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"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our..."


I hate when amazing looking games like Deep Down becomes f2p. There is no doubt in my mind that you'll end up paying more than the standard $60 for the full contents of the game if it was designed to be a normal retail game. The problem is that there's no regulations or standards on how much publishers can decide to charge game contents for. Sure, we can just express our anger by quitting the game entirely, but at the end, it's just a damn shame that a potentially good game ha... #7
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I love the whole body health feature and scavenging for food and water. So far this game is shaping up to be a zombie survival game I would love to play. I hope they add make-shift fort building gameplay. #18
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well now... who better to consider what counts than the count himself. As the count counts my comment as one that counts, the counts comment also counts as well. #5.1.1
Even though I know little about the game, open world and zombies is enough to get me interested. Hopefully this isnt just a mindless hack and slash as many zombies as possible with no real survival objective and story. #10
Some people are just looking for a reason to complain lol. The vast majority of mmo gamers will never buy the game twice just for the convenience of switching between two platforms. Of course it doesn't seem fair at all, but it's mostly a non issue since it'll only affect a tiny minority.

(Skyrim online installed on pc located in bedroom, but I'm chilling in livingroom and currently gaming on console. Wishes Skyrim account could be shared on console. Could... #4.2
This game will be amazing on the Oculus Rift. There's already partial support for it now, but it's a little buggy. People who have played it with the rift described the sense of size/scale they get when they're close up to their aircraft and how much smaller it appears when playing on a regular monitor. #12
Interesting... the resolution bump is the easy part, since mobile tech is already there, but what about solving the VR issues with everything else? We'll just have to wait and see. #4
This counts as a comment! #5
This belongs in techspy. #3.2
Let me join the club. EVGA 4gb classified #2.1.2
There's already a TLOU movie. It's called The Road.


If the movie does get the green light to be made, they need to use the director of The Road movie. #8
Or maybe the score represents an honest opinion of how the reviewer unbiasly feels about the game. A 6 is not an outrageously bad score for this game. If this was one of the few sites that gave it a 6 while the game unanomously got a 9-10 like Uncharted or TLOU, then it's obvious trolling. However, there are many sites that gave the game a 6 to 7, and this site falls in that category. As much as we may like this game, we can't tell a reviewer that they're playing it wrong or e... #7.3
Definitely made for 4k gaming. I just built a pc with a gtx 770. My future upgrade is when gpu are capable of running 4k at an easy 60fps and is affordable. #3
I agree. The characters were cliche. It was easy to figure out who was going to be a back stabber, who was not fully trust worthy, and the plot. However, the game was very good at being a well made game that it didn't matter. #1.3.1
Real #15

A tacked on MP would've not added value if it was subpar like most tacked on MP. The game would've been criticized for the poor effort. On the other hand, a proper MP would've delayed the game significantly. Maybe it would be awesome on the next infamous if it was planned from the start, but not for the current game. #3.7
Have you tried it lately? If you did then your opinion is valid. Otherwise, you might want to give it a shot first. From all of the videos I've seen, most people felt like it's a game changer and potentially revolutionary with a few improvements and tweaks. This was only the Oculus dev kit 1 which was non HD and had no positional tracking. I odered the improved dev kit 2 and I'll finally experience VR in a few months.

3d in gaming is a gimmick because you... #1.1
"The wolves are coming!"

I like how this game is looking. The first SH wasa great game. #4
The uncanny valley. That sounds like a potential title of a future sci-fi horror movie about the subject. #3
Sigh... there's going to be a lot of crap VR hardware racing to the market later this year. This isn't quite VR, but it doesn't seem promising from what was explained.

There's a rumor that Valve actually have a VR prototype. That's going to be interesting. A real legitimate 3rd option if true. #7
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