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wow this is getting better and better

No wonder why people say it will be a big month

First details of the biggest game ? is that Halo : Reach ? or something else ;o

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it looks cool

check it out from here

The game is still in progress lets wait and see -_-

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come on the console deserve more than this

It should at least sell as good as the other consoles

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yea why comparing is always about graphics ?

why they don't compare features or something ?

and i always see comparison before the games come out which is stupid

see god of war 3 for example. It had huge improvement in the graphics when it came out, way better than the demo

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Man I make those kinds of videos and I'm really impressed ;o

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"These questions are great but they won't answer!"

"I know - I've been asking the same sort of stuff since Halo 2. But all we can do is keep asking..."

So it seems thats not something new from Bungie

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I expected more variety

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You get gamerpics and avatar clothes by awards but it has nothing to do with the achievements

but the main purpose of achievements/trophies is to have fun right ?

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wow thats alot of info thanks man !

I'll use Maya too

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was expecting something cheaper than this

I don't what to buy, I was thiking to buy 5770 but I don't play alot on my pc, I just use it for editing and 3D stuff only

will these directx11 cards help me in anything ?

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come on KZ2's controls were horrible, alot of people will agree about that the other things are fine in KZ2 but this is Halo

it's great in every way story, controls and specially MP

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if they were real fans they wouldn't care on what system they will get

It's not an online game so you can boo a version of a game that is almost identical and the only difference is graphics

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so much hate here -__-

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Congrats for PS3 owners

Unfortunately I won't buy this game until I move to another city because I can't play it in front of my siblings :(

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omg just after reading this i got the error :(

can't play HR now

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best selling original ip on ps3 ?

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what are they doing with the game is really impressive

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This lag is happening maybe because of the TV itself

some LCDS have some kind of image processing which makes the TV lag a little bit

of course this will affect gaming and not TV shows

and seriously we should not bash things before they come out, we are in February and Natal is coming out in the end of the year

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Halo has always needed skill and teamwork to win

what so noobish about regenerating health ? it's like it's regenerate immediately, it takes time.

The aiming in Halo is way better than other games. at least you don't need to shoot randomly like in CS to get a headshot and everyone in CS community oh thats guy is lucky oh this guy always get a lucky shot

that rarely happens in Halo

i bet if you brought a CS team vs a Halo team in a Halo match...

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It's banned here too in Saudi Arabia because of nudity but some stores sell it. Same problem with GTA

I got from a friend and I just played it. It's really good

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