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Cloud saves and gaming will be a step in the right direction along with steam like deals for its digitally distributed games (one of the reasons why I find it hard to go back and pay $60.00 plus tax for games). Lower the prices for games on Nintendo eshop. The smart online pairing from xbox live meaning you play with people online at your level not the Michael Jordan of the world....

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Okay I am intrigued, now hopefully it lives up to the hype and is not just words.

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Nintendo needs new ips badly. Lower the cost of wii u sold via the Nintendo eshop. Release a new Mario game and Super smash brothers in HD with map editors plus create a character, etc. If this corporation believes that the path they are on they will fail. Stop feeling sorry or being apologetic to this corporation is their fault for what is happening not us the gamers.

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Oh my goodness, green light is not perfect I get that since it lacks a transparency of how games get closer to getting green light, the demos of certain games are not linked to green light, lack of release date for green light games meaning is hard to tell when a green light game gets released. What I do like is how realistic is set up meaning gamers get all kinds of games from classics, ios games, indies, and first time game proyects from game developers and publishers. From hidden...

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This is what Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo go through when it comes to selecting their pool of games. There is no filters in creating a pool of games I know everyone wanted these kick ass games or AAA new ips, etc. but the reality is this all sort of game developers show with all kinds of projects to the big three and these three corporations decide which games are worthy of representing their product. Now green light is not perfect I wish all demos were linked through green light inst...

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Yikes that's a lot of press coverage Damn Nintendo did screw up

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I agree before all the Nintendo fanboys kept telling us wait till E3. Now that Nintendo has bail out. Is a smart decision, is a terrible decision since E3 is televised (spike tv, G4 and strangely enough MTV). Losing the gamers on the fence whether they wanted to buy a wii u or not. They could of skip E3 next year but not when your competition is going to reveal their products.

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Yes is one caveat I like about pc gaming

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Asylum looks very promising and is from the creators of scratchers. Among the sleep needs funding and support at the moment it will be great if everyone funded this game.

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help me understand why the price of a console matters so much. Meaning we buy useless things at exorbitant prices like tablets (is just a smartphone only with a bigger screen minus the phone capabilities). A fountain really is pretty yes but it sure wastes water. E-readers really the smartphone is already capable of ebooks and emagazines. So yes I don't understand why $500.00 or $600.00 is too much for a console. I mean really expects the PS4 to cost less than $500.00 :&...

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I do agree but even the so called official game websites like ign, game spot, ugo, etc. Their gaming journalism is terrible and most popular games like call of duty, mgs, Mario, etc have high scores all the time. So yes in a way we need professional gaming journalists that at least have a masters degree in journalism. I forgot to mention how broken is the financial analysts for games.....

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Damn by far the best blogger on n4g. Yeah its what I been trying to say during this entire generation. Game Journalism has jumped the shark and gamers need to do something about it. While this blog is an excellent portrayal of how console gaming has fallen. PC gaming is rising and finally getting better not just in games but by becoming more accessible. I also want to point out the awesomeness of kickstarter finally able to fund and promote our games (please please please support CONSO...

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No Nintendo doesn't need TV services or having two versions of wii u. Besides new ips, innovative games it had the golden opportunity to have wii u games playable at the DMV office, the park, etc. Making the first console /handheld system. A true innovation in video game history beating beating it's competition to the punch. Brought back map editors, alternate paths, free unlockables for its games along with offline multilayer out smarting its rivals by proving that o...

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Meaning using a cloud gaming service as an alternative to a hard drive.

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Yeah but letting Sony do the legwork will mean by the time Nintendo releases it's cloud gaming. Sony will be miles ahead and Nintendo will end up getting critized for having an outdated cloud gaming service.

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Look nothing wrong with Nintendo direct and while Nintendo direct is more to the point and straightforward. An E3 conference is televised via spike tv, G4, and MTV which means you will as a viewer see E3 commercials. The other caveat is the ability to let your viewers (gamers) were the company is heading, what are the new gaming features, how is the company doing financially , game announcements, etc. Now this can be done via a direct conference again is not televised meaning la...

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So you do remember Ashton Kutcher performance at Microsoft E3 conference. Yeah despite Microsoft having a terrible E3 conference last year it still having one this year. I respect Nintendo but come on why would it not show up at E3 preventing a larger audience to see what the wii u is about.

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While everyone agrees that yes handhelds and consoles are different markets with different audiences. Is it just me that notices how Sony is using the vita in conjunction with the PS3 and then the PS4 (knack is a PS4 game that will be playable on the vita it will not be ported over nor it will be downsize for portable gaming just hit remote play and play it on the vita). See Nintendo had the golden opportunity to use the amazing gamepad tablet lol lol and allow wii u owners to play wii u ...

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At least the PS3 brought exclusives during launch like resistance fall of man. First fps game were the soldier becomes the alien he is eradicating. First console fps to offer 40 player online for free. Motorstorm an offroad racer to offer insane visuals along with races of a bike, semi truck, dune buggy all in the same race. Also the PS3 at the time allow customers to use Linux which led to using Firefox browser, open office, and pretty much do your essay or run your small bu...

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Besides not being a powerful system, it lacks next generation games. Games that are not only new ips but break from the status quo and push gaming forward. Like the portal franchise a puzzle game that had no connection or resemblance to tetris For years all puzzle games were and played like tetris. Portal change that by giving gamers a first person view puzzle game were the goal was to escape from aperture science lab that was taking over by the wity evil a. I. glados. Something evolu...

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