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I really hope it's the trilogy. I enjoyed all three of them.

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I picked it up about a week ago. I've managed to squeeze in about 20 hours. Luckily, 2 of my other mates picked it up the same time, so about 99% of those 20 odd hours have been coop for me. 'Tis fun, though I'm disappointed that I can't properly play with friends who are high/max level because of the way game scales the enemies.

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I wanna play as Eddie Raja!

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Looks to be a good game. But a masterpiece? Perhaps that's a bit of a stretch. I'll be getting it regardless.

However, unless people were personally involved in the development of the game, they should not take some of the low review scores to heart. The low scores just mean that next time around, they'll make it even better.

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"It will probably allow VR to run in 4K"

Wow...I actually LOL'd for that one.

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Wow people must lead really sad lives to stealth disagree on this thread.

On topic: Evolution, you will be missed.

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I didn't preorder, but got the map code included anyway with my copy of the game. And the map isn't even included in the normal rotations. So unless you ONLY want to play on nuketown, there's no point.

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The PS4 renders it at 60 fps, which then gets upconverted to 120 fps, via asynchronous reprojection. The ps4 won't have to sacrifice image quality to pump out 120fps.

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"Based on our initial allocation we cannot guarantee release day delivery if you ordered after 11:45 GMT, Wednesday 16 March, 2016". Just checked my confirmation email. The order went through at 11.46 GMT. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

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I agree that they should include the camera in the package. However, if they don't, it doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work out of the box.

For example, the GearVR doesn't need an external camera (meaning no head tracking) to work. I assume that basic stuff like cinema mode will work without the camera, but fully fledged VR games will require the camera.

But yeah, I really hope they include the camera in the final package.

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A more higher resolution image of the contents of the box:

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With some change actually. Can't forget the extra £57 for shipping the Vive >_>

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The October release date means a lot of kids are getting a PSVR for Christmas this year.

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If I were you, I'd try and buy some move controllers NOW instead of getting them when PSVR comes out (unless there's a bundle, of course).

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The only "bad" thing I would say is the release date...That's only because I can't wait to get my hands on one. £349?! I'll take 2 please!!

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$399 Price confirmed! October 2016 launch.

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People who spend a lot of money on their high end PCs should not have to be content with "ok". And it's great that you personal 2015 GOTY was a 30fps console title, but I'm sure you'd agree that if that game ran at 60fps, you'd enjoy it even more.

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So it's not worth $60 because it looks meh? But I don't see you complaining when "meh" AAA games are priced at $60. Or is it because NMS is an indie game? Either way, all this whining about the price of this game is getting really annoying.

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Just read the whole thing, and to be completely honest, if all of it happened as James said it did, then Valve is the one that came off as an "ass". Especially Ali.

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