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Only a small percentage of PC gamers get the latest and greatest. A lot of us don't need to upgrade for several years. I still have a GTX 770 from 2013 that runs games on max(depends on the game) or high settings at 1080p/60fps. Your semi-next gen consoles like the PS Neo if the rumored specs are correct will finally run those settings when it's released in 2018.... a full generation behind aka the Nintendo WiiU of console power.

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Drive Club blows this out of the water. However, to be fair Drive Club is only running at 30fps though.

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I've been a fan of the Happy Console Gamer for 5 yrs now. A lot of the things he talked about like the Street Fighter 2 arcade experiences at the 7-11 convenient store I can totally relate to growing up in the 80s-90s.

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don't be surprised if they either don't or in a very limited form. Polyphony has been behind the times for the past several years now.

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Sound the alarm! All hands on deck! We must indentify the target and neutralize it!

Seriously... We all know UC4 is top contender for GOTY, so why are people so up in arms lol

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I'm sooooooo glad I haven't upgraded my gtx 770 when I was tempted to many times. First it was the 780ti, then the 980, and 980ti, but I held out. Now I'm ready!

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I hate when diversity means different races are included in the game with their stereotypical role. The big black guy is the muscles, the Asian guy is the techy type, the female is quick and nimble, but weak, and of course the white guy is well rounded and usually the lead

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With the rumored specs of the PS4 Neo, I don't think it could even do 4k/30fps with decent graphics. The rumored specs are just a slight bump up, it's no PS5. Even highend PC single graphic cards today barely do 4k/30-40fps. 1080p/60fps seems about right.

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Cheesy lol. Who speaks that way?

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Speaking of the end of the Souls games, remember Deep Down? That game was being compared to the Souls games at one time. Whatever happened to it? It was first shown in 2013.

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Well think about it this way. Once it's ready for release, we'll have the next gens of consoles that will produce better graphics and performance to play the game as it was intended. No downgrades...(maybe)

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Yes it does, but it depends on the game. I have friends who are big Street Fighter gamers, and they only game on the Xbox. Some had no choice but to buy a ps4 for SF5, because its the cheaper alternative to buying or building a PC.

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What the hell is wrong with this new era of gamers wanting an easy mode?!? You play the game, you die and learn from your mistakes. You learn the patterns of certain enemies and bosses, what you need to overcome it, and you advance on. Its that simple folks.

Boo-hoo, but i don't have time for all of that. Its too much, just let me win and let everyone get a trophy for effort....

Oh shut the hell up! Go play another game!

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I actually don't mind the gap if it's like the Oculus DK2. It actually helps you see where your keyboard or controller is.

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I don't know what i am anymore. I follow gaming news, videos, and culture on a daily basis, but i rarely play games except the occasional SF5 matches online. There are other life interest that has kepts me very busy and occupied, but i still have this deep interest in gaming. I've been gaming since the atari 7800 and up until this current gen, i gradually slowed down to almost completely stopped.

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I thought KZ2 release version actually looked better than the CGI trailer. I think people mistake the smooth CGI animation of the trailer for being visually better.

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Windows 10 could be forced upon you. I know for a fact, because it almost did it to me. You get a popup window that gives you only 2 options, restart now to upgrade/install windows 10 or schedule another day to upgrade(only gives you up to 5 days out).

Basically, it sounds like if you shut down your pc and restart it, you're screwed. Ifcyou schedule it out, you're screwed too, because you technically agreed to upgrade. I had to do a command prompt to manually rem...

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There needs to be games that actually let you walk around instead of being stationary on one area or warp to a different spot. I understand developers fear of players potential for motion sickness, but if done right, there wont be much of it at all. I've played many demo VR games on the oculus that gets it right. For now stationary positioned games will be enough to "wow" new VR gamers.

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I have Alien: Isolation on PC and I've used the Oculus Rift DK2 on it already. For some reason it gave me motion sickness instantly. Now granted, the VR feature was a hack that enabled it, so I don't think it was calibrated and scaled correctly for a smooth VR experience. Let's hope it is for the HTC Vive.

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Where the hell is Sagat?! You can't have a SF game without Sagat. Too many shoto-like characters?? Pffft!

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