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Choose your resolution. Choose your settings. Add more power. Steam sales. Price of games at launch close to half of console prices. Use KnB, DS3/4, XBOX 360/One Controller, flight stick, racing wheels, etc.

Yeah...building a gaming PC is a total waste of money /s #1.3
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2 weeks of grinding? Do you just play contact missions? Or maybe just rob grocery stores? Play some heists with a bunch of friends and you'll make a million real quick. That's enough to cover the DLC costs. Yeah, maybe you won't be able to afford the BEST upgrade (e.g. Lowrider DLC), but you might get the 2nd or 3rd best upgrade, but also giving you incentive to do more heists/missions to afford the best stuff.

The day lowrider came out, I got all 6 cars, and maxe... #1.1
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I game at 1080p with a GTX 980, and even I turn Hairworks off for The Witcher 3. The slightly fancy hair effects isn't worth the drastic fps cost. #3.1
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Installing an SSD in a console is pointless unless the console OS supports TRIM. Sure it'll be fast in the beginning, but without TRIM, in a few months to a years time, that SSD would become slower than a normal hard drive. #1.4.3
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Any games associated with the deleted account will be removed from the ps4.Only other way I can see it is, you can just NOT delete your old UK account, and make a new UK account on the ps4, and use the new account all the time. In that way, you don't lose your games. #10.1
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Actually, there are some laptops now that are sporting full desktop grade GPUs:

Albeit that article mentions Nvidia GPUs, but I'm sure AMD can do it as well. So it's not far off to thing a desktop grade AMD GPU modified to run in the NX. I would think something like a 380x, at least to "beat" current gen consoles.... #3.1.1
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So you rather just play old games instead of bother with new games? I think EA need to innovate and bring out some brand new IPs. #7.1
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Definitely. Or at least in a dark room. And if you have a good pair of gaming headphones, or a surround sound setup, I would absolutely use them. #6.1
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I am in no way defending Battlefront. In fact, I won't even be picking this game up at launch, unless they add more offline/coop content, bots, etc. All I am saying is that with my experience in Battlefield games(been playing from BF 1942), the Battlefront's movement mechanic's doesn't at all remind me of Battlefield. I am not even going to go into gun mechanics, though I think you too would agree that both games a very different in that regard. The only think I could say is t... #8.3
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That's a lot of doll hairs. Will any doll do? Or does it have to be hairs from something specific like Barbie? #9.1
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Again with the "Feels like Battlefield" BS. Seriously, have you guys even played Battlefield. I'm a BF vet (over 1000 hours clocked), and it feels NOTHING like Battlefield. Battlefront does have flaws, but feeling like Battlefield isn't one of them. #8.1
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Actually, you CAN bail/exit from any vehicle in the game. You just have to hold down square (PS4) or X (Xbox One). #1.1.2
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I tried it out yesterday with a 7 day free trial. I played GoW Ascension, since I never picked it up when I gamed on the ps3, and playing a fast paced hack and slash is a good way to test the latency. It felt really good. Yes, there is a slight lag, but it wasn't significant enough to stop me from pulling off some sick combos.

Keep in mind though, all games ARE NOT available with the subscription version of PS Now. Games such as uncharted 3, Beyond 2 souls, etc, are not p... #1.6
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Have people not played the original Battlefront games? The gameplay pretty much nails that experience. Only difference is that there's not story mode, but the gameplay of DICE's Battlefront sure does feel like the good old games. I think most people complaining have either never played a Battlefront game before, or have started gaming on the ps3/360 gen. #19
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You haven't played a Battlefront game before, you? Lightsaber gameplay was never the focus of such games. This was never a game for you. But don't assume it's not a game for anyone else. #5.1
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Feels like a battlefield mod, huh? How many hours of battlefield have you clocked? I have clocked in over a 1000, and I can tell you that the gameplay feels NOTHING like battlefield. That's not to say battlefront is without flaws, but playing/looking like battlefield isn't one of them. #17.1
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Again, you make another generalisation. Why is it that a person can't play two different games in two different ways? Or maybe you play every game with the same play style, so you assume everyone else does? #7.2
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So it's not possible enjoy both CoD and MGO at the same time? #7.1
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Beefy? It's an i3 and an i5. Regardless of it being skylake models, it's not very "beefy". It's standard requirements, just in the latest generations. Heck, an i7-2600K would probably still smoke that new i5. #2.1
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Thanks Christopher! Will join later tonight. #19
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