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Is that why the Playstation TV was a number one seller on amazon for a while? Because it's a commercial and economic failure? #2.2
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If this is true, it makes me both happy and sad. Happy because it means we're not getting shafted by the developers into giving them more money, but sad because now it means there won't be a dlc with space battles. #14
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Haha in that last sentence when you mentioned "No!", it made me think of the Vader "NOOOO!" from Revenge of the Sith XD #1.3.2
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With regards to space battles, I think it's most likely be part of a DLC package (doubt they'll do a separate DLC just for space battles) just like how DICE did it with air superiority for BF3 and BF4. I remember previous battlefield games having air superiority from the get go. It's a dirty money grabbing tactic, but people don't complain and so they continue doing it. #9
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Well, I say screw all the haters! I'm looking forward to it. I need more Star Wars in my life. The Battlefront and the Force Awakens trailers got me so hyped that I bought Battlefront 2 on PC (played it on PS2 back in the day). Shame the online servers closed last year, but it's still fun nonetheless. #10
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I'm still waiting for the internet to break... #4.2
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But what you don't understand is, Battlefront games have always been MP oriented. Yes they've had small single player bits, but the bulk was mainly multiplayer. And people have been fine with that for over 10 years now. With Titanfall, maybe if certain things were better e.g. more weapons, no bots, etc, that would've been a hit. And also, another reason Titanfall was hated on was that it wasn't on PS4.

I'm not thrilled with the idea of SW:BF not having a s... #11.3
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You're right; Battlefront gets a free pass because it's Star Wars. It's because it has that amazing universe rich with lore and awesome characters. I enjoyed Titanfall, but don't think I can remember more than one or two characters from the game. You can't compare Star Wars to just can't. #11.2
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Confirmed not a Space Trooper. #8.1.1
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Although I would love a true-to-the-comic Green Arrow game, I love the Arrow TV show. #12.2
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If I remember correctly, you're sporting a 770, right? Preliminary benchmarks from multiple sites show that the 770 can run it on max at 1080p at around 50 to 60 fps. Dial down a couple of settings and you'll get your 1080p/60fps sweet spot.

Or I could be completely wrong and you've got a different GPU :P #18.1.1
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Nope, from what I've heard...there isn't a crack out yet. #10.3.1
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Yeah because that's why MS released MCC as well /s

Damn...the idiocy of some people these days #6.1.2
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Is that a troll comment? Or are you flaunting the fact that you've got a Titan X and have more cash to burn on a second one? Because given them fact that a GTX 760 can run this on 4K at 30fps, whereas the Titan X can run most games around 50 to 60fps at 4K..The Titan X shouldn't even sweat running this on 1440p at 60fps. #4.2
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Collectively I finished the Uncharted games 14 times (UC1 4 times, UC2 7 times, UC3 3 times). But I'll gladly buy this trilogy and finish them another 14 times. Bring on the remaster! #11
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I'm guessing you don't know of the site selling the game, Zavvi. In the UK, most online retailers, especially well established ones like Zavvi, do free deliveries. I just ordered it yesterday from Zavvi for £32 (had a 10% discount code too); a fantastic deal. #2.1
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Wow, it's been a long time Cat. You've done a fantastic job during your time here at N4G. I remember when I joined N4G just over 6 years ago, and how much this site has changed and grown, but also how much it still stays true to it's soul: News For Gamers. Ever since I joined, not a day has gone by (yes that's 2,259 days) that I didn't visit this site for my gaming news fix. Thank you for your service, and good luck for wherever you go next :) #62
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This kid is a high school junior...he shouldn't even be playing Bloodborne, let alone be reviewing it :P #24
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You have to click on the game name and price and it takes to you the store page. FYI; it's Rakuten. #2.1
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Like the PC version. In fact, if you connect your mobile spotify to your PS4 spotify, you can select the songs you want played on your mobile and it'll play on the PS4 i.e. using your phone as a spotify remote. #15.1
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