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Is that it? :/

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Thanks for saving me the click through.

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Wow, what a shocker.

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"he didnt bother to look around and the driving parts just drove pat everything."

Making a rather large assumption there.

Seems reasonable to me for a legendary playthrough to be 3-4x longer than a normal playthrough.

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How depressing :/

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Actually it doesn't. The review is generally very positive towards the game.

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I stand corrected, you've made me see the light. I shalln't dare criticise remasterings like this as being simple ports with minor graphical improvements and overpriced post-release DLC thrown in as a sweetener ever again.

I can now quite easily imagine that those improvements you detailed will completely change the game and it will be well worth double dipping. I was ignorant to have thought otherwise and will pre-order a copy post-haste.

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Stuff like Ico & SotC Collection or the Halo 1 HD re-release is great because those games were released pre-HD, so remastering them in HD is great for fans.

The Last of Us and Tomb Raider on the other hand... simple cash grabs. Slight improvements in graphics and framerate that most people wouldn't notice unless they put the two versions side by side aren't enough.

But hey, if fans wanna buy them up, each to their own.

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Dance Central was by all reports pretty great (not my cup of tea, but objectively speaking I can see that it's good). Other than that... yeah, mostly shovelware.

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By this stage last gen I had already been impressed by some of what I'd already played though. This gen, all that impresses so far is stuff that's quite a ways off and which could quite easily be all smoke and mirrors.

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Was a hit and run as well. Hope they reach their funding goal.

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It's a preview, not a news piece, that's why it was approved. Guess the joking/teasing nature of the text was missed on you and a couple of others.

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The people doing this are pathetic.

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Pleasantly surprised at how high this is scoring across the board.

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'Backwards compatibility has become this feature that is rarely used by people, but almost everybody will complain if you don't include it'

Yeah, I agree, that seems to be the case.

Wouldn't bother me at all if neither the PS4 nor the 720 had any BC whatsoever.

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It is pretty slick.

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BioShock, Last of Us, GRID 2 (not on the list) for me.

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Thanks for posting the list. Was curious what his picks were but couldn't be bothered to watch the full video.

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Far Cry 2 was terrible.

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