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idk but im getting it :)

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im sure when pubg comes to PS4 it will run better on the system than it did on xbox i think it was rushed to the console.. but i think when it gets to ps4 will will be a hit

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im hyped for this game!! am i the only one?

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ign is wack...

for such a big site they are always the last to report big news unless they have an exclusive story..
even with rumors they are slow

i think its time to let IGN RIP

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this is my opinion but i think eventually Consolses will launch with higher specs or the same one dayy!

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maybe 2 cars this time and a controller!! bet

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dont approve this bs

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What a great guy. good for him

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MGS4 is one of my top games of all time

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i guess these subs are here to stay, i personally dont care... ill happily pay for my PS+ i have nothing against these.. i for sure wont be getting one for Twitch tho bc i dont use twitch like that

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hasnt even been 5 yrs since the PS4 yet!! wtf are you guys thinking... this gen has provided so many good games and iver bought the most games this gen i ever bought in any GEN over 150!! i say continue with the PS4 for another 3 years no rush you ppl need to relax

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i dont think RD is as popular are GTA but thats obivous. i for one didnt enjoy RDR. forlast gen so im not to crazy about this one or planning on getting it yet.

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marketing at its finest?

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ithink BB2 is coming this yr

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FC5 is complete youre blind af. games wit LOOT boxes or MT dontmean the game is incomplete

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just like with any game they can always re-release it no matter when it come out. yes they did that last gen with TLOU and GTA5 but im sure they didnt even know at the time they were gonna release it on the PS4 yet im sure it was an IDEA of that they can do it for PS4 back than

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lmao like really

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2021 can wait, let the ps4 live on till its sales start sucking

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anyway if they announce a Smash ill preorder a Switch near its release.

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