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It's always a scam when someone wins these. The winner will be tech smart enough to effectively pause his browser with a script. #8
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If you know how to shop prepackaged bundles are never the cheapest option. If I wanted a PS4 and the game thats packed I know for sure I could purchase them separately for less. #16
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It's the perfect micro console for taking away with you on holiday. I wish I had one a couple of weeks ago. No space at all to throw in your hand luggage. #8
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I noticed before that Geoff Keighley "likes" Xbox on Facebook but not PlayStation. #6
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I think this confirms no PS4 release otherwise why would they make a deal. #4.2
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I hope all the PS3 games I've bought digitally will play on PS4.

It was one of the reason I choose to download GTA V. #3
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I picked up Dead Space 2 and the first Mass Effect. #10
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I would rather have the ability to use my existing Spotify subscription. #1.1.1
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The launch line ups are terrible. I brought home my PS4 tonight and spent the last hour playing a little bit of Resogun which isn't as good as Super Star Dust and redownloaded Flow to see if there was any difference in the way it looked, nothing I could tell.

I have Killzone waiting to be delivered in the post and should be good but the only game on the horizon is InFamous which feels like a long way off. Nothing else out now or in the immediate future appeals to me in th... #10
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Great day to bring home a PS4 with plans to only play Resogun!

There is absolutely nothing for me to do without logging in hahaha #1.1.5
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Kotaku stated they reviewed the game with only 3 hours access playing the multiplayer at a Sony hosted press event and that will be the same for probably almost all major publication reviews.

How anyone can make a judgement on a key component of the game in that time is beyond me. All that time developing maps, weapon upgrades, modes for a knee jerk reaction can't do it justice. #2.2
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Apple makes a bid for Xbox, internet goes crazy. It would be fun to see that reaction. #8
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Call of Duty and Battlefield are given a pass for producing the same game year after year. Killzone gets it in the neck for not being breaking new ground.

Kotaku have stated with their review they reviewed Killzone's multiplayer after having only 3 hours of playtime at a publisher event. I find that absolutely shocking and is probably the case with site.

All that time and energy invested in a game for journalists to basically give a first impression as i... #1.4.1
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Major Nelson, Albert Penello, Aaron Greenberg, formally Don Mattrick... ugh.

What is it with all these slimy reprehensible used car salesmen Microsoft choose to employ. I can't think of a more loathsome set of individuals who all stem from the same company within the whole industry.

I guess when Steve Ballmer was their boss it's no wonder.

They make my skin crawl just looking at them. #63
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The "So why bother?" is the dead give away.

What I can't decide if it this is the work of someone very funny making light of the sections of the community or the work of the type of person who spends most of his time awake posting comments on youtube about PS4 mp3 support being on par as a deal breaker. #4.5
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How's this still not the top story? 500+ comments but still no higher than third.

This is one of the defining moment of this console gen. #143
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Gay closest? Do us all a favour and stick with the Xbox One and enjoy the homophobia of Live. That's where you belong.

I'm going to hate seeing a migration of your type coming back to PlayStation. #126.2
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Haha. No you've got to believe everything you're told or you're living in denial! EA's ex-head of Xbox Peter Moore would never lie to gamers to restore some faith in Microsoft's public image. Who can remember BioShock or MassEffect.

Lifetime is most probably the term for shelf life. Once new sales dip below a certain figure a clause will kick in that activates the countdown to a PS4 release. I must stress from what we've seen that honestly don't ca... #121.1
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What I've personally found is it's people who are unable to let go of their precious gamescores and move on to a new platform.

That's the mentality we're dealing with. #3.1
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Polygon gave The Last of Us a 7.5 review. The second lowest of 95 different review sites to play the game. They were only above some nobodies' blog who wanted hits even worse than them. #1.2.5
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