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After beating the raid twice it wasnt until the second time where I could appreciate it fully. The first time I was so focused on the tasks at hand I didnt look around much. I had a more on point team the second go round so I could explore the environment a little better. If you dont have a team, you dont have a win. You cant have just people, it has to be a combined effort. Map looks great and I think Ill be giving it a third go this weekend.

Level 29 Warlock #6
Who really cares who ripped who off...titanfall is a halo based game and aw will be a titanfall/halo game...choose your big deal. I personally dont play cod but I will say aw looks laughable #55
Look like Titanfall and Halo got drunk, slept together and had a baby. #58
I heard they are announcing "The Cowboy Way", A bull riding rodeo gae where you rank up and get sponsors and have to ride more aggressive bulls. Also has a storyline in it as well. I cant wait!!! #27
Entertainment Weekly just released this video as well. Titanfall and Halo just had a baby and was named cod advanced warfare. #72
Follow famous people from a ps4? You arent serious are ya? That is by far the most outrageous feature Ive seen asked for. LMAO #1.6.1
"I want my $400 worth" Remember how much the ps3 launch cost..wayyyyy more than the ps4 launch. Didnt have squat on it. It takes time to add things. It took years for the ps3 to be the beast it is Give Sony time and let them do what they do. I remember waiting in line for the original ps. Ive watched gamers turn into crybabies in the last few years. Yes, Ill get alot of disagrees but its the truth. The ps4 will never satisfy everyone. If you can build a better gaming machine get out... #13
These prices are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Hell even in Battlefield 4 a server for a 24 hour period is like a buck and a half. That gives not only you but other players as well a server to play in. Sad...just sad. #47
Maybe for you lol. I have NO interest in Destiny. Its the new Halo as far as Im concerned. I play BF4, UFC and a little bit of Madden on my ps4. Should be picking up TLOU here in a week or so. #45.1.1
ps plus for the PS4 is only there so you can play online because the games it offers are horrible. LOL..Ive loved all my playstaions Ive bought and I shouldnt have sold my ps3 and got the ps4. The plus is junk for games...only used for online play. #45
Of course Sony is going to be against it. This completely trashes the ps plus system. While xbox players will be getting good titles, ps plus members are left with indies and honestly, games of no value. The ps plus games for ps4 are CRAP. This all coming from someone who ONLY plays ps. From the original ps to the ps4, Ive owned them all and NEVER owned nor played an xbox. To me, this seems like a good deal for xbox users and it may sway people. I see alot of people cheering the ps plus games... #113
Cash grab or not..Ive never played it..and its only 50 bucks....take my cash Ill give it a go! #117
COD:Hardline.....thats the name of this game #5
When the ps3 came out it took years of updates to get it where it is now. Just remember that people. PS4 will take time to get the added features. Its a gaming machine. If you want music play your Ipod. Let Sony do what they do and the PS4 will become the beast it is. #57
Im no better than anyone else but I actually thought the PS4 was a gaming device. If you want to listen to mp3...its 2014, dont you guys have an Ipod? I seen one guy complain about how while playing his ps3 he cant see his ps4 friends online. Who cant play with them anyway. Yes, I agree some new features would be nice on the ps4 but complaining about them or asking for them every other day isnt going to change anything. When the ps3 came out it was pretty bland. It took time to t... #28
I couldnt watch it..he is so aggravating to listen to. #31
What is a Wii U? #1.1.32
I hope they come out with a PBR rodeo game...start on a lower tier, rank up with clothing, sponsors, buckles, unlock different bulls, arenas.....something different than shooters and the norm. #44
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Everyone has their gaming console preference. Get over it. Ive personally never seen the call to the Halo games but then again, Im not a guy who likes futuristic games. Some people do some people dont. Im a fps of a modern age. Everyone likes their own thing...and no one should be ridiculed for it....btw...what is a XB1? #78
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I buy physical always....if something happens to my least Ill still have my games #23
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