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Please learn to accept the fact that not everyone buys PC games and crazy high spec PC rigs in order to talk out of their ass...

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Yup, Sony won..

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Awww look at the wii fans bashing a controller that actually plays more than just shovelware/how cute/now go back to the old mario and wii sports.

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GOTY confirmed

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This is why I'm not excited for anything Kinect-wise. Kinect resort and sports? Where have we seen this before......
And then Star Wars? Rather play the next force unleashed. Now the halo remake, that's something to keep an eye on..

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I think the best controller is the PS2's controller. Easy to use and simple, good for a variety of games, unlike other controllers that are only good for FPS or dancing around.

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As an overall deal BC2 wins because it has a singleplayer, although it is quite weak.

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which in turn makes xbox360 fanboys look bad. Comparing your loyalty to Sony to a religion is clear evidence of this. I have always supported Sony and their consoles, simply because they are unmatched in reliability and quality. I always go for the better deal, when MS releases a console with good reliability and better 1st part titles, I will not hesitate to buy one.

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Why are we even worried about graphics? Lets hope that Halo Reach rises above Halo ODST and halo 3, because they were both overrated sequels.

Even if it does surpass Killzone 2, which is highly unlikely, Killzone 3 will come and set a new benchmark.

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I felt bad for him.

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I was easily impressed, the graphics were amazing.

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They should've had a more classy rapper, that song left me speechless.

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crazy? THIS IS SPIKE VGA!!! *kicks*

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Jack Black was funny though

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Up your arsenal
Goin Commando
A crack in Time

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from the controls, to the story, everything.

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I'm excited for the next GTA.

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Oh no teh crozz game voice chatz!! Please, get real.

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Nice try though.

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