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This is the kind of list who someone who has only seen Super makes. Hit was the only decent pick he made, and making Broly an honorable mention. Smh... Nobody even likes Bardock. 😂

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Nothing to see here. Just a Hunter whining who doesn't understand his own class.

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It's a beta that they literally said weeks ago exactly what you would and wouldn't be doing in the beta. I have no sympathy for ignorance. Also, if this were any other game you would get no campaign missions and only multiplayer (a la Battlefront 2, Halo 3, Splatoon 2). Be happy with what you got in something free.

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Yeah, and Wildlands was the #1 game there for a while. Their tastes make no sense to me.

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Final Fantasy XV has the best characters. I actually cared what happened to them on their journey.

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It really doesn't matter.

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Take The Order 1886 off your list.

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Because of price. Need some critical thinking classes?

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Good. I would not have played Alan Wake 2, but I had a really fun time with Quantum Break. Good choice in my opinion that is centered around me never playing horror/creepy type games.

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Scalebound was obviously having development issues.

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Quantum Break was a fun ass game. Much more fun tha Alan Wake.

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Arms is better than Crash.

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Finally! Someone who knows reason.

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Maybe because those are all just small parts of this overall pack while those were the entire pack in those cases. There's still more coming.

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DLC for multiplayer games is a lot different than DLC for singleplayer games. They aren't funding it via people being loot boxes during seasonal events (Overwatch). Also, even the Witcher charged for story DLC, which is what this pack is giving later.

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Good thing this isn't the only part of the DLC. It's only the first of two drops.

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I feel like the Nintendo haters came out with no actual understanding of how the DLC works to try to push their own agenda.

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What's actually pathetic is your poor excuse of understanding of what the DLC pack actually is. What's actually pathetic is how you don't seem to understand that it's a $20 pack that comes with not only this DLC pack, but also the next one in the winter. What's actually pathetic are the people that get angry at those other companies for charging for DLC.

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I've thought it looked pretty bad since the beginning and I still am not sold on it. It feels uninspired. (Try to call me an MS fanboy, but I got the plat in Horizon and put over 100 hours into Persona 5 so that would make no sense.)

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Not nearly as trash as Day'S Gone though.

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