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never heard of it untill now

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Finally this is wat i been waiting for Modern Day woot

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lolll really a pre load we need articles about PRE LOADING games lollll

who gives a f... about a pre load... as long as it happens before the game launches i really dont see an advantage here to brag about???

ther has been many articles in the past about a pre load but it doesnt matter who gets it first or after

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Sickkk i guess we will soon be having the same articles for the nintendo switch loll cant wait for the babies to cry bc nintendo deicide to make you pay for online and not even keep ther free games after 30 days

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that said... we need a new Socom

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BLOPS3 worst Zombies to date of Treyarch..

everyone just cared for easter eggs lameee

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no its not bad, Jealousy is bad

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@moldy bread

or bc XBOX one cant handleit andit need to be even across the board at least for Multiplayer..
you cant have 60fps on Scorpio and 30fps on xbox one vanilla... for online dude

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Rockstar did something similar GTA5

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word same here

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same here none on any platform. until a few things worth it start releasing

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i dont have a Ps4 i have an xbox one..
ill pick up a PS4 whena PS4 pro bundle comes out or by the End of june

that was a stupid question you asked me..
and ive never been a graphics whore. i do appreciate a good looking game tho but ill never bitch about why my game doesnt do 1080p or 4k

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graphics isnt everything.. and im sure PS4 will still have incredible graphics

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oh so 5 dollars more will makeyougo poor right

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i dont think this would come out for xbox one ifit came west.

Naruto Ninjastorm the first one was exclusive to PS3 only i guess we will find out

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listen dont matter what you think about fifa, its one 3rd party title you want on your console thats how big it is.

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off topic:
if the Destiny haters can still comment after 3 yrs " ppl still play this" i can deff keep repeating that.
Back on topic:
the funny thing is i OWN an Xbox one atm and i Do Not have a PS4 atm! shocking right. i will be getting a PS4 PRO when bundles come out.
I guess youre the fanboy in this situation here buddy i was stating facts, ther are no games im not here to suck up to Sony or MS like youre doing..
even GAME INFORMER say...

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MS just doesnt pump out games like Sony does.. i cant get excited for an awesome hardware with no games to play on it..
wait yull be able to play older/BC games on higher res and fps. lol i feel like thats all xbox consumers can do and they are okay with that.
i guess we will have to wait for another E3 for MS to showcase crap, like they did last yr.. when they promised games and ther wasnt much..

guess this will be another yr of opinion articles assuming...

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