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"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our..."


"Heroes trudniÄ…cy be interested in deejaying usually evoke awe, fascination, or even sympathy."

LOL! What the he'll does that even mean?? #1.3
Horror games even with crappy low polygon count graphics like the games I've played on the Oculus Rift is still scary as sh*t. The immersion factor is what really does it. In VR you really feel like you're there. If you think playing Silent Hill alone in your room at night is too much(Which I do), VR horror takes it to another level. #10
If Guerrilla decided to put KZ on an indefinite hiatus, I wouldn't be disappointed at all. KZ storyline got stale after KZ2. Horizon needs to be on the forefront now. #16
For Honor looks like a well crafted game. However, I'm more excited about Horizon. I love the setting. Horizon isn't another post apocalyptic game, it's not even during an era where the surviving humans had to rebuild. No, this is beyond that. This is 1000 or more years after where the current population had long forgotten about the ancient human civilization that once lived on Earth. What's left are just artifacts and the remains of a once advanced civilization.
... #18
I see what you mean now. Yeah they jacked it up with the new vversion even though it was supposed to be actual instruments. #7.2.2
I like the orchestra version of the FF7 music. I know people will disagree, but I hope they use that version. It's the same sound and melody, but with real instruments instead of the computer generated sounds. #7.2
Owww shhhh*t!! Half-life 3 CONFIRMED!!! #22
Guerrilla blew me away with KZ2 last gen with their graphics engine and attention to detail. I've always wondered what they could do with a new ip. Well here it is. It looks amazing in general. #23
I've played a mech demo on VR before. It actually works well and it really makes you feel like you're in a mech standing 30ft high up. #1.1.2
How do you play KI and not felt ripped off? Full price for the ultimate edition that only includes 8 characters? In addition to that, you had to wait several months for all 8 characters. #1.2
This game looks so good. I really love the setting/world. #9
Uncharted 2 set a new bar on action games last gen. After watching UC4 looks like it's setting a new standard all over again. #21
This was such a surprise. Completely did not expect this. First, The Last Guardian was a shocker since we all thought this was dead. Then FF7 freakin comes out of nowhere and even Shenmue 3! Too much to even take in right now. #22
It's OFFICIALLLL!!!! I almost had a tear in my eye...almost #15
Wow significant downgrade. Those muddy graphics. I hope this was just a result of upscaling subHD video. Yes, I clicked on the Youtube better quality version too. #1.2
Lol this is silly. Of course porn won't be available on their store just like it's not available on the Google play, PSN, live, or iTunes store. Theres a site called virtualrealporn.com and I've tried their demos(for science). It's really amazing stuff.... *ahem* i mean tech. #14
. #1.4.1
This is a huge blow to SF fans who played on Xbox. However, this is business. Will this affect Capcom negatively? Probably only slightly and Capcom will brush it off and carry on. #1.1.17
Get the Morphues out in every venue possible. Simply watching a VR experience on video does it ZERO justice. People need to experience the magic first hand in order to see the light and understand. Have a library of games demonstrating the best of each unique VR experience ready before launch. Relauch Playstation home which will serve as a centralized place other VR players can meet and socialized. Finally, get the price right at no more than $350. #2
This is pathetic. Just buy a new or used PS4 which should be easily affordable for the average PC enthusiast. #11
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