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Both of those games are 2018 bound I bet. RDR2 with a higher chance of 2017. Microsoft should try to clutch the bundle for that though if they are smart.

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Maybe first half of 2018 depending on what other games will already be slated for then.

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I couldn't tell the difference until they showed the zoomed in picture. Everything else looked exactly the same to me.

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This is for if you guys who actually want to learn something rather than reading this click bait article.

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After reading these comments, I'll say that 90% of you don't understand the state of the mobile market and 98% of you don't understand how the stock market works enough to realize that they go down because people sell. Not for any other outside reason. They go up when people buy stock and it goes down when people sell. A bunch of people were probably just cashing out.

Also, if you're whining about a quality game being $10, then don't buy it. God forbid a...

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Alternate endings are the bane of my existence. Please just give me one true ending, especially in a God of War game.

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Someone needs to tell this guy that Sylveon isn't new.

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I guess I should feel bad now because of I have a regular PS4. :\

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Wake me up when you start talking about GoW, Spider Man, Ni No Kuni 2... Pretty much any game other than Days Gone.

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Fallout 4's load times were so bad that I could almost forget what I was doing.

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Sounds like you're just playing with bad people on consoles. Find a good group before you start throwing out generalizations.

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You do know that being influenced by something is completely different than ripping something off, right? Because if we went off that train of thought, every story ever would be a rip off of the first story ever told since pretty much every good story with a protagonist follows the Hero's Journey as documented by Campbell.

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Cancelling Fable Legends and Project Spark both made perfect sense. Many games have been cancelled with years of development. Heck, how do you think Overwatch came about? After a game getting cancelled after years of development. You should read about the sunk cost fallacy. Maybe you'll learn something.

Also, backwards compatibility is here to stay. Just going to have to wait for E3 I bet.

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They have the main anime which follows Ash while they have other series that do actually follow completely different characters based more off the games.

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Black and white is widely regarded as having the best story out of any Pokemon game... But, on topic, Black 2 and White 2 did not need to happen. For the 3ds they've only had one iteration and a re-release, which seems like a good balance. They usually release a second if something stays around for a long time, like the original DS did.

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You know, for all that you guys are talking, I doubt you would have bought Tomb Raider at launch. You all would have done like everybody else and gotten caught in the Fallout 4 hype instead. Even though I prefer ROTTR to FO4 and was playing it before playing FO4, when my friend came up to me asking which one game he should buy while he was low on money, I had to tell him FO4. There were so many games releasing so soon that many of my friends are only now looking back and realizing that they s...

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You know you just described Rise of The Tomb Raider, right? They did exactly that, you just obviously haven't played it.

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Spenok doesn't want other people to know that Target's Buy 2 Get 1 free deal is going on because he wants it to himself... Or he didn't read the front page.

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Rangefinder is all that's really needed anyway.

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They have dragons in this one and have a marketing goliath behind them like Microsoft. Bayonetta 2 was an awesome game, but the nature of that game itself kind of didn't do it any favors. Scalebound is a bit more relatable and easier to market because who doesn't want their own dragon, especially with how popular How To Train Your Dragon was. Fingers crossed!

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