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MGSV was awful, I'm surprised Portable Ops is so low on the list. Personally even Portable Ops topped The Phantom Pain story wise. And Hideo Kojima was only a Producer on Portable Ops.

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Yes, in fact I took a few weeks off from gaming (summer drought+holiday) and realized a few friends are encroaching on my score. I just picked up Oddworld and Get Even + I got a bunch of free games over E3 so I'm coming back with an achievement blitz. Currently at 69,810.

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You my friend get the award for most thought out and factually accurate comment I've probably ever read on this site. I graduated as a History Major and a German Language Minor so I appreciate that you took the time to add in the little details that yes, many people are completely unaware of and I hope other people stop and read your comment. I will also absolutely give that documentary a watch. I can't believe I've never heard of it? Last one I watched was "Hitler: A Career....

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Two things that stood out to me whilst reading this article, black athletes were surprised how well they were treated by the Germans during the 1936 Olympics and even more so they were allowed to stay in the same hotel as white athletes. The other, I noticed this week playing Sniper Elite 4 there's no Swastikas! Lots of German Eagles with empty wreathes? I find this strange because in Zombie Army Trilogy (also made by Rebellion) there were Swastikas every 10 feet + pentagrams. Moral of t...

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The Phantom Pain was terrible. Where people hated on MGS4 in 2008, The Phantom Plot released in 2015 and inadvertently made Guns of the Patriots a masterpiece and thus the true ending of a great series. Even Peace Walker & Portable Ops blew MGSV out of the water and into orbit. (Mind you Portable Ops was only Produced by Hideo Kojima.)

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~I'm 27 hours into the game and still on the ice planet Voeld. I'm so happy I ignored the reviews and the hate wagon, because I'm really enjoying it.

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I've noticed people are completely unaware that the team behind the Original Trilogy is now history. It seems as though reviewers and many fans are approaching this game with a level of expectation that this IS the fourth installment of the Commander Shepard saga from Greg Zeschuk and Ryan Muzyka. This is a stand alone game from a new team whom are filling some gargantuan shoes. For example had MGSV been directed by say; Masahiro Yamamoto, people would have tore *that* game to shreds. But...

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And when exactly is Cyberpunk 2077 coming out? Probably Fall 2018 at the earliest.. in fact, the only thing we'll likely hear of it this year is an inevitable "Gaming no-shows of E3 2017" article. Let's reserve that excitement for a more realistic time frame.

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LOL the same site (along with Gamespot) that gave MGSV a 10/10 and called it a "masterpiece" which in reality MGSV was; incomplete, terrible story, a copy and pasted mission rehash disaster and for what little spoken dialogue there actually was.. mediocre. I had my doubts about Andromeda but I'm going to play it for myself and decide. I have a feeling it will wind up another of my cult classic titles.

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While they're not great by any stretch of the imagination, they're certainly not as bad as many sites are leading people to believe. I looked over some of them and I concluded, these characters look like average people. They're not super models or celebrities. If that were the case they'd be in advertisements on billboards in the game or probably dancing/performing at Afterlife (my personal fav) or Cora's Den. It would seem these days, people spend so much time staring at ...

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I try to sneak one in every now and again and this situation with Mass Effect may very well warrant it, but we shall see come next Monday/Tuesday. ;-)

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Yes, however, "actively concerned" does not even begin to describe my current state. I said I was going in blind and keeping my expectations tempered near absolute zero but I started slipping on the early access videos... I just needed to know.. I'm going to give it a chance. But thanks to the last few days of news and videos I'm probably going to have a meltdown (until I'm unresponsive) to the degree of Laura Palmer's mom in Twin Peaks when she learns of Laura's...

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I'm going to play as Scott and yes, he's going to be gay, but really.. why not leave some mystery? It's like when you go out to a bar or a party, you don't have this preset plan of who you're going to try and bang. You just go with the flow and see who you encounter. Maybe I'm from the old world, but I prefer my in the flesh "fun surprises" when it comes to prospective gentlemen. ~A little of the old face to face.

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Damn.. and here I am sitting with my meager 67,000 Gamerscore.. o_o

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I know others commented on Titanfall and Battlefield (I don't play multiplayer focused games, so I can't speak to any of those titles, but I do know story, dialogue & character development is virtually non-existent.) However, Mass Effect fans who have been their since the beginning know full well the decline the series went through with 2 & 3. They weren't terrible games by any means, but when compared to the original Mass Effect you can clearly see where things began to c...

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For me there's no "also," it's purely because of EA. They ruin everything they get their corporate claws on and if they don't ruin it immediately, they do eventually. Their focus is money not quality. Be that as it may, I do still have a glimmer of hope that Andromeda will be a great game.. boy I hope I'm right.

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I didn't care to read the article but I imagine he drawls on about how it's okay to flop so Nintendo finally learns their lesson.
Future prediction: They won't.

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Casual nature? Please don't tell me they're indeed going to bro-ify this to the degree of Battlefield or Call of Duty so as to not overwhelm the "newcomer bro's" with complex story arcs/characters or dialogue longer than a single paragraph because they have the attention span of a nine year old. We don't want them gaining new perspectives or questioning the nature of their lackadaisical lives or anything.

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We Happy Few should be completed and out later this year as well.

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Only 4: Quantum Break, Recore, Gears of War 4 and Dead Rising 4. So they need to release at least five exclusives in 2017. There may have been a couple independent titles as well, but nothing awe inspiring.

Edit: Forgot Forza 3, so 5 exclusives.
We now need 6 in 2017.

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