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It's only held back if the last gen versions were ever being made in the first place, and since we NEVER saw footage of old gen gameplay, I personally doubt it was ever being worked on. #3.3
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My thoughts on this one? They probably never had it in development to begin with. We NEVER saw any direct feed gameplay of this game running on either system. They probably said they were going to make it, but went with current gen first, then decided it wouldn't work on last gen due to whatever reason. It was to make fans who hadn't bought into current gen yet happy, and not worried about "Not being able to play the new MK." Although the delay in release was intended for th... #1.4
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That's doubtful, as PS3 sold around 30 mil in the states, 35 in Europe, a little over 10 in Japan, and 12 in the rest of the world. Japan is slow to adopt consoles by comparison in general. PS4 is about 10, 10, 1.6, and 4 in respectively at the moment. However, as you mentioned, Japan is slow to adopt, while the rest of the world isn't. I expect PS4 to be the top selling console for this game, followed by PS3, then one of the Xboxs... not sure which one, possibly even 360, then PC beh... #2.2.1
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The "New" game will be a "New" game... not this. This is just a nice bonus. #1.11
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And I just looked up some gameplay for 5... and they've turned it into a Strategy RPG :'( #1.2.2
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Yes, the article even confirms it.

These are great games. I started them back when they were on GBA. Totally worth playing. #1.2.1
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Asking someone (or telling them) to buy a system for one game is a bit of a stretch man.

Although the WiiU has a decent line up of exclusive games available. General just may not be interested in any others, who knows.

With all that said, this is a game I need to pick up, as well as Bayonetta 2, and Mario Maker as Scisor_runner suggests below. The with Xenoblade Chronicles X later this year, my WiiU will get some use finally. lol #1.1.1
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Lol yeah the denial is strong with him. I am definitely a Playstation fan most of all, but you can't deny what they've shown. Maybe it will be toned down before it releases. However it may end up being better by then, who knows. The idea, and framework is there. Honestly the game went dark for a decent amount of time, and it seems we now know why.

This game is the reason I want to buy an Xbone at the moment. As well as a few others, but currently this is the killer ap... #1.1.12
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For some reason this just doesn't stick in many peoples heads. I have a friend currently playing the game and he can't get it right. smh #1.1
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Here you go. #7.1
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Yeah it seems they purposely chose a video with hazy screens to make it seem like it was "Downgraded"

This fad is getting ridiculous. #2.2
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I think the game looks interesting, but THE most interesting? I don't quite agree. I was honestly expecting/hoping for more from it. I was more pleased with Crackdown 3. (Although that's obviously not a JRPG.) #1.2
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It's a DirectX 11.2+/Open GL modified with sony custom features.

So again, you are wrong, they do use DirectX, as well as Open GL.


http://www.geek.com/games/s... #4.2
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We did, however there was a rumor recently that said the Xbone version would be 1080p/60fps. #1.15
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I.E. that statement is wrong. #4.1
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I never thought of that! I'd be super excited if that happened! #7.2
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So this is off topic... but one does everyone care so much about agrees/disagrees to the point of mentioning them CONSTANTLY? The number of agrees/disagrees adds literally NO validity to the persons argument, and in no way should help someone judge whether or not that person is right or not. They literally mean nothing, and in my opinion, should be ignored entirely. It just makes no sense. Who cares? Just point out that he is wrong, don't worry about whether or not he has agrees/disagrees... #1.2.1
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darker is only correct if you take out more from the title. I.E. it would only be correct if it looked one of two ways;

Gears of War 4 will be a darker and mysterious game.


Gears of War 4 will be a more dark and mysterious game. #2.1.2
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My thoughts exactly. Ridiculous. #1.3.1
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Difficult? Not so much. Time consuming? Absolutely lol.

And it only required 75% completion, NOT 100%.

Ridiculous haha. I got it as well. #8.1
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