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You know, lately I've been going on a steady rotation between Bloodborne on PS4, DB: Xenoverse on Xbox One, and Smash Bros on my Wii U. This was when I remembered that not every game needs to be on every console. Yeah, it will miss out on those, but they do have pretty good timing with game releases and have been on a really good flow since Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart 8. I guess what I'm saying is that, yeah, it will miss out on those, but that is why it's th... #7.1.3
Beta was better than vhs, Hd dvd was better than Blu Ray, and a small gas engine is better for the environment than an electric car. These are facts. Sales just mean that you were able to convince people that you are better. #7.3.1
is that an entirely bad thing? They keep going with games like Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles X while they miss out on the new CoD or AC. People are tired of games like that right now anyway. #7.1.1
Instead of calling it a fan service console, I think it should be called a purist console. It's the most game driven focused console if this gem despite lacking the power and 3rd party support. I would have agreed with you completely though, but those fan service games are slowly making a snowball effect. One game here. One game there, and then Boom! A super solid line-up of games that keeps getting better... besides that poop fest that is Mario Party 10. Haha #8.1
You hit it right on the money. I had this epiphany a while ago. I've been telling people lately that if they want to play amazing fun games, they should get a Wii U with Xbox in second. Hell, the 3DS has a better lineup than the Xbox One and PS4. I don't know what happened, but this new gen's focus somehow left video games. It's quite saddening. #7.2
So we should ignore the fact that they released a really cheesy commercial? Nah, positive reinforcement works interpersonally, but companies do not learn lessons through positive reinforcement. Also, this has nothing to do with the poop they call the 'Creator's Program". #3.2
Don't put Akiba's Trip and Dynasty Warriors on that list like they're games that sell systems or even really mattered. Microsoft had more system selling must play games near the end of the year while Sony outdid them by sheer volume of games to play. Let's also not forget that Nintendo had some megaton releases with Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and Smash Bros. #14.1
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Am I the only one pre-ordering Pikachu? haha #6
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Happy to see that Pikachu is back, and even stronger than before. Pikachu for life! #4
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MS probably had to pay a great deal for those "chains" of which you speak, and there ain't nothing wrong with that. Also, they work for EA who probably doesn't care about their will. They see $'s which MS has a lot of. Haha #1.4.2
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They're still going to throw down though, and it will be epic! #2.2
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I'm down with that. I drive hella fast anyway. haha #2
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Lightning and Kat. If those characters are in this game, then I will buy it. If not, then I'll pass for now. I love Sly, but he's one of the only characters I actually want to play as... also Raiden. #22
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If Alpha is in this game, then I'll have to go buy a couple of extra controllers for the inevitable destruction of them. #1.1.1
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The weighty controls made Killzone unique, but everybody whined and they changed it.
And that's the story of how I lost faith in PS3 players and went back to Halo. #15.1
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@DoomeDx Having bad framerates and bad controls pretty much define it as a bad shooter. I hated Killzone until 2 released at which point I was like, "This isn't half bad." Still not as good as Halo, but it's getting better #2.1.4
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I can't see them getting rid of any character besides maybe Wolf because he is a third clone. Lucario, Sonic, Jigglypuff (which is a beast if you use her right), Olimar, Ness and Lukas (which a lot of people I know love playing as both of them, and Ice Climbers are all probably going to return unless they are updated with a similar character that will have similar play styles.
What characters would they add in there place anyway? The only one I can think of is Megaman. haha #10
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I have no idea why this game would be thought of as being dull. Yeah, it's not all explosions and stuff, but I still prefer it over A LOT of newer games.

And you can't say I'm going nostalgia over it because the first time I played it was in the Team Ico Collection for the PS3. The game is a masterpiece... and I got the plat. Haha #1.2.4
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Don't even want to think of something so horrible. #1.1.1
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I think somebody just watched the Slurm episode of Futurama. -_- #14
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