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I sure won't be spending any money on them. I never have, and have enjoyed TONS of games that have them. Even the likes of For Honor.

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@ Foxtrot

That's assuming much. Just because other games have done it doesn't mean this one will.

This is an ENTIRELY different developer and publisher. Games in the past HAVE done these right before. What's to say this one wont? Because of your dislike for them?

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You're never going to buy it because of an entirely optional service that doesn't lock anything behind them?

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I agree, this game is looking great.

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I'm going to have to completely disagree. I've put a TON of hours into it since the update and I'm loving every minute of it.

But that's just my opinion.

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That's funny, I'm more inclined to agree with this article. This game looks like a hot mess...

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Still day one for me. Giving players options that don't affect me in any way doesn't bother me. I can choose to buy them or not. Everything is attainable in game.

Not sure why that bothers people.

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Why would you be sorry to tell me you think my fear is wrong? Wouldn't that be a good thing?

Also, I've heard this sentiment from quite a few people as well.

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This was my fear, and it looks like I was completely right.

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Gotcha, thanks man!

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What kind of game is this? The title suggests a fighter, but it doesn't look like it.

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I have it on both PC and PS4 but I prefer my PS4 more simply because the bigger screen and more comfortable seating.

I've not experienced many bugs. The worst I've dealt with is the shitty UI.

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Well for PS4 it only went up $5.

I personally love the game, I've put so much time into the game that I wouldn't mind spending that much on it if I didn't already have it.

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Luckily they haven't ruled it out just yet.

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My guess would be people they know helped them.

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I can see no reason this shouldn't come to PS4, but I can't find one. PC, Xbox One, and Switch, but no PS4. Can anyone find a good reason why?

I mean, I get the cross platform play not coming, which is just Sony giving lame excuses, but why not the graphics pack?

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Did you read the article? If you did you'd probably not have said that.

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Considering there's no "Fight against women" in games... or anything for that matter. This article is freaking dumb.

IF a game is going for historical accuracy it should contain ONLY what is accurate to what it is trying to depict.

Your "defense" of women "everywhere" is hypocritical when you turn tail and bash an entire other group of people. Way to go and make your own point moot.

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Not early enough yet, and all the DLC isn't even available for that either... wut?

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Hopefully LONGER than the last one.

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