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you obviously miss the point you total brainlet

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"As soon as you're using violence to prevent someone from speaking you're on the wrong side of the argument."
- Sam Harris

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I didn't buy Wolfenstein or Assassin's Creed because of all this recent nonsense.

Ubi better not mess up Far Cry. Just because the media is 90% Trump hating sideshow and attacks him daily they'll be stupid to believe their audience will support a product that pushes race baiting, evil white man, punching Nazi's is okay, pro-Antifa, SJW issues, identity politics and thinks it's fine to hate on Christians but not touch other religions.


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I've played through Destiny 1 and couldn't tell you what any of it means, storyline, who the baddies are, nothing.

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It was launch title, Jesu Christ. Give the guy a break.

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The only two third party games I'll own for my Switch discounting any Ubisoft partnerships are Minecraft and Rocket League.

I can't think any big PS4 titles I'd like to downgraded or ported over.

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it's quite a handful

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Nintendo are some dumb motherfu....

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I haven't taken mine out of it's case since a week after it launched.

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9.0 graphics LOL. How about a 0.9.

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It looks good I'd probably try this if it was on PS4. I only use the Xbone for multiplayer.

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No one would bank roll Jaffe ever again. The next step for his is begging for money on Kickstarter to make another indie piece of garbage.

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It's taken the place of a potentially good chance, no matter how slim those odds are.

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His drawings look like dogshit. He wouldn't be accepted into a community college with that sketchbook.

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Can you believe Sony let Jaffe close PSX with this piece of garbage? This was their big reveal and he was allowed on stage. Anyone with half a clue could see this was a disaster waiting to happen.

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Creating a purposely ugly game thats drawn by an untalented main character is the dumbest idea ever.

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Well that was disappointing. I'm buying a Pro eventually and if it had a cool Vader or Kylo Ren decal it might have been this.

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Surprised they didn't shoot first and ask questions later.

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It would be good but I've never had occasion to use something like this.

I've never regretted getting something in the first two hours.

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Sony have saved Jaffe's ass for the last time. If this wasn't free it would've bombed.

I criticised the game when it was first shown off and has one of Jaffe's representatives approaching me on social media asking if I wanted to Skype him. The guy is an absolute fool who thinks he's up there with Shigeru Miyamoto and Hideo Kojima.

Everyone could see a mile off this game would suck. It's time to hang up the control pad Jaffe.

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