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Yeah this review is full of lies, BS, speculation, and flat out misinformation.

I honestly don't think he even played the game.

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Except it's not. This review is full of S**t. Not ONE time in my 52 hours on the game have they pushed me to buy these. Literally. Not. Once.

I even know people who have obtained the Platinum in a similar amount of gameplay (I'm not that good apparently lol), and they agree they NEVER felt pushed to buy these. Nor did they need to in order to obtain the platinum which review websites like this PoS will claim you need to do in order to obtain the "True Ending.&q...

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I saw it went on sale through them for $20 pretty quick. I was tempted.

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That came from being making baseless claims on assumptions. That's how many gamers work these days, and they ruin many things for themselves because of it.

Meh, their loss. The argument that devs make things unbearably grindy is their crappy excuse to the fact MTs are completely optional.

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Buying used literally did NOTHING to bypass the online pass craze with devs when you remember they were one time use codes. I.E. when you bought a game that had them used, you still had to pay for that online pass.

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You and I, and everyone I've personally talked to who's played the game must have all played a different beta.

Because it's a massive improvement over the first. Not clicking your click bait article.

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They announced fallout 4 at E3 and released it in November. So there was a 5 month gap.

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This is my expectation as well.

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Lol xD

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I'm not offended at all. I fully agree with you here. They NEED to provide absolute transparancy on this topic. Plain and simple. It's why we reached out to them in hopes of getting that clarity.

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To address a few points you made;

If you don't want to put any money into WB's pockets, there is a link in the article that you can donate to the family directly if you wish.

I agree this is shady, they need to provide absolute clarity on this issue. Period. No more vague statements.

As far as not all the money going to the family, that's because it's standard that 30% of the sale goes to the distribution used. I.E. Stea...

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They said $3.50 of every purchase will go to the family except in 6 states and where prohibited by law.

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I'd say that's fair. I have updated the article to address a few points, as well as add more thoughts to the matter as a whole.

Would you mind providing some feedback so we can improve in the future? Sadly, there wasn't much information to go on in the first place. As I said in the update, I just feel we need to wait for all the information before jumping to conclusions. Although I do agree they need to provide absolute transparancy on this matter.

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I wouldn't call it defending. The issue at hand (the Forthog DLC and where the money goes), is the only thing addressed in the article. You can consider them terrible if you want for other issues, but for THIS issue, it's pretty clear people are jumping to conclusions before having all of the information.

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I fully agree with you. It's annoying they didn't elaborate oh what's going to happen with the money.

Here's hoping more backlash (that will happen) provokes further details.

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I've had it on my PS4 Pro for several months now, and I've not run into any performance issues. I even tested an almost full 100 player server and still had no issues.

Not to say you haven't, I just had a buddy tell me theirs ran TERRIBLY on his original PS4.

I guess I've just been lucky.

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This is a hard question to answer, but I can name a few I think are better.

My biggest issue with BotW were it's story that took forever to begin, Zelda being super annoying, the weapon breakage system, and it's SUPER open world with very little to do, and only 3 main things you could do. Collect Korok Seed, the shrines, and the story.

Sadly, you are almost forced to do the seeds/shrines for more health/stamina and for more inventory space becau...

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Great game? Sure.

Best game EVER!? Not even close.

This is hard for me to say too. I absolutely ADORE this franchise. So much so I own every game in the series, have a Link cosplay, and have named my first daughter Zelda.

This game is fun no doubt, but it is nowhere near the best game of all time.

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I second this sentiment.

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Yeah, this is a pretty terrible list.

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