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Ninja Gaiden had pretty much reached gaming perfection. Not everyone could handle it but thats life.

Same thing happened with splinter cell. The gameplay mechanics were so incredibly close to perfect in Chaos Theory, there was absolutely no good reason to go the route they did with Conviction. Throwing out heritage for the sake of "innovation" aka a bunch of new developers with no knowledge of what makes games great, only a cockiness and confidence in their own shit...

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unless i'm stuck in the bathroom*

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Yes, in a way, but only because it didn't lock out paths that you weren't spec'd for as much as the originals. I got past that and fully enjoyed it.

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Thats only half of it. The horror comes from being weak, but when you're just catering to peoples power fantasies then you've already lost.

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also its very rare that you'll take damage if you roll and block properly, you can't say that for other games. Most games don't allow you that type of control.

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Compared to 10 years theres really not that many.

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Bruce Willis has been dead all along.

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And on DCUO it showed. We'd be waiting a month for a patch that *was already finished*

I think the st patty's day stuff didn't even come out until June/July... it was a pretty poor service.

If Sony let some devs bypass the submission process or find a way to speed it up radically, it would help a lot.

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fingers crossed...

This industry needs to stop throwing away talent.

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Which is why developers don't do stuff like this until they can get it 95% right. The glitches and general awkwardness that comes along with mods gets a free pass (as it should IMO), but people need to realize that quality control is a real thing.

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Considering buying a WiiU just to play this...

Beating Dark Souls to death has left a gap in my library for big ass bosses and tail-cutting shenanigans. This seems to be my best option.

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and if it was about a ps3 exclusive N4G would shower him in agrees and bubble votes...

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Demon's Souls kicked my ass, but I breezed through Dark Souls. I don't see what people are so intimidated by, I think its all the medias fault for hyping it up so bad.

I ACCIDENTALLY beat the game. Thats how casual the game became. "oh whats down here...hmm a few black location...whoa whose this dude....


seriously if you cant learn how to not suck at dark souls with all the information available, you may w...

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Shittiest camera I've ever seen in a game. BY FAR.

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Thats the big guys who do that (ubisoft, rocksteady). Everyone buys those games and now complain about why its been dumbed down?
Thats why Dishonored deserves every stealth gamer's attention. It appears to have stealth mechanics and AI on par with the genre's classics and even going the extra mile. So if you want stealth, put your money where your mouth is.

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All it needs is iteration, not reinvention.

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I can't argue with a new Deus Ex

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or you could just go to a music store and get higher quality ones for half the price.

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"I must be a masochist or something."


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There are certainly things that COD excels at. Unfortunately none of those things are the gameplay.

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