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hours of cinematics... so what is that a bad thing lol...
everything is bad now a days.

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honestlyBattle Royal gets old rather quick. i rather have a game with Pubg's graphics with tactical round based 3rd person shooter id be way happier
and not the fast shooters they have on the market today thats all nonsense noskill

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yawnnnn,you know what MS you can keep DAYz PS4 dont need games

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cool.have fun xbox fans MS needs games,enjoy

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haha i actually chuckled a little bit
was the the Stranger things theme song they had going loll

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talk about being sensitive grow up!

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i have to agree.. Zombies was also terrible in BLOPS3

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i dont understand the hate with this.. Spend your money if you want on Loot boxes or Microtransactions damn babies as long as its not pay to win i dont care for these practices.. bc you spend the money if you want

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enjoy guys!

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never heard of it untill now

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Finally this is wat i been waiting for Modern Day woot

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lolll really a pre load we need articles about PRE LOADING games lollll

who gives a f... about a pre load... as long as it happens before the game launches i really dont see an advantage here to brag about???

ther has been many articles in the past about a pre load but it doesnt matter who gets it first or after

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Sickkk i guess we will soon be having the same articles for the nintendo switch loll cant wait for the babies to cry bc nintendo deicide to make you pay for online and not even keep ther free games after 30 days

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that said... we need a new Socom

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BLOPS3 worst Zombies to date of Treyarch..

everyone just cared for easter eggs lameee

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no its not bad, Jealousy is bad

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@moldy bread

or bc XBOX one cant handleit andit need to be even across the board at least for Multiplayer..
you cant have 60fps on Scorpio and 30fps on xbox one vanilla... for online dude

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