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Cash grab or not..Ive never played it..and its only 50 bucks....take my cash Ill give it a go! #117
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COD:Hardline.....thats the name of this game #5
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When the ps3 came out it took years of updates to get it where it is now. Just remember that people. PS4 will take time to get the added features. Its a gaming machine. If you want music play your Ipod. Let Sony do what they do and the PS4 will become the beast it is. #57
Im no better than anyone else but I actually thought the PS4 was a gaming device. If you want to listen to mp3...its 2014, dont you guys have an Ipod? I seen one guy complain about how while playing his ps3 he cant see his ps4 friends online. Who cant play with them anyway. Yes, I agree some new features would be nice on the ps4 but complaining about them or asking for them every other day isnt going to change anything. When the ps3 came out it was pretty bland. It took time to t... #28
I couldnt watch it..he is so aggravating to listen to. #31
What is a Wii U? #1.1.32
I hope they come out with a PBR rodeo game...start on a lower tier, rank up with clothing, sponsors, buckles, unlock different bulls, arenas.....something different than shooters and the norm. #44
Everyone has their gaming console preference. Get over it. Ive personally never seen the call to the Halo games but then again, Im not a guy who likes futuristic games. Some people do some people dont. Im a fps of a modern age. Everyone likes their own thing...and no one should be ridiculed for it....btw...what is a XB1? #78
I buy physical always....if something happens to my least Ill still have my games #23
Who really cares except 9 year olds...its cod...big deal....the most overrated game ever #42
who really cares besides 9 year olds....its what...the most overrated game of all time... #41
Im a battlefield fan....have never bought one single cod game....too much of a black cloud hangs over it to attempt it...BF since playstation 2 and before on pc....I have my shooter.....everyone does... #16 #9
PS4 ps plus games are horrible....time to buy another ps3 since I sold mine already and go back to it until ps4 shows some balls and gets some games other than indies and gay stuff #28
sweet....they give us brand OLD maps for the last dlc and now they give us brand OLD game modes..gotta love how EA has completely ruined DICE's name. After playing BF since 2004, and pretty much only playing may be time to move onto different genres and try new things. From pc to ps2 to ps3 and ps4...thanks BF...but its time to part ways....Get back with me when you do something new and innovating. #7
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I just dont think they should have gave us maps this soon that we played for so long already..bring back harvest day...some maps from bfmc2 on ps2....this is a let down for me..just doesnt make sense to me... #3
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I loved these maps..but after playing them countless hours...ughhh..why bring them back? I would have brought back Harvest Day..or some maps from BFMC2 from ps2....but all they did was a revamp here...not impressed personally...wish they would have reworked other maps....we spent enough time on these from the prior release..redo older maps we havent played in a while DICE!!! #2
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Its so powerful the official sony headset dont even work...theres NO excuse for that....Im disappointed in the ps4 release...Im tired of it already....I think Im going to sell it.....and I hate to say that because Im openly a sony fanboy #16
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Dice used to take 3-4 years to release games..and they released great..EA gets ahold of them..and being EA is the money grubbers like we know they are..they push for a yearly cant build a game with so much going on in a year..yet EA still wants it out regardless...COD uses the same crap each year so its easy to put together a new dress on the same woman....DICE needs to leave EA and reclaim their glory before they are ruined. #6
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I personally dont care about the sales...I have a job..what i DO care about is SONY doing what they promised and getting the sony pulse elite headset to work right in the beginning of January like they said...Im highly disappointed in the ps4 on launch. #52
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