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Everyone I know bought the Uncharted collection digitally. The same as me. #7
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I had a look at the "Games Cabin" website. Its bad. Do us all a favour and vote them down as a source. #9
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They can quit for any reason they wanted. The salary at the time may not have be worth the overtime they were being asked to constantly do. Certain procedures inside the company may have not been to everyones like and so the people who sacrificed their jobs made it better for those who stayed. Calling anyone weak for leaving their job is an insult. #8
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I bet my house it will never be released to the public. This is something for museums and tech demos like the surface tables. It won't sell 1% of the units that PlayStation VR moves. #14
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VideoGamer's Review nailed it. #7.4.1
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N4G is the home of PS fanboys. #7.1.1
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It's a 6/10 game aimed at the ultimate Neogaf reading hipsters. Bright colours and hiring a talented design agency to make your box art pretty doesn't disguise the dull repetitive on rails fetch quest bullshit it actually is. #7
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All the games I've bought in the last year have been digital. If you use cheap prepaid PSN cards, purchasing from the store is not as expensive.

The main reasons for doing it is because enjoy not having to put the disc in and hate clutter. I have a cabinet filled with PS3 and Wii games that I'll never probably play again just taking up space.

I don't see the point in collecting anymore stuff. #21
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This is the truth.

I'm a filmmaker and hate watching my own work no matter if i've won awards or had clients give me all the praise I could wish for. You're never truly happy.

The people in these comments who are quick to agree with ND that its a bad game are only trying to appear intelligent in critiquing their work to the same impossible standards. #4.1
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Half asleep I thought the yellow barrel and two cog things was a Minion. #8
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Digital all the way baby. #8
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The game ends with Elena saying she's pregnant and we then have The Adventures of Young Indy. I mean young Nathan Jr as the sequels lead or maybe not.

It's going to be a shame the PS4 won't get another Uncharted with all the things they learn making this. Hopefully U4 this gets multiple story DLC packs to make up for it of the same quality as the one DLC pack The Last of Us got. #12
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I either skip or pay no attention to the cut scenes in MGS games. Nothing about this bothers me. Game of the year for gameplay but Kojima is not a filmmaker. #7
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Guerrilla are Sony's second-best first party studio after Naughty Dog. #4
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I have the Anniversary controller. I'd swap it for Crystal one if I could. #6
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Hideous. They look like bad Chinese knock offs you find on eBay. #7
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UK TV is 25 frames per second. #7.1
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Kudo the game is up, have a word with yourself man. No one believes anything you have to say. We can't blame him for trying bullshit us when he's only trying to keep himself in a job but really there has to be better ways to make a live than being a modern day snake oil salesman. #13
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I would've liked to have seem them make an official controller out of curiosity. #2
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Fall of Man, great game. Fantastic multiplayer if you played custom games. Somerset maybe my favourite map of all time.

Resistance 2 was bad. Those boss battles were some of the worst of last gen. Giant monsters that need two rockets, some stupid sea creature and that god awful swarm thing.

I heard R3 was alright but I'd given up on anything Insomniac put out at that point. #18
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