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Sadly it rings true with my experience of the game's demo... but I had hoped the motion recognition issues would be resolved by release :/

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Read the article. That's part of what it's about.

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@ Tal Kaliso

The Xbox 360 version was published by Namco Bandai, by the way. ^^

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No PS3 release has been confirmed. CD PRojeckt have said that they would like to do one, but that's about as far as it's gone so far.

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Nice to see this game getting some more, highly deserved, critical love.

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Writing up a full review a the mo, but my take is this:

Saints Row 3 is a better *game* than SR2 - it's more polished, the visuals are a vast improvement, and the whole game feels tighter and more responsive.

But I enjoyed SR2 more. It's not technically as good, but it felt like it had more of a heart - partly down to the rags-to-riches storyline and strong cast. SR3's story is shockingly weak, and with the exception of Zimos none of the new cast...

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Try reading the review properly. I didn't say that othergames don't simulate tyre physics and temperature, just that Forza 4 does it better. Which it does; there's no 'lie' here.

I think you'll find that actually readers *want* to have comparison with other games in reviews - I certainly do - because I want to know how the game compares against other titles around. Saying I 'take jabs' at other games here just blatantly isn't true - i give ...

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Interesting comparison. I'd say both games have clear advantages and disadvantages. For me, the cars and lighting in Forza 4 look a tiny bit crisper, and the damage modelling just edges it for me. But then, its not all about the visuals.

Sure I'll be marked down by all the PS3 fanboys on here for stating a neutral opinion ;p

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Why would a game being released on an extra format mean the end for a developer? That makes no sense whatsoever.

And Square ceased to exist a long time ago. Its Square Enix these days, duh.

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"As you have no way to dodge their long slow swings," - apart from the dodge button, presumably, which lets you do exactly that?

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No confirmation yet I'm afraid, its all down to whether Capcom feels there's enough demand for a PC version.

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Both are fun, but we discounted them because of their inability to directly damage anything.

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Revenge of Death Adder was even better.

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The PS3 version (which is the one being reviewed here) is out in the UK in a couple of weeks. PC version has been around for a while, though.

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Totally agree. Many people only remember the very different MegaDrive / Genesis version (if they remember it at all...) But as a licensed game I don't think many developers have ever done better.

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I agree, the Gambit system was quite crap ;-)

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@ Inception
Absolutely they're still RPGs, but the strategy is much more of a focus. I see what you're saying, though. I guess it all depends on what you class an RPG as, really.

I don't think the Tales games are complete button-bashes - certainly some are harder than others and do require more thought - but I've blasted through the likes of To Symphonia and To Vesperia mostly by hammering the attack button and throwing in the odd special attack. O...

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We'd class FF Tactics, Tactics Ogre, and Valkyria Chronicles as Strategy RPGs, otherwise they'd be in the list.

Persona just has so many good, but often similar battle systems it was impossible to pick one out. Tales series has a fun battle system, but its mostly just a button bash, though Star Ocean at least offers some added tactical depth. I've never been a big fan of Suikoden's battle system, though, even though I enjoy the games.

As f...

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Grandia 2 probably should have been on there, in retrospect.. damn.

As for Valkyria Chronicles, I'd definately class that as strategy RPG, hence it didn't make the list ^_^

Most of the Persona games have good battle systems, but I just couldn't pick one out that really stuck in my mind.

Chrono Cross very nearly made the list, but then, so did a lot of games...

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my point was, I *did* know WKC controls - back when I played the first game. I've played a lot of other games since then, and surprisingly enough, I didn't remember them when I fired up WKC2.

I'm not saying I expect a 3-hour tutorial explaining the nuances of the system. Just a quick recap. That's all.

But really, we're getting hung up on a very minor point here folks.

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