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"METAL GEAR!??..."


Dude if I was Kylie Minogue I'd be f***ing pissed! #69
"We didn't want to show 'wonderful footage' of Zelda WiiU and disappoint fans at E3." ~I'm picking up their sarcasm. (Were they referencing the outrage to Blast Ball? I think that criticism was fully warranted. #14
I absolutely adored Fury Road and I'm reserving a special place for this game after Metal Gear but can they PLEASE stop comparing it to the Film. #9
~I honestly thought he was going to drop over any second during the Press Conference. He just looked dead inside. #20
I didn't either until I was trying to unlock the Monster Hunter Mission. ~Loved it nonetheless. :D #18.2.1
"Sure, Big Boss can do it too but he’s at least wearing pants!"

Yet in Peace Walker when you unlock "Date with Kaz" Big Boss and Kaz are both on the beach in the their Underwear before getting it on under the cardboard box. Easily one of my top five moments throughout the Series. #18
It's still available on all platforms from Japan and Nin-Nin-Game ships to the US, but it's expensive. #3.2
I hope this was just the censored version.. No Swastikas = Kills the Ambiance.
Anyways, I'm really excited for this game. I pre-ordered a physical copy from Poland because I just need something to touch. ;-) #4
So Null *was* Frank Jaeger but Big Boss didn't actually meet him until years later? He was a boss fight in Portable Ops if memory serves? I really did enjoy that game as a portable title. #3.2.1
It was but Konami being the bi-polar, shifty company they are added his name back to the games and products and now removed it (again.) #25.1
I'll admit I've watched the Frank Jaeger conspiracy videos and I'm thinking, that Kiefer Sutherland is voicing Gray Fox (who we think is Big Boss from Ground Zeroes) and somewhere mid-game the Real Big Boss shows up voiced by David Hayter. I want to believe Solid Snake makes an appearance and I do think he will but he's going to be as young as that scene with Liquid. These are like 12 year old boys. There's no way Hayter can pull off a 12 year old Solid Snake. #8
Yes double Thanks for the Info, I just cancelled my order with Play Asia and ordered from nin-nin instead. It came to 440 Dollars with 2-3 day shipping. MUCH better than the 600 Play Asia was asking and I'll get it sooner. #5.1.4
It's a total rip off but never underestimate the level to which a scalper on ebay will sink. I tried to get it cheaper from Konami but I couldn't understand the Japanese and google translate didn't help either. I couldn't even get registered on Konami Style infact so I gave up and got it from Play Asia. Did you have to go through a Japanese middle man company for shipping? #5.1.1
Yes, technically the MGSV version of the Codec. #2.1
I saw people bragging about getting the Euro and North American Special Edition before it sold out but I am so happy I pre-ordered the Japanese Premium Package. Twas expensive (especially shipping) and I imagine when it gets closer to September it may pop up again, just don't expect to get it for under 800 Dollars. #5
Best Buy Gamers Club is only 30 Dollars for two years now so if you sign up for that you're already getting it discounted. I already bought the Japanese Premium Package so unless it magically has an English Lang option I'm going to have to get an English copy too. #12
I paid just over 600 dollars over on Play Asia but I don't care I WANT Boss' full size Terminator arm. :D #4
I need this. Is this exclusive to the Konami Store and will they ship to the US? #6
I thought the announcement was happening today? Hence the 23 hours on the clock below Big Boss yesterday? Did they not say IGN was announcing something at 3pm today?

Edit, it is tomorrow: http://www.ign.... #6
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