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"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our..."


Nope, don't want to join the 30fps 900p club #1.6.2
How strip club in VR lol

https://youtu.be/1C1ot8bVNK... #3.2
Psshh! That's nothing special. You could play gta 5 in VR now with the help of a software tool called VorpX.

https://youtu.be/Kg_ndwF7pd... #5
Looks amazing for so many different uses. However, I'm not quite sure how it will do with traditional games since it relies on your current environment to be scanned and place objects. For example, if you're playing a FPS. In a traditional developed game, the 3D map/world is already created and you(the first person camera view) simply roam through it. Will the HoloLens use the same technique, or will it have create the world in real-time, constantly streaming new objects and backg... #9
Unfortunately he won't be playing GTA5 anymore. He stuck the disc in his toaster and got the red coil of death. #5.1.2
Ready to strap on my Oculus Rift and play this on VR mode. Hopefully I'll find the occasional discount deal on the Logitech G27 wheel in a few weeks. There was one on NCIX.com for $169, but it sold out within a day. #10
As if there were any games on console since 2013 after GTA5 was released that was even half as good lol. GTA5 being 2 yrs old still stomps on most newer games today. #2.4.2
You don't have to spend $60 on the PC version. I found an amazing deal from slickdeals.net where you could buy MKX with the DLC pack & goro for $34 here: http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/ga... If you don't want the DLC, it will only cost $20.

This is a legit site even though the term "cd key" reminds people of pirating. You get a Steam key emaile... #6
So Raiden has the power to magically pull random objects from nowhere when the moment calls for it? #6
Looks like my old 770 4GB will get my 1080p 55FPS at Ultra settings, nice. #3
Yeah that Acer predator with 144hz/ips/g-sync is definitely on my radar. I saw a preview of it on some youtube channel and it looks amazing. #3.3.2
Damn you 3440x1440 master race (shakes fist in air). Soon I will join you... Soon. Waiting for the gtx 980 ti to be announced #3.3
PS home would be perfect for Morpheus. The theater experience is an obvious one and will work great. Of course all of the mini games, classic arcade room, and even a haunted house/dungeon type of place for a real scare. Amusement park rides like a roller-coaster, very common for an entry level VR experience. #2.2
^ Confirmed peasant lol #7.1
Well it achieved 4k ultra settings at 50fps on Watch Dog. So probably around that level for GTA5.
https://youtu.be/WQkzc0pSeu... #4.1
That is some awesome tech. I used to hate the look of the UE3 with its enhanced bloom effect, but this UE4 looks vastly improved. #3.1
I currently have the 4gb 770 and I want to SLI it since a second 770 is relatively cheap now. I could find a used one on Craigslist for $200. However, waiting a little longer for a 980Ti(maybe) or a 1080 sounds like the better option. I'm impatient and I want to game at 1440p 60fps now though, haha. #11.3
Gotta give it to DC hands down. They managed to get the lighting, effects, and environment coming together in perfect balance. Not one thing stands out more than the other. 6 months ago I would've defended PC as the better overall looking racer, but not anymore. However, I'd still give PC the award for best car model, but that's all. #1.9
Nahh, maybe the textures will be on par, but definitely not CGI fluid animation. I expect PS4 GOW's real-time graphics to be better than the CG cutscene we saw in GOW3, just as GOW3 graphics were better than the cutscene in GOW2. #2.2
Yeap this is Sony's console future right there. The sad part is fanboys will defend and justify it. #2.5
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