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Get ready for a tough fight! Standing 10 ft tall on its hind legs a giant kodiak brown bear! Hmm...10 ft tall, that's it? Yeah real world "monsters" don't sound exciting haha

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The Resistance games were not amazing. I played 1 and 2 back in the PS3 era, and it just felt like it was missing something to set it up to top tier level. The game felt like a score of an 8.

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My 2nd actor would be Danny DeVito. He has the bald head that fits the role

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Labo actually works for kids. My 9 and 8 yrs old nephews love it.

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Yes I remember that one now. I think it could be done in terms of the polygon count and texture, but the lighting and other effects might take a hit.

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Does anyone remember this Unreal Engine demo back in 2011 called Samaritan?

Yeah, I remember watching it back then and thinking to myself this type of graphics in real-time was not possible any time soon. Today this could be done. Wow, the future is here now. We've come a long way.

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Switch for the portability. It would be nice to play it in bed right before bed time

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Imagine if the GOW series rebooted with a female Kratos and a mostly all female cast of characters from friends and foes. Oh boy...

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LOL this game looks terrible. Filled with so much horror cliches. Oh no! look at the scary woman. She's scary, because she has dark eyes and blood stains around her mouth. I must run away now. A scream... where is it coming from?? (generic sound effect) SPLAT! lol.

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I had the same thought about his face. It just doesn't look right. I think this model someone made looks better: https://www.hardcoregamer.c...

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Does he even make games anymore?? He's so irrelevant today. Seeing his name makes me feel so old, because that's how long ago it was when he mattered in the gaming industry

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That's a damn lie. You cannot build an xbox1X for $550 and expect to run games at 4k even on med-low settings. For $550 you will be able to run games at 1080p with all of the settings maxed.

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Do you even know what Pitfall 2 is or ever seen Pitfall 2 on an Atari system? He's comparing Pitfall 2 which is a simplistic game with very crude graphics to UC4 and it should be obvious that it was a joke. You people throw the word troll around too easily

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They mentioned TurboGrafx-16. Wow, I didn't know it sold so poorly lol. I was one of the few kids who had one while everyone had an NES or Genesis. I later owned the SNES and N64, but I never got into the Gamecube.

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When you're used to 60 fps or near for most of your PC gaming history, 30 fps feels choppy and sluggish. Most PC gamers would rather lower the graphics settings as a trade off for smoother frame rates. It doesn't have to be exactly 60fps, as 45-50fps is still enjoyable.

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I remember the first time I saw the manji cultists creature, it kinda freaked me out. I was like "f**k that!" *swoop* off I go on top of a roof before it sees me.

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Wrong! Games are electronic shadow puppets

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Lol yes! There's money to be made. I know they'll eventually bounce back.

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Just checked EA's stock. It is down again today at $100.83 a share. Last week I believe they dropped from $109/share to about $106. Let the bleeding continue! I'll be waiting to buy some EA stock once they've hit a low enough bottom.

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$86 an hour!? You definitely got the sex. I followed the link and now I have the sex

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