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I applaud your courage because that's a dangerous comment to make. That kind of common sense will get you deleted, de-bubbled, and probably banned around here.

The useless mods here at N4G let the inmates run the asylum, and we all know what side they're all on.

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In the absence of actual facts to make a rebuttal, the masses here are simply attacking greenpowerz for having the gall to say something that could be construed as negative towards Sony. Some are actually being rewarded with bubbles for their mindless comments. His scenario is completely plausible based on the fact that the PS4 crowd here seems to believe EVERY RUMOR regarding the next Xbox. Now that he suggests Sony may have copied MS's specs, the story changes, and MS's specs cou...

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So, because it's a fact that various sites are reporting (or inventing) rumors, that counts as NEWS to you?

Hypothetically, if it's a fact that numerous people tell the same lie, does that lie suddenly become a newsworthy fact because various sources repeated it? You apparently think so. DK is right, and you are wrong. I've heard some dumb comments here, but yours could qualify for the medal stand. It's astounding that you don't know the difference bet...

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Maybe he borrowed the crystal ball from those here who have been predicting a Sony victory next generation.

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So, anyone who has one bubble is automatically a "troll". Or, is your definition of a "troll" simply anyone who has an opinion that's different from yours? That's what it seems like. I'll trust the opinion of someone who's been here for almost a year over someone who just joined 55 days ago and has posted noting but one sided, biased blogs and comments. (I still laugh that you think an Xbox 360 is only $99). When all you have left is to resort to name ...

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Get off your high horse. One of the guys you congratulate (chrismichaels04) for "putting the trolls in their place" was the FIRST to comment about sales. Plus, when DK286K respond to his sales comment with a detailed sales comment of his own, chrismichaels04 goes further off topic by spouting his opinions of certain games - a subject that wasn't even mentioned in the blog.

I guess as long as he's saying what you want to hear he's NOT a troll in your b...

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"It's an easy choice unless you are a fanboy."

Which you clearly are.

Dms2012 is right. You're hoping it's true because you're so afraid of the next Xbox. If the PS4 is so great, why are you here pre-emptively bashing a non-existent console? The answer is obvious.

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How do you know the next Xbox is weaker? Do you have some inside information that the rest of us don't have? More like wishful thinking on your part.

You're clinging to the false idea that RAM somehow decides what console is "stronger". The type or amount of RAM has NEVER been a deciding factor in ANY console race. People here just WANT it to be true this time because they believe that PS4 will have "better" RAM.

Look at it thi...

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Just like MS can expect great support from gamers knowing that, since the start of 2012, MS has delivered more 85+ rated core games for 360 that aren't on PS3 than the other way around. Quality like that has elevated the Xbox brand name to new heights. Fans of other consoles have tried desperately to convince people that MS has abandoned the core gamer, but the facts are indisputable.

What's also pretty damn impressive is that the 360 didn't need TWO redesigns (...

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I guess you're one of the VERY lucky few who never had to deal with the problems that Sony consoles have had over the years. From the millions of defective PS1's, to the tens of millions of defective PS2's, and the millions of defective PS3's. Not to mention Sony's indifference to their customers - they needed a lawsuit to admit to, and fix, their problems.

Congratulations on being one of the few people in the world who never had to deal with Sony's ...

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So, the more it does, the less you'll like it? I guess a console that "Only Does Everything" is truly worthy of ridicule and scorn.

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Is that any better than the Sony fanboy who keeps getting banned from N4G but makes new accounts to post EXACTLY the same BS over and over to try to make his favorite console look better?

There's more than one sad and pathetic punk here.

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MS should come up with a slogan to describe what the new Xbox will be about. Here's one I thought of:

"It only does everything".

That slogan perfectly describes a console that's not strictly about games. I'm sure the masses here wouldn't have a problem with a slogan which accentuates a console's diversity, and it's numerous features other than gaming.

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So, now the standard for a Vita game should be to look a little better than a comparable 3DS game. Sony markets (and prices) the Vita as a high end device, yet the fanatics here now want to demote it into the same league as the 3DS simply because they can't accept a mediocre review.

It's funny how much praise was given to IGN when they named "Journey" game of the year. Today, they can't be trusted. Tomorrow - who knows?

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Like I've said before, it's the Sony fanboys like you that are scared. You're so afraid that the new Xbox might be as good (or better) than PS4, so you have to troll relentlessly and pre-emptively bash a console that hasn't even been revealed yet. Your opinions of the new Xbox are nothing more than wishful thinking.

If Sony really "knocked it out of the park" with PS4, why are you in EVERY Xbox article? The answer is obvious.

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It's because the PS4 is rumored to have more RAM than the next Xbox. Therefore, RAM is suddenly the most important detail of the new consoles. Of course, any technical aspect in which the next Xbox beats the PS4 will be dismissed as unimportant and meaningless.

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It's fear and anxiety. You can just tell from the tone of his comments how afraid he is (and many other are) that the new Xbox might be as good (or better) than the PS4. So, he has to start a pre-emptive trolling and hate campaign.

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The PS3 still hasn't outsold the 360. Sony is the only company to redesign their console TWICE, removing key features each time. Talk about desperation. Sony has had redesign after redesign, price cut after price cut. Meanwhile, the 360 still sells even without a price cut in over TWO YEARS, and it's redesign ADDED features. What a novel concept.

The latest PS3 has a manual disc tray lid, kind of like they had in the TurboGrafx-16 days. What's next - spinnin...

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Your just afraid that the next Xbox may be better than the PS4, so you have to pre-emptively attack and troll every positive MS article.

Your fear and desperation are so obvious - "please please please don't let the next Xbox be better than PS4". Your comments make it crystal clear that's what you're thinking.

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Sony dropped a bomb all right. I'm sure MS was as surprised as anyone that the "future proof" PS3 had it's successor announced before the supposedly inferior 360. Why was Sony in such a rush to put out new hardware? Why couldn't they make this generation last as long for PS3 as it has for the 360?

There's just one company that needs to regroup and refocus, and it's not MS.

Your pre-emptive attacks on a console that doesn't...

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