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Great memories of LAN parties with C&C Red Alert 2. We used meet up at a friends apartment who had 3 desktop pc at his place, while some of us brought our laptops to link up and play the skrimish mode.

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Yeah people shit on Nintendo for this which I dont have an issue with, but somehow defend R* when they do the same. Double standards/hypocrisy is alive and well.

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Is it a coincidence or done purposely that Sara Ryder sort of looks like Anita Sarkeesian. There was something about Ryder's nose and mouth area that resembled Anita. The slight hook to the nose and the defined smile line.


The art shown on the article was simply a pipe-dream sort of fantasy, nothing serious and some people are still offended lol. Yet it's perfectly OK when Hollywood whitewash Japanese anime/manga for their film adaptation.

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You gotta be kidding lol! The main group of people are Sony fanboys. They were the ones bashing the Switch for its subpar graphics and tech, and still continue to. Just read the comments on any Switch article. They were also the ones bashing the XB1 for below 1080p graphics.

We PC gamers know we are at the pinnacle of graphics powerhouse, so there's hardly a need to get involved.

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Sony fanboys are just ultra sensitive. They take anything that sounds like a shot at Sony and blow it out proportion. Sony fanboys are the SJW/snowflakes of the gaming world in terms of everything twisted as being offensive lol.

The MS guy was asked a question, and he answered it directly. People who took it as a shot are basically projecting their insecurities. It must be a hard pill to swallow knowing the PS4pro will soon be trailing the Scorpio in the power departm...

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You're clueless man. You don't have to be a PC enthusiast to build your own PC gaming rig. Your perspective of PC gaming is very dated. This isn't the 90s or 2000s. I built my first gaming PC from simple Youtube How-To step by step videos, and did a google search on other details. It's as easy as inserting the parts in its slot(impossible to mess this part up) and plugging in the cables where they're supposed to go.

In ...

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I don't mind Star Citizen taking its time to be polished. The production on it is huge and very ambitious. Everything could fall apart if they get it wrong. As for Cyberpunk 2077...can't wait!

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As a PC gamer with a highend rig, there's no need for a Scorpio. The Switch is an amazing console for my portable gaming needs. In addition, there's no other portable gaming options anyway, and will never be since Nintendo destroyed the nearest competition into extinction. Hmm...maybe I'm wrong. Third time's a charm right? Lol

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Well at least Halo could retire as the console exclusive FPS king as there was never a Halo killer after many failed attempts from the competitor.

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GT is that old lion that thinks he still rule the land, still telling old tales of victories from 10-20yrs past. GT has not been relevant for many years. You were the champ a long time ago, but due to being out of the game for long periods at a time, other franchises have passed you.

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Don't forget the constant trolling of other inferior spec consoles offering nothing to the conversation but to bash it. It's ironic that the person who hates a certain brand are always predictably there first to comment and follow that console closer than a fan. Let's not pretend you're a "normal person" lol

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The glorious one checking in. The Switch is the only console I plan to get solely because of Breath of the Wild. The other console competitors just can't(or don't want to) create the magic and charm of games only found on a Nintendo console like the Zelda and Mario series just to name a few. I've had my share of Sony's exclusives back in the PS3 days and the current PS4 games are not enough to bring me back. The Legen of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has already sealed the 201...

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Your Nintendo obsession is hilarious lol

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3440x1440 is the sweet spot right now. That's what I have. I run games mostly on max settings with a few minor tweaks for certain games at 55fps-90fps on a gtx 1080. Not all games support ultrawide, but there are fixes to force it.

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The glorious one checking in. Console gamers, embrace your 30fps fate as it was championed many moons ago by you with such beliefs as the human eye cannot see beyond 30fps and 30fps is ideal based on cinema frame rates.

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The glorious one checking in. Such a cute article. Ho ho ho!

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Sounds like the Xbox brand has transitioned into a PC, except it'll still have restrictions/limitations like being non-upgradable, forced into the MS Live ecosystem, and pay to play online. Will it have direct access to the hundreds of PC exclusives though? Is this Microsoft's version of the Steam Machine?

It appears Scropio won't be as affordable as the PS4 Pro, but if the price is $600 or more, just build yourself a custom PC with the equivalent specs. In...

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Yes, we PC gamers stand glorious with silky golden mane flowing against the wind on top of Mt.Olympia observing the petty squabbles of console gamers among each other. We do not interfere unless foolish peasants tempt the gods. Like a bolt of lightning from Zeus, punishment is swift and merciless.

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It's okay to compare Switch to other consoles, because the Switch is still a console. Just don't compare consoles to PC, because that's like comparing a Honda to a Ferrari. Console gamers, stay in your lane.

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