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This is an incredibly naive article, which appears to have been written by someone who didn't grow up in the glory of Sonics hayday. This is amazing news, and FINALLY Sega listened to it's fans. It's about freaking time.

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Best summation ever!

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Hell yeah I'm gonna play it. If I had an Xbone when it came out, I'd have bought and played it. So I'll be buying this one for sure.

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I just wish they would announce it for the west. :(

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There is no need of a PokeGo 2. This game can, and will be upgraded to add all sorts of features. The very nature of this game means it will be able to follow anyone across phones for generations as long as the demand is there for it.

Make no mistake, Niantic and Nintendo will be making sure this game gets tons of new features. They've already talked about adding in trading between players, and more fleshed out gyms. As well as more customization etc. And that's on...

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Tell that to games like Gears of War, Fable, Army of Two: The 40th day, Mirrors Edge etc etc.

There's tons of games at full price that are super short.

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If ANYONE has EVER said otherwise, they need to be slapped in the face.... IF the only thing we are talking about is specs, and pretty graphics and mods. They all have their purpose. PC may be the best when it comes to the things I mentioned, but there's a reason consoles sell in the numbers they do.

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My biggest thing here is this.

The Scorpio isn't required for developers to make games on Xbox One, and it. MS has said developers have the choice to make games exclusively for the new platform. Meaning, it is technically a new system, and not just an upgraded Xbox One (which would make the most sense when you consider MS has only ever called it the Xbox Scorpio, and never with Xbox One in the name). So with that said, even IF it is intended to be an Xbox 1.5, MS won&#...

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LMAO what a terrible article. The 3 disappointments they had Sony has literally ZERO say on... way to go.... .....guess I should have known by reading that website name.

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God of War = "Soon, but not this year" which I take to mean next year some time.

Kojima's new game Death Stranded.... NOBODY expects that soon. He only just formed his studio earlier this year.

TLG = October 25th 2016

Horizon: Zero Dawn = Febru...

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Clearly hardcore gamer isnt very hardcore. This has been announced for a VERY long time.

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May want to fix your title. Says June instead of July.

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The masses latch onto any bad "news" they can, and often make it BLOWN out of proportion. This goes for any industry or topic too.

As far as Ubisoft is concerned. They've made some mistakes, but that doesn't make the hate and vitriol they receive justified. Everyone makes mistakes.

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This is absolutely the truth. If anyone says otherwise, they're wrong. Plain and simple.

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Honestly? Exclusives. The system has them, but for me, there are none I care about that I can't get somewhere else, usually being the PC. The ONLY one I can't get somewhere else is Sunset Overdrive, and potentially Crackdown 3. And $300... even $200 isn't worth it to me.

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That was it's original intention yes. However as EQ kept being delayed and generally ignored by the dev team. Landmark continued to get new features left and right. Eventually (recently actually) EQ Next was canceled, and now they are making Landmark their full game. Might as well at this point.

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Why are people so epically retarded?

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I think the downvotes are more about how you posted your opinion as fact. Review scores don't tell me if I like a game or not. They tell me if that person did. Valid criticisms or not, those don't equate to what I personally think. Or any other person for that matter.

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Uh... no, they're just handling the distribution of the game in Asia and Japan. This has NOTHING to do with development of the game.

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