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Because in CoD’s case, it is extra content on top of them already putting an entire game in while Battlefront was locking the base game behind a paywall.

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My thoughts exactly... minus Last of Us. Swap in Persona 5.

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I turned mine on to play Frozen Wilds. What's wrong with you? 😂

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I can't hear you. I'm playing Horizon: Frozen Wilds. Sometimes you've gotta make the easy joke. I just found this article to sound whiney. My X and PS4 Pro sit next to each other in harmony.

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The first step of grief is denial.

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Yup, it's not that MT's are evil like everybody is saying. There are actual tasteful applications of them. EA tried to overplay their Star Wars hand.

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I like them in Overwatch and Halo 5. As long as they are cosmetic or don't effect the competitive aspect of a game, I see no big deal. Battlefront 2 tied progression into it, which is its sin.

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Wow, you're really going to say that DLC, which prolongs the life of a game, is a bad thing? Also, there are doing MT's correctly (Overwatch) and incorrectly (Battlefront 2).

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If they just had costume lootboxes, I would have bought a couple.

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Oh, didn't know you worked on this particular project. Please tell me more about the development cycle of this game, since you know everything.

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I have no hype in my heart at all for Day's Gone. Unlike with Horizon, where it looked amazing from the first time I saw it. I expect nothing.

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I'm sticking with Zelda. Mario is great, but it's not Breath of the Wild.

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Stop pretending like piracy is in the same league as this. Not gonna validate your cheapness.

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The getting rid of random rolls was the best thing Bungie has ever done. They made the game worse.

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Nah, Lockdown, you're the truly ignorant one here since you don't seem to understand how the game population is supposed to ebb and flow with released content.

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They expect people to stick around. They have said Time and time again that they want people to leave and come back for events and DLC drops. People act like they want you to only play their game all of the time.

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Highest selling game of September with DLC on the way which will pick numbers back up is "failing". 😂

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You know that part of the fun in fighting games is the continual drop of characters and how they shake up the meta? Look at Injustice 2.

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You know that part of the fun in fighting games is the continual drop of characters and how they shake up the meta?

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