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"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our..."


Sadly this is the real final nail in the coffin for the megaman series. If the megaman fans still had a sliver of hope left during those many many years, this news finally put out that hope. #21.1
Well that really sucks fire ps4 owners. Hopefully the outrage will be loud enough to stop this from being a trend. #1.1.74
Killzone killed nothing but itself. It has gotten less impressive with every new entry. It's not even a graphically top tier like the past games. #1.2.2
You all are overly defensive. I saw the article as throwing caution to the wind. The gameplay I've seen so far seems pretty accurate to what they described in my opinion. This wasn't a review, so calm down. #1.1.27
My thoughts exactly. 4gb of vram hasn't been used frequently yet, and they're talking about 6gb. That's just too much so soon. #6.2
Spoken like someone who has never tried VR before, and I'm sure you haven't. Tv will never be replaced, but what VR offers is an immersion and sense of presence that TV can never offer, not even with the best graphics or multiple monitor setup. 3rd person games works perfectly well in VR with the example of Couch Knights. Games like God of War could still be awesome in the 3rd person view. Someday when you get the chance to try VR with the right demos, it will open your mind to... #1.2.2
That is one of the big reasons why I jumped back on to pc gaming after the ps3. Disappointed that this gen of consoles are still set back at 30fps and 720p-900p if attempting 60fps. When the time is right, I'll buy a console solely for the exclusives, but for now it's been great pc gaming again after 7 yrs. #1.5.3
I'll wait for next year's series. Already have a 770. Might get another 770 and sli it if the price is right #5
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This will be great for those who missed out. The 3rd person action game genre has not evolved much if any at all since Uncharted 2, so this game will not feel dated. #13
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How is it idiotic? Based on history, Sony does a terrible job supporting their products. Look at the eye toy and Move. 1 new game with support in 3-4 months is not going to cut it. Sony makes high quality products, but their support sucks.

The last time I heard about the Move was that Sorcery was going to save it. Took many months to be released, and it was just a "meh" game. Then nothing after that. If Sony wants Morpheus to succeed, they better step i... #2.1.2
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This game is perfect for VR because of the slower pace. The devs are currently assessing the possibility of Oculus Rift support. I hope it happens. #10
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From the article writer:
"VR is a fad. Just like 3D that came before it, VR will fail to catch the mainstream audiences attention. Now, I have to admit I have not experienced VR"

The guy NEVER tried VR before. That explains it all. What a freakin joke!

Unless you've tried it, you have no clue what the hell you're taking about. I got my oculus rift dk2 3 weeks ago and it blew me away. The experience was more than what I thoug... #13
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I got my Oculus Rift DK2 2 weeks ago, and this demo blew me away. I've never experienced the first Oculus Rift before and my idea of what VR would be like was NOTHING in comparison to actually trying VR for the first time. When you strap that headset on, you are literally there in the world. The objects are within reach exactly like how your real desk is outside of VR.

In this demo, when the walls of one of the scene broke off and you are suddenly in space with the Ear... #2
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I completely agree. Let's hope for some of us that it's not another interactive movie. I have my doubts that Quantic Dreams will go the more convention route though, because that's just not their style. #4.5
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Yes, it's so underrated, but I'm glad Falcom continued to keep the series alive and now on an actual console. #2.1
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Yeap, it wasn't too long ago when The Cloud was all things bad and later PSNow was the future when Sony incorporated cloud technology... well here's your bright future folks! Enjoy your non-console future which features input lag, streaming quality graphics, and no true ownership of your games. Once you suspend your membership, you will no longer have access to those purchased games. No, this is not like Steam. You do not rent games in Steam and stream them. #1.2.9
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Did you at least got the email that they've charged the remaining cost to your credit card? If you did, then it'll only be a week or so longer before the final shipping email is sent. #6.1.1
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I'm super excited, because I finally got the email from Oculus that my DK2 shipped out and is expected to arrive on 8/25 (this Monday).... (girly squeal) eeeeeeee!! #6
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I fear that GT7 will have some kind of b/s microtransaction system. 1000+ premium quality cars is not going to be reality unless they start charging for them. In addition, all of those cars will not be available at launch or months afterwards. #14
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VR is the future. You will eventually be a believer lol. #2.1.1
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