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Don't trust Forbes with their review and score (too high) Remember kids.. Forbes is untrustworthy and is anti-playstation.

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It seems like this guy while gunning intentionally runs into enemies like a dummy and keeps on doing it. Who plays that way? Even beginners know how to be a little cautious.

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I had the Atari 7800 which was backwards compatible with the 2600 games. I played a lot of Atari games and I would say 90% of the 2600 games were boring and lame. There were tons of games with no storyline, no ending, and would loop back to the 1st level after beating the final level. Video games didn't become great until the NES era.

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We need an American Civil War game so I could kill the confederate rebels and make them my b**ch and give up their way of life just like real history. Robert E. Lee's head will be impaled on a pole. Confederate rebels will get crushed so bad that their descendants will still feel the pain today lol.

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Totally agree. I love my female characters looking like they're ready for sex... just in case it goes there. It never has so far, but you know... just in case.

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Back when I was a Playstation only gamer, I tried the Xbox 360 controller for the first time and it felt natural and highly ergonomic. My FPS aiming skills improved as well. I prefer the offset of the thumbstick over the PS style any day.

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says the guy with no avatar...

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If the developer deceived people with false advertisement and broken promises like the game No Man Sky, then YES you deserve a refund. If this wasn't the case with the game, then NO!

First of all, fun is subjective. There could be a game that is loved by millions, but you happened to be the few that didn't find it fun, then the problem wasn't the game and you shouldn't be allowed to penalize the developers or the retailer by refunding it.

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The article fails to understand that those alternatives that have been around for a while do not have the factors that causes people to rush out to get the SNES classic. It's the fact that the SNES classic is officially made by Nintendo(which makes it collectible), it looks like a mini SNES, and most likely have better build.

I have a high-end PC that could emulate any old console games much better than those alternatives, but having an officially made SNES classic j...

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I kinda miss the console wars on n4g from my era about 8-10 yrs ago. A lot of trolls are dead now. I feel like I'm one of the few left still here since the beginning of n4g. Gone are the former xbox trolls and sony defense team:

The Mart
Jin Kazama
The truth
The real deal

I know I'm missing a whole lot more names. The Mart wa...

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Seriously wtf is wrong with this generation??? I've played many ww2 games with swastikas in it, because that was the Nazis symbol during ww2. No one ever got offended. This generation is f**king p**sified with its ultra politically correct easily offended ways.

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I played PC1 in VR with the Vive for a short period and was pretty amazing. I remember the first time playing it in VR; I set the mode to the highest storm level using a formula 1 car and just parked it on the side to take in the immersion of rain hitting my helmet, the storm, and other cars whipping by while looking around amazed at how real it felt being in that world.

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Hmm... Days Gone actually got me excited for the PS4. Hell, I might just buy a PS4 pro because of that game.

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The bigger issue is why isn't it running 4K/60fps on the PS4 Pro?? Those graphics are mobile phone level in a static confined environment.

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I have a 3440x1440 and I love it. I still get the black bars on the side for some games, but it doesn't bother me. However, 3840x1080 is really stretching it for me(pun intended). There's not going to be that much support for such a wide screen.

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If I had to stick to that price point with the parts included, I would probably go with the world's most POWERFUL console, the Scorpio. The Scorpio is going to be better optimized for games when compared to a PC with similar specs. That's why I like my PC rig highend with brute force power to stay way ahead of consoles.

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Great memories of LAN parties with C&C Red Alert 2. We used meet up at a friends apartment who had 3 desktop pc at his place, while some of us brought our laptops to link up and play the skrimish mode.

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Yeah people shit on Nintendo for this which I dont have an issue with, but somehow defend R* when they do the same. Double standards/hypocrisy is alive and well.

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Is it a coincidence or done purposely that Sara Ryder sort of looks like Anita Sarkeesian. There was something about Ryder's nose and mouth area that resembled Anita. The slight hook to the nose and the defined smile line.


The art shown on the article was simply a pipe-dream sort of fantasy, nothing serious and some people are still offended lol. Yet it's perfectly OK when Hollywood whitewash Japanese anime/manga for their film adaptation.

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