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Wow...When did they actually announce it for PC?? #19
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That doesn't always help. On a 200Mbps connection, I get 60Mbps max on my PS4 (most of the time it's around 35), and it's wired. I plug that same Ethernet cable into my laptop, and I get 195+ all the time. There's supposedly a cap on the download speed on the PS4. #2.1
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*Read Dead III #4.3
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Erm, your comment just makes someone think that if they have a PC, they don't need an xbox... :/ #8.1.1
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Go here: https://account-uplay.ubi.c...

If you have access to the beta, you'll find your key(s) here. #3.1
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Well, given how this article is about getting the beta without paying anything, that statement stands true, doesn't it? :P #9.1
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To be fair, it completely depends on the game and the individual. For example, I have a very good gaming PC, but I will most likely be getting The Division on PS4 due to the social aspect of the game, as I have more friends on PSN. So affordability is definitely a factor to consider when choosing platforms, but it's not the only factor. #1.1.3
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Douche it up? I was just helping out people who want to play the beta but are not familiar with the method I stated. #10.2.1
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Even though I agree that the state of the game is quite poor on the Xbox One, there is a trial for the game. I thought I'd give it a go, as the game runs like ass on my PC (GTX 980), plus it would give me the opportunity to play with more friends. But within 2 minutes of playing the trial, I deleted it. Clearly it's got a long way to go. Next time, when a game has a free trial or a demo, use it. #8
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People who want in on the beta but haven't received any codes yet, just pre-order The Division on Amazon. The code will be sent to you within 48 hours. Once you get the code, cancel your pre-order. Since Amazon do not charge you until the game has shipped, you've got nothing to worry about. #10
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Why are you comparing a controller with AR goggles? #2.1.1
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The worst part is that you think that responding to someone's comment on N4G is a "mission". Some people...really... #5.1.3
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I feel the same way about Zelda games, but that's just my opinion. I've tried getting into them, but I just didn't like them. I'm sure a lot of people enjoy Zelda games, and more power to them. But it's not for me. #5.1
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You keep saying that the gameplay is mediocre, but it's a third person shooter. What do you expect from it? You can aim, you can shoot, the guns do good damage. As it's post apocalyptic, ammo is rare, supplies are rare, etc. No regenerating health makes it more realistic.

So what else? Now, unless you expect Joel to start shooting lasers out of his eyes, breathing fire, or using his d*ck as a minigun, I don't see anything wrong with the gameplay. #3.1.7
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Why would playing the game on xbox make the game better for you? #2.5
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I've only had to hard reset once, while playing Halo MCC. Though I've got one of the the newer models, so many it's improved? #1.1.2
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I explained WHY I think the Rift is too expensive, if you read it again. It's not a question of affordability; it's a question of value. What am I getting out of the product that I'm spending so much money on? Is it worth the price? That's what I mean. #5.3
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I've got a GTX 980, A Core i7-2600K OC'd + liquid cooled, 16GB of RAM, a 80+ Gold PSU, and also a blu-ray drive. My specs are in the top 5% of PC gamers, and yet I think the Rift is too expensive.

When we spend £300-£500 on GPUs, we know EXACTLY what we're going to get out of it. We know that the games will run better, on max settings, and also, ALL games will work on it. Same with CPU and RAM. But with the Rift, if I drop £500 on it right now, wher... #5.2
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Given the fact that no one is actually charged until March, given them plenty of time to actually think things over and possibly cancel their order; doesn't really count as actually selling out. A lot of people on Gaf and Reddit are considering cancelling their orders now that the hype has faded and they're looking at it objectively. #3.3
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