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JC2 was great. What made it even better were the mods. I had a grappling hook that would shoot really far. So you could kinda fly across the map it was awesome. #1.2
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People forget that Microsoft announced a similar feature when they originally announced the Xbox One when it was all digital. You could buy a game and let other people use it. Funny how people forget. #1.13
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I know people are upset abought heists but I think Rockstar are handling GTA Online amazingly well. They are constantly rolling out small DLC updates. This helps keep people interested in the game. There are not many developers who will give away DLC. Remember there is a cost to DLC not just making it but putting it on the marketplace costs money Microsoft / Sony don't just let developers use their marketplace for free.

My guess is more in depth DLC will be charged which... #6
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Treyarch will probably go back to WW2 or BO. WW2 would be good. IW (if you can call them IW) will probably make the MW collection and class it as a HD next gen extravaganza.

Lets be honest if COD 4 was remade it would sell loads as people have fond memories of it. #6
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Gun was a great game for its time. I mean you could scalp somebody! #3
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STFU. Its a pathetic voting system. Telling me companies that ruin peoples lives are not worst companies?

You're a moron #8.1.1
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Shame it isn't coming to consoles. #3
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If the world was large enough to allow people to "take over" settlements as their own and not have people just spawn next to them then yes but if the world is small and people keep spawning next to you then no. #6
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It was a half decent story. Not a story I would play again. The multiplayer wasn't anything ground breaking. Waste of development money. Focusing on Max Payne 4. #1.4
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That is a cool thing better than buying stick ons. It is a shame that it is so expensive and it is in America. #8
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The problem with Samsung is they were not first to be big in this market and they don't have a dedicated platform. The only 3 who can really make it big are Microsoft, Sony and Rift. Lets be honest while its not officially announce Microsoft are developing a headset. They have so much in their R & D that isn't announced I doubt they don't have one or more headsets being developed. Especially as they have Kinect to complement the headset it just needs to be announced.
... #5
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Oh just shut up "don't let Microsoft bla bla bla" who do you think Microsoft are? Hitler? Yeah lets fight back. Chill the hell out its a god dam console. Pathetic excuse of a human. #9
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XBL is a quality service with extremely little downtime and great content. PSN complete opposite in the PS3 days it was down constantly not to mention the PSN hacks.

PS3 wasn't designed as an online console first it was designed as a media machine first with online thrown on top which is why there was so many problems with PSN. It is the reason you could never ever have cross game chat on PS3. Sony didn't care about multiplayer. Microsoft designed all 3 consoles with... #1.9.1
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Yeah Microsoft charged for their online system because of quality something PSN didn't have. The amount of downtime is a joke. The PSN hacks were a joke. Sony care? Hey buy our console you can run Linux on it! hey just so you know we are updating the console and we are removing Linux either update and lose it to play online or don't ever play online again. Yeah they care!

You talk about controllers? LOL the PS3 controller was flimsy plastic and didn't originally c... #1.5.6
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Vietnam would be a hard game for COD to focus on. Since it was a war America never won. #4
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I hope you meant "cod4" and not "mw4"

COD4 was the peak of cod's greatness. WAW was really good not as good but it was the next best thing. After that it all went down hill. #1.1
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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue? #9
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I take it everything you do work wise is the most amazing thing since Jesus Christ? It must be to comment about somebody else work and say they should never work again because of it.

You must be changing the world with your job. Congratulations. #11.1
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Somebody will buy them dirt cheap. They have a good amount of IPs under their belt. My guess would be Microsoft. It makes sense when you think about it. They make PC games as well as console and they just made an exclusive console game. Buy them and bring them under the Microsoft Studios banner. Heck go one further and still release multiplat games on PS4 that would be if Sony would let them. #13
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Bring back hardcore free for all! #8.1
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