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It is a very cleaver way to get people to listen as it leaves the options open to the results of the podcast :) #4
The podcast isn't about "making it up as they go" its getting the news out their and voicing their opinions on the story's. They get a story then discuss what they think. #3.2
Figured people would be aloud an opinion, just like your aloud an opinion. #9
Do you feel as though the review was bad because it was not a 9/10? #6.1.1
People have to start somewhere when it comes to reviews and to become better you need to practice and the only way to know what your doing wrong is to hear what people say so that one can learn how to make a better review. #5
The only part that may be a "Spoiler" Is the brother part, you find that out in the first mission anyway. #3
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I forgot about GTAV :( #5
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This turned out much better than I thought for a first review :D #3
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Black Ops 2 Story was a lot better than most of the previous COD's I was very surprised. I have not yet finished the Halo 4 campaign. :( #2.1.1
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