Come hither, thy brethren.
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Shit...XCOM is october??

I thought that was Q1 2013 for some reason

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Lots of people hate D3 now. Its perfect timing.

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Hope you guys like EA and Activision....

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What hype? All I've run into is a bunch of jaded gamers too skeptical for their own good.

but for the few of us who actually know what this game is about, its going to be amazing.

if you like:
Metal Gear
Deus Ex

then you'll like Dishonored.

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I don't even...

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Why would you take the screenshots during a cutscene...

Sure they are rendered in the engine but still, quite sloppy and uninformative.

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actually from what I heard it goes based on skill, so assuming you're better than a pad player on kb/mouse, you'll never play against them. It makes a lot of sense, and actually will function pretty much the same as if they did separate the two player bases, except for shitty mouse players and godlike pad players

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11 months, for a digital only release no less, is a life time

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Live Free or Die muthafuckasss

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The bad PR for the dark side of dlc needs to be publicized to the point that they get the message and stop these tactics in order to actually save face. But as a typical business goes, their greed would stop from doing this unless we forcibly chastise the practice with whatever consumer powers we have, and finally put them at a financial loss.

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Omg lets not think uncomfortable thoughts!

Fuck you OP, whoever you are.

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Make sure you specify "we" as the group of people who need a bed time story to keep them from killing themselves/others, and not humanity as a whole.

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it might be 1280x1080p like GT5 but it will still look better than 1280x720p

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Ideally, with the best interest of gamers in mind, they should do its best to make the product and let it sell itself on its own merit. Most industries don't get that chance like they do in gaming.

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I've never wanted a company to fail more than I do now with Capcom.

On top of all the BS this is still the least effective "selling out" I've ever seen.

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Except for some reason console kiddies COD insecurities have now been merged with ticket count?

"Normal ticket count? You must be a COD fan."


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except for those desperate for approval from their non-gamer friends/family.

They need to recognize that harmful desire and remove it from their system. It only makes them look immature, ironically.

If you like videogames, play whatever the hell you want, and don't let anybody tell you its not "mature".

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Yep, I'm loving this ongoing trend of them chasing after Steams model.

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I think he meant:

"I will end my life, if I have to make another MGS after MGS5."

I do hope MGS5 is the last one, not because I don't like MGS (its my favorite series), but Kojima isn't getting any younger and he might not get many more chances to start a new franchise if he doesn't do it soon.

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So fucking rad.

If this is a "bioshock ripoff" then more people need to rip off bioshock.

In truth this is more like Deus Ex with magic, and thats pretty much my dream game.

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