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~Revelations 2, yet no mention of Revelations Part I? For playing it as a 3DS game and later a 360 & PS3 port, I thought "Resident Evil: Ghost Ship" was pretty great. Albeit the final boss battle was too hard on the handheld, so I finally finished it on the Xbox 360 port.

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Neither did I, on November 22nd 2013.

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The game play was fantastic, but stacked against the other games in the series the story, dialogue and voice acting was terrible. Troy Baker made Ocelot sound so "every man generic" as well as too friendly. Kiefer Sutherland voicing Big Boss.. ugh.. -_-

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~I'm afraid that title already went to No Man's Sky.

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In terms of Dishonored II, Prey and the next Wolfenstein, I have minimal worries about the games turning out to be awful. Bethesda's out-sourced developed games by MachineGames & Arkane have been wonderful. Bethesda's IN-HOUSE games like Fallout and Skyrim are the ones that should keep people up at night worrying.

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I was going to say 399 like the Xbox One was at launch in 2013, but now I'm thinking more likely 349 dollars tops.

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I'm really looking forward to this, I don't think we've had a great vamp game.. ever? I played Life is Strange over the summer which I really enjoyed. The writing and tone was so on point. I have a feeling it will be on of 2017's sleep hits.

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LOL I would ask what year you think this is exactly, but even the Nintendo 64 was 199.99 at launch in 1996.

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LOL second game (after the reboot in 2011) and the formula is getting stale? Imagine if Eidos had done to Mankind Divided what Konami did to MGSV then you'd have something to complain about VICE.

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Not at all, but I wish there were more alien abduction games, I know there's an interesting looking one called "The Hum: Abductions" coming to PC sometime this year but no word on a console release?

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Wolfenstein, BioShock, Singularity, Metro 2033 & 2034, Condemned, Borderlands, FEAR, Deus Ex, Metroid Prime, Dishonored.

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This isn't an excuse to have a piss poor story or a short single player. Machine Games (who also develops for Bethesda) managed to make new Wolfenstein lengthy, fun + a good story with memorable characters.

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I really liked Paul Serene in Quantum Break, he kind of reminded me of a cross between Gary Oldman in The Professional & Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet.

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~You know what I love most about Quantum Break? No season pass, no aftermarket dlc (which costs extra), no-microtransactions, no tacked on multi-player, no paywall nonsense. At the end of the day it's a great story driven, no bullshit game.

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I'll even go as far to say Alan Wake was an underappreciated masterpiece, the closest we've gotten to a "Twin Peaks the video game" (aside from Deadly Premonition.) ^_^

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6/10 LOL. It should be realized this is the same Gamespot Reviewer who gave Metal Gear Solid V a "10" which.. any true Metal Gear fan knows it was most certainly not. It was unfinished, awkward, worst entry in the series and a very bitter end for one of my most beloved series.

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1. It's "Skeptical" with a "k"
2. Then cut the s*** and release the full game.

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Metal Gear Solid V was such an awkward, cut and paste disaster. That game truly broke my heart to the point it took months to get over it. It was like watching uncomfortable people with (some) unfamiliar voices interacting at a party (which no on wanted to attend in the first place.) More of a hostage situation if you ask me.

Gameplay aside, it fell so far below my expectations it would take an archaeological team 1000+ years to unearth it. (But for the sake of the true fans...

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~I still remember the hate that everyone wrought on MGS4 like it was yesterday. A word of advice for the Author: -Play the Phantom Pain and you'll be singing a completely different tune Sweetheart. The Phantom Pain made me appreciate how great MGS4 actually was and how heartbreakingly bad The Phantom Pain actually was. And what's more, longing for something that actually felt like a real Metal Gear game.

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^ All of this, that's the interesting thing about the Internet. It has a very short memory.

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