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Most people here don't understand how the stock market works or how to even make sense of it lol. Nintendo's price was around $25-26/share for most of the month leading up to the presentation. On the days leading up to the presentation, hype builds up and people started to invest.

Most of the investors who caused Nintendo stock to rise up to $27.60 came in during the rush and hype when it was already too late. After the presentation, the hype died and those who g...

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Zelda alone sold me on Switch. All of the Nintendo systems after SNES never appealed to me until now. I don't game on the go, but I like the fact that I could take the Switch anywhere in my house and continue playing. Metroid needs to happen.

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I usually buy my games on for a better discount

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You're one of the most obsessed Nintendo follower since recent history lol. I have not owned a Nintendo system since the SNES. I haven't owned any console since the PS3 and PC gaming is how I game for my graphics powerhouse needs(none of that 30fps and fake 4K lol) However, the Nintendo switch will be my return to console gaming for a totally different reason and it's more appealing to me than the competitor's wanna be PC consoles lol.

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Lol mission accomplished

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3440x1440 master race checking in. This game will look amazing on my curved ultrawide 34" 100hz monitor.

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I'm reporting your post for assuming their gender. How dare you! *hmph!*

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No, consoles are closed platforms and very difficult to mod. The rare mods that are allowed on consoles usually involves the developers getting involved to allow it, and the mods are very limited compared to PC.

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3440x1440 master race checking in. I like to have maxed out or very high settings when I play my PC games with at least 60fps. I don't think a 4K monitor is viable unless I go SLI. For now my Asus 34" ROG PG348Q w/100hz G-sync
monitor is perfect for gaming & non-gaming uses.

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I would buy a Switch on release week just for the new Zelda game if the price is not above $350.

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Let see if AMD finally puts out real competition. The last time I had an AMD(ATi) GPU was back in 2004 with their Radeon 9800Pro playing games like BF1942, BF2 and C&C3.

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This is a little off topic, but sorta related. While this game is still a long way out there before release, there's a tv series called West World with a similar theme to this game regarding androids to check out.

It's about a corporation that creates androids with what appears to be flesh and blood programmed to roleplay in western cowboy/indian land. People pay to enter a world where they can do whatever they want like have sex with the prostitutes, go bounty hu...

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I could definitely see the difference. Just look at the blue light on the shoulder straps.

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I don't own a ps4. Did that answer your question?

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9000 bucks?!? Holy sh*t! That's a lot of deer meat. What is she going to do with all of that meat?

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I owned the Vive for about 3 weeks before returning it. The Vive is an amazing piece of hardware, but I couldn't justify the price for the lack of fully fledged games. Once the Vive gets a significant price drop I'll consider it again.

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My top 3:

1. FF7 - If you were not an RPG fan and didn't play the game during the PS1 era, then you won't understand. This FF took the game to a new level
2. FF6 - This game was so packed full of content, story, etc. It maxed-out the SNES full potential on an RPG and a proper farewell to the 16bit era
3. FF4 - This was the RPG that got me hooked on RPG games

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