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And yet Bioware and EA will still resort to sacrificing the soul of the game in an attempt to achieve such sales. They fight against inevitability. Dust struggling against cosmic winds. #2.2
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The game will hopefully be a lot of fun, but we need to learn to stop hyping things up to such unreasonable levels. We're just setting ourselves up for disappointment. No matter how good a game winds up being these days, it seems it's never able to live up to the level of hype we've built up for it long before it was even released. #2
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Curious about those whom are disagreeing, did you not play Mass Effect 3 at launch? Or are you disagreeing because you really hope they rush the next game out the door before it's ready? #2.2.1
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Let them take all the time they need, lest they rush out another incomplete disaster like Mass Effect 3. #2.2
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50 seconds in, wait for the top item on the feed to appear #1.2.3
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Yes, this was quite... different. And I like to think I know a thing or two about strange video game videos. I've filmed more than a few of them. #1.1.3
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I'm not sure about Dark Souls II, but I remember the first game would not allow you to copy your saved games. So you couldn't save the game on your hard drive and copy it to a USB drive. But supposedly it was still possible to make a copy by moving your save to a USB drive, and saving a copy onto a computer before moving the save back to your console. Again, I'm not sure if this is true of the second game, but I know this is the way things were for the first. #1.1.2
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@Back-to-Back, apparently you're just not bothering to carefully read the comments. Joab777 did not say anything about a sequel to Demon's Souls, they said they wanted to see a "Souls successor" as a PS4 exclusive. #1.1.7
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Joab777 did not mention Demon's Souls, they said they're hoping for a "Souls successor" which I took to mean a spiritual successor to Dark Souls, which is already a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls.

They said they want a "Souls successor," not a Demon's Souls sequel. Why should a "Souls successor" be a PS4 exclusive?

I won't ramble on any longer. It seems like what's happened here is Joab777 meant to s... #1.1.4
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Dark Souls is already a successor, you want a successor to the successor of Demon's Souls? And why would you want it as a PS4 exclusive? You wouldn't want people playing on other platforms to be able to enjoy the experience should one be crafted? #1.1.1
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I'm feeling quite certain that the content will be worth it. That said, if I do end up purchasing the season pass, it will only be after I've seen enough of the first add-on to know that it's going to be worth the money to me.

Patience is key when it comes to season passes. One should always hold off on purchasing them until the first DLC offering is released. Do your research, watch videos and see if the content really seems worth the purchase to you. The first... #2
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It's difficult but I'm trying my best not to look at these. I want at least a few maps to be completely new to me on the 11th! #3.1
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May not pay off? With the game coming to Xbox One, 360, AND PC, I can't see how Respawn and EA could possibly have any trouble raking in the cash. #2
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That's not at all what I said. The beta was for ironing out bugs, and hopefully at this it was highly successful.

What I'm talking about are the people with complaints that are in no way legitimate. People looking for "changes" rather than "fixes." I'm talking about the people that are going as far as to insinuate that people are only speaking highly of Titanfall because someone is paying them to do so opposed to them actually enjoying the gam... #3.1.1
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People are insane. If you enjoy the game, play it and have fun doing so. If you can't get into it, you must realize that some games just aren't for everyone and play something else that you find more suitable to your interests. #3
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Keep your eyes on rooftops, that's where I get most of my pilot kills. And use the bots to your advantage. If you see a group of them getting gunned down, if you're quick you should have no trouble getting the drop on the human player taking them out. #3.2.2
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Teams of 12 would mean maps would have to be much larger in order to adequately accommodate 24 titans running round. 6 vs 6 and a possible total of 12 massive titans patrolling a map is plenty.

And the AI minions aren't supposed to pose much of a threat to players, certainly not as much as an enemy pilot. They're present to provide the matches with something of a cinematic feel, and killing them benefits anyone looking to reduce their Titanfall countdown. #3.2
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I've played for 8-10 hours and I still haven't been able to call in an Ogre or Stryder Titan. I was hoping to be able to test at least one of them out before the beta ends tomorrow, but it looks as though it just may not be IN THE CARDS for me. HAHAHA. I hate myself. #1
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Haha yeah, 30-something hours ago this would have been big news! #1.1
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Why do people still care about such trivialities? People should be having fun playing their games rather than worrying about which platform is selling more units in various parts of the world, as if the height of sales dictates the levels of fun gamers can achieve on the console. #1.2
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