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I would have cared if last episode wasn’t so bad. 😞

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You can buy skins, gliders, and different pick axes. All cosmetic.

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What were you guys expecting really? For them to ban microtransactions and loot boxes? That would be completely stupid and you’d see so many games die before they are even made and nobody is forcing you to pay money in the first place. Now adults will know and continue to not care if the game has them in it since most casual gamers don’t care and parents are lazy.

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Both of you aren’t. Stop lying.

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Do you listen to yourself talk or can you not hear yourself through your own gargling? Fanboys like you disgust me to a deep level.

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I honestly would never play a fighting game on PC. I play FighterZ on both Xbox and PS4.

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Your opinion on it is irrelevant is what I think you mean.

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Lol, the delusions from Sony fanboys are so strong here.

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Just be grateful? You can go fuck right off with that condescending attitude, sir.

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Then I hope they are ready to pay more for video games than other countries.

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“Liberal gamers who threw a tantrum over conservative sound designer are now throwing another tantrum”. This should be the title.

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I was playing Zen and someone was like, “we need a Mercy instead.” So I was like, “cool, you should switch to Mercy then.” They won’t though. People are too busy trying to tell you what you should be doing while simultaneously not wanting to switch themselves.

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Hmmmm, Sea of Thieves was at the top of Twitch when the beta released and is still at #11. Anecdotally, I know a lot of gamers, both casual and hardcore, that are excited about it which even surprised me. Game Pass is perfect for the many people that are interested in it and want an easier way in. Also, many people have good memories of Crackdown, so giving that for $10 is a good nostalgia trip. State of Decay 2... let’s just say that people played Vermintide because it was free. I bet people...

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Yes, it does. I’m already almost completely digital. If it weren’t for a store getting games days early, I wouldn’t buy physical at all. It’s not like physical is going away. These are just articles by paranoid conspiracy theorists.... or they are just trying really hard to turn something good that Microsoft did to bad.

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Amazon Prime Video. There is a digital way around almost everything.

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I still don’t care.

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I like how hard all of the Sony fanboys are trying to spin Game Pass now offering first party games as a bad thing. Please, for the love of everybody, just shut up with this “but the retailers” bullshit that you don’t even believe.

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People are quick to forget that what got a lot of people on board this game was Mercy. People that never played shooters before felt like they were finally impacting the game even though they didn’t have the shooting skills. But, nah, fuck that. We only cater to the hardcore now.

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I have friends who think that playing SinglePlayer only games is a waste of time since your progress doesn’t carry over. Sometimes I agree with them since it literally takes a juggernaut like Horizon or Zelda for me to bother with a Single Player game.

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All I’ll say is that you have to take risks if you want great rewards and I’ll take Quantum Break over Alan Wake any day of the week.

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