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"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our..."


I find it very hypocritical that last gen console gamers claimed there was little difference between 720p and 1080p when PC gamers stated it, but now these same console gamers completely changed their tune even going as far as to make 900p vs 1080p seem like a significant difference lol. All of those disagrees would've been agrees 3-4 yrs ago #1.7.10
It's going to be 1080p for me on PC. Still rocking the gtx 770 and decided not to upgrade until we get a single gpu setup that can do 4k at 60fps on AAA games. #10
What type of weapons?

Good weapons...good weapons #13.2
Seems like the writer has never tried VR before. FPS is not the best for VR at the present state. The games mentioned like COD would give immediate motion sickness due to the fast movements and accelerations. The best genre would be a cockpit type game whether its a racing, fighter pilot, or mech game.

Theres a theory that the cockpit prevents or significantly lessens motion sickness despite the accelerating speed, because of the stationary nature of the cockpit. It sorta... #2
Wow, I can't believe it's been nearly 6 years since I played UC2. The gameplay still holds up very well. #1.1.13
Definitely calling BS on that sites comparison. It was never that blurry. I found a site with an UC2 article posted back in 2010. Here's what the 3rd picture of Nathan zip-lining down supposed to look like:


Original article here:
You can't be serious and more wrong! The human eye can't see more than 10fps, not 24. Who do you think we are? cyborgs? lol #1.7.1
^^^^lol #1.1.3
I don't understand why these comparisons keep on popping up. It's a basically a resolution bump up. we already know it will look crisper and sharper. It's not like they redid the textures. #8
Wow... this is tragic. We are shocked from a gamers perspective, but I can't imagine what it's like for his family. RIP. #1.1.11
Jacksepticeye is not a bad or fake guy at all. I watched him back when he had less than 100k subs and he continues to stay humble and thank his fans. Watched his channel specifically for the oculus rift stuff, but now a days he hasnt touched it in so long #18.1
The team that made this is very talented. Someone needs to hire them for some outsourced video game work. #3
Why revive a "meh" game when the developers resources could be used on something better. #19
"Heroes trudniący be interested in deejaying usually evoke awe, fascination, or even sympathy."

LOL! What the he'll does that even mean?? #1.3
Horror games even with crappy low polygon count graphics like the games I've played on the Oculus Rift is still scary as sh*t. The immersion factor is what really does it. In VR you really feel like you're there. If you think playing Silent Hill alone in your room at night is too much(Which I do), VR horror takes it to another level. #10
If Guerrilla decided to put KZ on an indefinite hiatus, I wouldn't be disappointed at all. KZ storyline got stale after KZ2. Horizon needs to be on the forefront now. #16
For Honor looks like a well crafted game. However, I'm more excited about Horizon. I love the setting. Horizon isn't another post apocalyptic game, it's not even during an era where the surviving humans had to rebuild. No, this is beyond that. This is 1000 or more years after where the current population had long forgotten about the ancient human civilization that once lived on Earth. What's left are just artifacts and the remains of a once advanced civilization.
... #18
I see what you mean now. Yeah they jacked it up with the new vversion even though it was supposed to be actual instruments. #7.2.2
I like the orchestra version of the FF7 music. I know people will disagree, but I hope they use that version. It's the same sound and melody, but with real instruments instead of the computer generated sounds. #7.2
Owww shhhh*t!! Half-life 3 CONFIRMED!!! #22
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