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They're a business.

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Easy Platinum and you know certain people will buy it.

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I'm still pissed Resistance Fall of Man never got trophies. Insomniac with their weak ass excuses.

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that made me laugh, people are so sensitive they can't even take a joke.

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12th of January, the date they reveal it's too expensive, too underpowered and has no decent launch titles.

I can't wait.

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Many well-informed gamers believe the Xbox S is the same as the Pro and I'm not making that up.

Not everyone devotes their lives to reading daily headlines and just see a shiny new Microsoft box.

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I think Zelda should've be cancelled on the Wii U and I own one. It's dead let's all move on.

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I have a Xbox One where I play online. My friends are on there and I only want one subscription.

PS4 is single player games only. I even switched to playing Rocket League on the Xbox.

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Six months and counting without Plus. This won't make me rejoin.

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I immediately noticed that too. Craft bastards.

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The link to store they give you earns them money. Getting this story to the front will have earnt them a few quid.

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Better system than the Wii U and dare I say 3DS. Own all of them and form my opinions. I must have 150+ Vita games from PS+ over the years and the best indies titles you can name suit being played on a handheld more than they do a big screen. I really hope Sony have an answer to the Switch because like every Nintendo system the games will be over priced and never on sale.

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I want it to succeed but what makes me worry is the correct price point.

It's been the 3DS/2DS which has kept the company afloat and the majority of young people who receive them as birthday and christmas presents who make up it's owners. Nintendo's handhelds have always been cheap and cheerful little systems that you're not afraid to buy for children or within a teenagers low income.

Right now a 2DS goes for less than $80. If the Switch ...

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The title of this article is like saying Halo fans on PlayStation.

They've never played Red Dead on PC. :D

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"Fantastic choice" Ha! I'm surprised Naughty Dog has agreed to this. That's if they really have any say in the matter. Go look at his IMDb page and you'll think different. He's a director for hire. Here is his work arranged by film and rating. You can see he's only once achieved over a 6.1 rating in his career .

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Gears Ultimate edition was a disappointment and showed how badly the mechanics had aged.

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Lucky it includes a demo disc.

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I have mine pre-ordered but still not sure what games I'll get for it.

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N4G is full of Trump supporters, why is that not surprising.

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Only yesterday I saw someone who isn't into gaming but is one of the most respected videographers Philip Bloom, post to instagram that he bought a Xbox One S so he could watch The Revenant in 4K. It may not be a large market according to Andrew House but Sony have lost sales if they don't want to admit it.

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