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Septic, dude, what happened to you man? I know I haven't been around N4G for a while...but you used the be one of the good ones. You never used to get pulled into or participate in fanboy bullshit. What the hell's going one here?!

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Well as someone who's put some hours into it (not a lot though, as unfortunately these days I don't get time for gaming), I wouldn't personally call it mediocre. It has a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite fun to play. The main issue with the game is the constant server issues, disconnects, unbalanced matchmaking, etc. That is what will kill the community. If Ubisoft don't sort out their backend, players will look elsewhere. With regards to t...

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Well, For Honor has had an Alpha, a closed beta (with a lot of people getting in) and will have an open beta that ends 2 days before release. So it's not like the devs are hiding anything in terms of gameplay or graphics. The focus of this game is mainly on multiplayer, so that portion has been on display for a while. Personally, I too think devs should send out copies beforehand. However, I'm not too worried about For Honor in this regard as for the reasons I mentioned above.

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I played the beta on PC (GTX 1080), and it looks just as bad. Sure, it's a lot sharper and runs a lot smoother, but those E3 graphical effects are no where to be seen. It's just a cleaner image compared to the PS4 (though the beta on my PS4 pro has HDR support, so it's slightly more vibrant on that).

I don't see why people have to defend downgrades and turn it into a console vs PC shitfest. We should all step up together and call out such practices, so that ...

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As a Division veteran with over 500 hours of game time, I can safely say, that I agree...with the notion that Kokyu is talking out of his ass.

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The Division's player base went up by a lot recently with the new changes they implemented, and with the release of Survival. Also, Division was a $60 game at launch; Pokemon Go is free. So I don't see the logic in your comparison, except it's purpose being nothing other than trolling.

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Scam Citizen? Lol how long did it take for you to come up with that?

But as a backer myself, I agree that development has taken a lot longer than expected, and deadlines getting pushed back isn't a good sign. However, they have released and shown new stuff (areas, gameplay elements, game modes, etc) that shows that progress is definitely being made.

Right now in the alpha, you can party up with friends and do missions in the persistent universe (multi...

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Well, as someone who's put in over 500 hours in The Division (not that high when compared to others), the game has improved a lot from where it was at launch and a few months ago. Loot drops are more frequent and of high quality, incursions (even falcon lost) are now fun, and challenge modes for main missions adds quite an amount of replayability.

The Dark Zone and PvP is still broken (or in other words, not very fun) at the moment due to griefers and trolls. This will...

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On a very small selection of (old) games. Also, you guys got the 10% off code for ps4 pro owners, which we didn't. So I guess...'Murica!

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Seriously kid, I think it's past your bed time. Night night.

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Dude...just give it a rest. It's just sad...

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Just traded in my PS4 yesterday to put towards the Pro, though I kinda wish I traded it a bit later so I could have tried out the HDR on TLoU. The 10th can't come soon enough!

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Well, as a graduate of Medical Science, specialising in Neurotrauma, Neurophysiology and Neuropharmacology, I can safely say that this article, is bullshit. You're welcome.

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For Xbox One games, XBL Gold is required to play your free games. I found out about this first hand last month when my Gold expired.

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After last night's conference, I finally bit the bullet and bought a 4K HDR TV. I've got a gaming PC as well, so I can finally try out all those PC games in 4K (if it runs well on my 980).

I'll be picking up the Pro probably around xmas time, so I'll at least get to try out the HDR games on the og PS4 (if any release by then, that is). It's gonna be an expensive autumn...

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So do you actually have anything constructive to say, or do you normally just talk out of your ass. Oh..nevermind. I'm sure you'll improve once puberty hits in a couple of years.

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Wow...I think it's a little past your bedtime kid. It's a school night after all.

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You 'do' realise that you don't actually have to purchase any of the ships in Star Citizen with real money, right? Just buy the basic $45 package (or $60 if you want single player) and you get access to a starter ship and the whole online experience. When the game launches in full, you will be able to purchase ships with money earned in game, with people no longer being able to purchase ships with real money from then on.

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Is is cheaper though? You can get into Star Citizen for as low as $45 that includes a ship, access to the alpha, and the full online experience. $60 gets you all that and the AAA single player campaign featuring big names such as Gary Oldman and Mark Hamill.

So yeah, definitely watered down. But not cheaper. Unless, of course, you're referring to it being "cheaper" as in having little worth in terms of gameplay.

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