being so stupid.

"The Nintendo 3DS has sold only 17 million units, far less than the 150 million Nintendo DS units" - A quote from the article, to the average joe such as yourself this seems fine. But the key fact he decided to leave out was that he's comparing the sales of a 3DS, that's been around for just over a year, to a system that's been available since 2004. What he completely fails to mention is that the 3DS has be... #2.1.1
Such a fair, balanced and well thought-out article. I would have never guessed it came from a PlayStation fansite.

...And back to reality.

This is one of the most misinformed, ridiculous, mind-numbing display of stupidity I've seen in a long time. No doubt it will pull in a few hits from N4G, but where's the dignity? #6
This article is shockingly bad, it's riddled with misleading claims and some outright lies. Read it for yourself, it's embarrassing that people like this get paid to be completely out of touch.

The goon responsible is called @benparr on Twitter. Go wild. #2
Who pissed in your cornflakes? #19.1
Really? Me too. #9.1
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