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I had a Day One Edition for nearly four years in just over a week. For me the Scorpio *is* a new console. Honestly, I don't anticipate the next Xbox until probably 2021 and that will feel like a lifetime from now for most.

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I don't mean to sound melodramatic but I would be f'ing devastated! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm happy I ordered from GameStop, my Scorpio boyfriend is in Southern Wisconsin atm and will be here tomorrow. ^_^

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~We look forward to hearing about your excitement in 2020-21 when the next gen actually arrives.

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From what I've seen on the Wolfenstein FB page the steelbook IS the reversible artwork. (Thank goodness.)

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Yes, but the Scorpio way more so.

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Didn't VR die in 2016 or are they dragging this out unnecessarily? The moment someone mentions VR, that's your cue to move on to the next topic of conversation.

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The only reason I truly pre-ordered was because I managed to get a Scorpio Edition. I refuse to refer to it as the X.

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~I believe it started yesterday but Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of us (if you're in Central Time.)

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Huh? No Metal Gear Solid V? That belongs in a Top 10 Travesties to Otherwise Beautiful Series' article I suppose.

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I've heard early impressions from the 8-4 Play podcast and they love it so my worries are virtually nonexistent.

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~He's just mad he didn't get a Scorpio Edition. ^_^

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I was debating just this the last few days. With Cuphead, Evil Within, Wolfy & Vampyr all dropping within a month around the release I think I might wait.. maybe play Observer & Get Even while I wait?

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I battled the giant turtle for 5 hours.. first time I got blasted out of the map and had to restart after 2 hours. Almost gave up then I went right back into it for another 3.5 hours. I did finish the game first however. Then after turtle rock I went and got the legendary weapons.. namely Costlemark Tower.. >_>

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Gamestop has them back in stock for those who don't want their check card charged immediately by Target.

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Target still has Scorpio Edition's.

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I'm on a Prime 2 month trial atm (one of my orders was a day late so they extended my membership one extra month) I was even thinking of keeping Prime for upcoming game releases this fall, but now I know why I instinctively renewed by Gamer Club membership through BB on Monday (expired since February.) I just wish best buy handed out 10-20 dollar pre-order coupons as freely as they used to.

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Ultimately it depends on where you live. We have a headquarters right in Richfield, MN so I get games typically on release day or in some cases I've gotten them the day before release day.

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Your first mistake is walking into an actual store.. peopling? Ugh. Between Prime and Gamers Club who even pays full price for a video game by walking into a physical store? I can't remember the last time I did that.

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MGSV was awful, I'm surprised Portable Ops is so low on the list. Personally even Portable Ops topped The Phantom Pain story wise. And Hideo Kojima was only a Producer on Portable Ops.

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Yes, in fact I took a few weeks off from gaming (summer drought+holiday) and realized a few friends are encroaching on my score. I just picked up Oddworld and Get Even + I got a bunch of free games over E3 so I'm coming back with an achievement blitz. Currently at 69,810.

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