Come hither, thy brethren.
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Better them than Perfect World...

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Ive had some pretty kinky GFs man.

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Plus 20 cents per minute per feet away from your TV. For maximum cost efficiency we advise you sit as close as you can.

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Hello Sir, Comets on Fire are badass.

Good day.

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There were definitely some great ideas. I liked being able to rack up the battle points with a recon drone, spotting people, then using those points for something more offensive.

The vehicles were atrocious though.

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-Not Take itself so goddamn seriously

-Get rid of the bro-dates, dates in general

-Silent protagonist

-Customizable Protagonist Male/Female at least.

-Hire some new writers. I'm really tired of their writing style. Like the author here says, they've exhausted the same archetypes over and over.

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People look at me funny when I say this is my favorite game this generation...

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I'm sure inmates make similar mental justifications of their nightly rape, when bubba decides to use lube.

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Its going to be cool to see how they update the engine.
It is Carmack after all, and he doesn't mess around.

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"I pre-ordered the game and need to justify my purchase and/or fight off feelings of buyers remorse"

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10 bucks I'd presume in the US store?

Sounds good to me.

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I would play that as a game in its current state. I'd just make a bunch of ramps and fly into each other with another truck colliding mid air over and over.

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The smaller the scope of the game, the easier it is to polish. Its not really rocket science.

Skyrim is up there with the greatest single player games of all time, and apparently, thats not good enough.

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I'm pretty sure the "puzzling" cutscene use comes down to one of the major benefactors of the cutscenes themselves, the hiding of load times.

But other times when you just clear a room and then lose control for 20 seconds I agree with the writer its just like "...uhhh ok".

One thing that was good about the original Max Paynes is that some of the story was actually part of the gameplay itself, like hearing "THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANG...

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Mars Matrix and Maken X for me. Maken X has better FPS melee than even Skyrim.

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At least they aren't pulling the "videogames make you violent" card. If there going to be negative consequences for playing TOO MUCH then these are them.

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its the cloud gaming update for ps3

it technically could have "next gen" graphics

edit: Its not just about the visuals, since wii-u was shown a long time ago and ps4 or xbox720 have been routinely denied at this E3 it only makes sense that the semantics here are a tad misleading in what "next gen" means.
Unless of course a new player emerges....but I highly doubt that.

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Keighley gonna Keigh

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I'll never understand people uploading "HD" pictures, then squashing them to a tiny image viewer...

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I think its because people have too many games these days. When you've never learned how to play a "hard" or "tactical" game and can just choose not to play it, people will just go for the path of least resistance.

I remember buying SWAT 2 as a kid, and when I first played it I was like "wtf is this..." I was getting owned, I had no clue what was going on. Eventually, since I bought the game and wanted to get my money's worth, I started t...

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