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It's great that Broken Sword went back to its roots with the style of game play. It's a great game so worth a pick up.

Hope to see a Broken Sword 6 #9
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I agree basically like the game. You go through 16 mission (aprox) in a game which completes the overall story arc. It would have to be on AMC or HBO some network which knows how to do these sorts of shows. #11.1
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As apart of the Hitman franchise Hitman 2007 was terrible. As a standalone movie not connected with the franchise it was an enjoyable action film.

Sadly being an action film when the games are stealth is the problem. He is not meant to be seen or have a romance or anything he is a killer. Also HE IS A CLONE not an adopted child.

Hollywood never learns. Keep to the source marital or your movie bombs... except Resident Evil which done well on its own. #13
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Lol you know nothing Jon Snow.

PS3 was never complete. You couldn't just put in any PS2 game and it worked. Trust me because I actually have one of the launch PS3s. So you're talking out the side of your neck.

Neither is 100% perfect but hey it is a FREE service. Unlike PS Now. #1.3.2
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I think its a matter of two great ideas fighting each other. Hardline started off as a TV show but then halfway through decided to be an action movie.

Both great ideas and both done well but tbh I don't think they mixed well.

I would have personally rather they kept the show style and that way the DLC could have included tv show episodes. #2
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You know there is a cheaper option than buying a new console? Its called buying a bigger hard drive or even cheaper than that... delete stuff you don't need? #1.1.1
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Probably not due to animal curalty... pathetic I know. #6.1
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The first movie wasn't terrible. It wasn't great either. Take away the hitman name and it was a good movie but when you compare it to the game you see why it isn't so great.

The new one looks like a generic action movie with a half decent budget.

Why can they not just make a film based on the material properly. #9
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Has more agrees than you... #4.1.1
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Did Microsoft just sell off one of their big developers with their own name in the developers name? No? Oh must only be Sony who are low on funds and selling off assets.

(I play and own a PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP. So I am allowed to slate Sony I'm not a fanboy.) #4.2
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See if it wasn't for this "repeated" article I wouldn't have found out about the Nyko 3.5 hdd adapter. #1.3
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Would be amusing if they haven't done a single thing to start the game yet. I doubt it but would be funny. #2.2
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Don't hold your breath lol #3.1.1
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Lol it is a mock up. Used to promote batman it won't be a controller. Xbox UK used it months ago. #5
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Like everyone else has said Black was amazing and well ahead of its time. The graphics were absolutely amazing for its time. Its two generations old but only looks like it is one generation old. #15
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I could write a whole reason why you sound really stupid there but all I will say is. Think. #9.1
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Not much will change between generations.

It will have a similar controller to current. Might have new features similar to the speaker in PS4 controller and rumble triggers in Xbox One.

Still have a power supply

Still have psyical media nobody will have super fast unlimited broadband/fibre to give everyone the ability to have a digital only console

it MIGHT come with VR headset depends how it does this gen. Even so will prob... #8
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No Xbox 10 #4.1
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Tell me about it. I threw a snowball at a Police car and they both got out and shot me dead... Sounds like real life... #8.1.2
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The biggest AI change I ask for in GTA is smarter police. If I am being chased by the police. Go around the corner into a car park and change cars without the police seeing. There is NO way they would instantly notice me. Same with changing clothes. #8
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