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To all of the naysayers of VR, once you've tried it with a couple of good demos, i challenge you to come back and say VR is a gimmick lol. A lot of us who have only had the development kit version to try which is no where near as good as the final product as reported. Yet we're still blown away and became believers. You doubters will probably have your first experience with the final full fledged consumer version. Be ready lol #17
So dead wrong about any game that isn't 1st person shouldn't be in VR lol. There are many demos and even full games like BlazeRush(one of the best example of 3rd person view) that proves your statement wrong. #6.1
No doubt this is the most gorgeous racing game from the realistic lighting, the weather effects, to the environment. This graphics engine needs to be used again. #13
Dc is the best looking racing game, but has very limited content. #14.1
Like you I've tried 3d, move, kinect, etc and they've all had their moments and fizzled away. Unlike you, I own the Oculus rift dk2 VR headset and this is nothing like those other devices. VR fundamentally changes how games are developed and could be experienced.

No other gaming experience made me duck down and reacted physically like i was going to be hit; made me nervous when an animal was almost at face to face distance to me; convinced me that... #1.2
Be on the look out for Project Cars. It will have Morpheus support. I've already played a few racing games in VR and not even a triple monitor setup can give you the same immersion. You could look anywhere in the cockpit like bejng in a real car. http://www.wmdportal.com/pr... #1.2.2
Correct. It's not a true 120fps in the straight forward way for those who are doubting Pandamobile as it is explained at 2:20 of this interview, but it's a smart technique for the hardware limitation. http://youtu.be/BaCxLZDcNBo #2.1.1
Morpheus, Oculus, and Valve VR all are on the right track and are impressive in their own light. I just hope some no name VR company don't hit the market prematurely first and f**k up VR for the masses with a subpar hardware and experience. #4
To all of the disagreers this is true, but not to the ps 2.5 extreme though. Games would have to be built specific with morpheus in mind in order to achieve the minimum 60fps and 1080p for a smooth convincing VR experience. 75fps or higher is preferred though. This means that you shouldn't expect high level graphics unless it's a very simple game. In VR the immersion is most important and it must be retained through a consistent high frame rate. The good news is that you don'... #9.1
3rd person and overview types of games works amazingly in VR too. Theres a demo called the RPG room that demonstrates what old school RPG could look like. The best part is that you could switch to a 1st person view easily with a click of a button to get a different perspective. #8.1
Seriously it will be too much for some people. I tried a VR demo where you just sit there and random animals would appear in the scene. Some would stand there staring at you. There was a small group of gorillas that came next to me. One of them decide to come up very close to stare at me. Even in low polygon flat textured graphics, the damn ape made me nervous. Had it been a creepy monster in a game lime Silent Hill, that would literally force me to take that VR headset off in terror. #1.1.2
$300 is a fair price, but im not sure if it'll be a record breaking seller for the average console gamer who have no clue on how relatively affordable that price is. 3 yrs ago, a non-VR non-1080p headset would cost $700-$1000. Sony needs to have it at every kiosk possibly where PS4 are sold for a demo. #11
Be prepared to be "wowed" once Morpheus/VR in general is ready for the consumers. This is a whole new dimension in gaming(literally). Even playing simple games in 3rd person point of view feels new again. #6
Exactly what Annus stated. There are demos on the Oculus rift that runs at 60fps with no delays, but still gives me motion sickness. Developers will have to design their games to move a certain way. For example, when you move from one point to another, it cant be an abruptly super fast speed like going from 0 to 100mph in a second. There needs to be a gradual build up. Otherwise motion sickness can kick in. #5.2
VR is not gimmicky like 3D. I know because I own an Oculus rift dk2. Once you try a game with native VR support that runs smoithly, you will see the light. Its like going from shadow puppet entertainment to an hdtv. I'm a fan of morpheus and the rift, and I want VR to be experienced by all. #11.1
Regarding design, it is the best looking today, but will it be comfortable enough to wear is the big question. The Sony hmz had a very cool design, but it was terrible when it came to fit and comfort. I am confident that they would've learned by now though. #10.1
I think it would definitely help as 1 step closer to facing the real life fear. Theres a youtube guy name Jackcepticeye who plays VR games and claims to have a huge fear of heights. In VR it actually feels like your high up when you're standing on the edge of a building. Anyway, that youtube guy over time seem to have became less fearful as he played more often. #3.1
Make this game Oculus rift compatible and this will be golden. Racing games and cockpit games in general can't go wrong in VR mode. I've been playing Live For Speed with my Oculus rift dk2 and it is an amazing experience when you could look anywhere in the cockpit while driving like real life. #23
Funny how no ps4 owners made a big deal out of 900p when bf4 was 900p on the ps4. #1.2.5
BlazeRush is an amazing example of 3rd person VR done very well. This game is awesome. #1
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