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"Come hither, thy brethren."


Combos? What are those? Are those the things where I hit square three times? #1.1.1
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Toro main checkin' in.

Nothing feels better than beating a bunch of kratos and raiden noobs with toro. I can only imagine how they feel. #2.1
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From the makers of Spot and Yo Noid! Comes Mountain Dorito: The Geoffening #6.1
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The only genre that really stands to benefit, in terms of gameplay, from better hardware at the moment is open world games. More detailed worlds, larger player counts.

However, 2D games have long been mastered, and small to medium scale 3D games have all the power they need to achieve their desired vision in gaming. Arena FPS have been mastered since Unreal Tournament, there's not much headroom there for better hardware to improve them. Action games have been at the top o... #6.2
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" “that you can’t market a game that is based around a diverse set of characters and environments – you need a clear and easily communicated marketing message, and TimeSplitters doesn’t have one.”"

This is just...the worst. To play on their terms, however, you could easily craft an image for TS. ADHD crazy cartoon action.

Make a bunch of commercials with monkeys running around with bazookas. After they kill several future theme'd robots, show th... #7
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Its called licensing. You think they didn't list every character in pre-production that you would list? Please. They aren't that stupid, but ultimately its up to who they can successfully lobby to get their characters in the game.
Mad Cloud didn't make it? Blame Square-enix.
Mad there's new Dante and not old Dante? Blame Capcom.
No Spyro? Go call Activision. See the kind of response you get. #9
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wtf... #7
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He might have very well be on "Ya Ba", a popular speedy type drug in Thailand.

Not many people are capable of staying up every night without some help from stimulants. #1.5.1
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Holy fuck...thats a lot of money they're losing by doing this. If you complain about this, then you're a straight up dick. That is an unprecedented amount of content that they're giving out for pennies on the dollar. #10
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The level design is actually really great I think. Thats about it. Bayonetta is definitely better gameplay wise from the looks of this.

Wii U sure is lookin' appetizing. Mmm...Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter in 1080p #5.1.1
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Nope. The truth is that its just one guy who's actually doing the development and he decided it was too much work for one person to work on both releases at once. #1.1.1
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Not all actors are meant to be type-casted into what people think they should be. They are *actors* after all. The notion that they should repeat similar roles is just one of those habits that Hollywood created to devolve movies into bite sized, easily predictable, chunks. #2.1
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Incoming generic third person shooter #4
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Wasn't it also rumored like four years ago that this would be the case? I hope its true, but I plan on mountain biking all over Los Santos non-stop regardless. #3.4.1
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Its a job, or stake in the company. #4
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YES. Vanquish and TM are vastly underrated. They get my blood pumping like nothing else. Nothing. #16.1
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N4G on Trolling:

Never ok

Unless they are a little kid and deserve it.

jesus fuck guys. #4.1.5
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I think the game will never leave my ps3 for months when it arrives.

That said, I wish they didn't give us such unrelatable characters. I get they are trying to make them realistic to the type of actions you do in the game, so A for effort. #3.1
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It makes sense if you can detach yourself from the emotional reaction it might give you. I for one think gameplay always trumps story, but thats exactly why I don't usually look for story in my games.

What he is saying is that if you truly want to deliver a good story, you have to blend all elements together to perfectly serve the narrative instead of "play some gameplay, hear some story, watch some story".

David Cage, even though I don't l... #2.1
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because its silly to make the distinction when we all know whats going on.

Its just like Tony Hawk games on PS2, they still had PS1 versions. #4.2.2
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