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I've had my Xbox One for 3-4 months, PS4 since launch and Wii U for I forget. It surprised me how inferior the XO system menu is with all its little quirks. The lag is unforgivable.

I'd been using a third party headset up until recently and decided to by a new official stero one. The unofficial one would let me set the chat and game volume sliders on the tv under party settings but now I'm forced to do it all on the stupid thing that plugs into the bottom of the c... #29
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None of them are attractive enough if we're actually honest. #2
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That thumbnail looks like a Screen Saver. Fish man, fish. #8
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People shouldn't have high expectations considering the budget and size of the developer team. This is essentially a small indie game even though its being made by industry veterans. #6
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PS+ January will be every nominated GOTY contender.

It's the least they can do after the disappointment of the last six months. #9
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I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft's influenced changed elements of the story. Take a look at the trailers released before and after the deal. They showed Lara as vulnerable and not the all action hero, having therapy for the events of the first game. Suddenly were told to forget about that trailer in an official press release and we've misinterpreted it wrong. #21
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Banjo was overrated in 1997 and today it still sucks. I tried playing those Perfect Dark games that are included. Jesus they're bad. #2
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Yeah a nonsense story you see on HUKD every now and then. Probably three sold at this price to clear old stock. #7
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They need to remaster the first game on PS4. I bought it but never go around to playing it. I have new or free 20-30 PS3 games I won't ever play now because of PS4/XO/Wii U. #10
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This is much better. I like the customise options and think the default should be black for everyone. The website looks much more professional. #81
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I feel for people who don't all three consoles. A month ago the PlayStation fanboy in me would've rolled their eyes at this article but I now want them to succeed. #14
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Jim Sterling explains perfectly whats gone wrong. Not only have they taken away single player but the multiplayer which you would expect to be better is actually worse. We've been screwed twice. #2.10
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8 million players on PC & PS4. Microsoft are holding us back. #6
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I bought an Xbox One on black friday the menus are super sluggish. It reminds me of running Android on a crap phone. #83
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This is dumb and wish people would realise it will never be released to the public. VR done wrong. I'd rather play on a TV if its just a virual screen in front of me. #5
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Its a 8/10 game if it worked. Its a 6/10 once you deduct points for the technical problems and bugs. #2
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I've only ever bought 3-5 games for the Vita and own almost the the entire library of best games. Everything else was free with PS+ or bundled with it. I even got Minecraft free like most people because of a technical glitch on the EU store. Nearly 60-80 in total and all fit on one 64GB card. I'm missing Persona because I'm not sure its my thing. #9
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Gamers will believe anything. Elite controller will totally improve my K/D.

Its so worth it. #18
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Halo 5, Gears Ultimate, Tomb Raider, Rare Replay and Ori & The Blind Forrest was the bundle for £299. All games I can't play on my PS4. I'm only going to play exclusives and for EA Access. If you had both consoles would you really want to wait? #10.1.2
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I didn't approve of the exclusivity deal when they announced it but I have gone on to get an Xbox One over the weekend and Tomb Raider included in the bundle influenced my decision. The chances of a third game because it sold so poorly should blamed on Phil Spencer for almost killing the brand. #10
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