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But you just ended up with endless grass and spice...

At least you need to earn the secret rite(though the boss should be...a real boss to get this) and spend humanity to increase estus, at that one bonfire, instead of just going back to the hub and buying a bunch of grass.

Plus, once you upgraded your flask, that was it, now you can heal better. You don't have to shift through what grass is appropriate for what fight, which seems easier, except now you&#...

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Go to playstation home, find the dust area, follow the instructions

if its still there its a free way in

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Like he says, they did it so they DIDN'T have to compromise on anything gameplay or story. Its more than a fair trade.

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or maybe they just value different elements of games than you?

Not everyone is into the whole cinematic gaming deal.

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All they have to do to make the game more approachable is make it easier to join up in co-op, and not just for boss battles.

Then just make a covenant with a sweet weapon for the solo hardcore players to fawn over to give them reason not to do co-op all the time.

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Yes the old days of having to deal with day 1 glitches never getting fixed.

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Pretty much just like everyone thought it would be. Fits right in with the other items just fine.

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My friend is incredibly good with sly. I can't. Even. Touch. Him.

I can bait the parry sometimes but its so damn quick, its kind of ridiculous. He's definitely one of the most powerful characters in the game.

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its all free if you download it in the first two weeks.

like other people have pointed out before, you just have to download it in the first two weeks, even if you dont have the game yet it will work.

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"How important is the hunting aspect of Tomb Raider?

It’s always an opportunity to progress your experience and gain more skills more quickly, but we didn’t want a hunger system where you had to constantly worry about where you were going to get your next piece of food. That was really just our commitment to what we’re calling a ‘survival action’ approach. "

Sure, hunger meters will alienate people, I get that. But calling it &...

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Somehow there's still this cognitive dissonance where people refuse to admit that they don't pay attention to gameplay, they pay attention to hype, marketing, and advertising. They'll buy a hyped game then get disappointed, but refuse to take a chance on anything remotely different if it isn't being shoved down their throat.

eg. Twisted Metal, Starhawk, and now PSABR

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I'm not able like as to therefore I even will never though all without.

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You're not in the minority. If you were in the minority, then they wouldn't have chose that cover. Its made to appeal to as many 13-24 year old males as possible

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I wouldn't second guess that choice.

Although I find it kind of silly to judge a batch of games by the year, when the release dates of a season of games start in the fall and end in the spring of the next year

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I know a 150 AP combo with Toro.

dive kick, forward.jump neutral.square dive kick, forward.jump neutral.square dive kick, canceled into triangle, forward.triangle

you start in afro form, end in karate. its a loop of dive kicks to a jumping attack that can cancel into a dive kick again. The tricky part is that you have to press forward and jump then let go of forward so you don't do a forward+square attack.

If that all sounds co...

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I love reading about EVE drama. Don't want to play it...just read about it.

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Everyone is insane on insane mode.

Y'all need to learn the kill combos. Every character has moves that position the enemy into a spot where their super is 100% guaranteed.

Almost every character can get a full meter in ONE COMBO. The ones that can't get big chunks from individual hits, like sweet tooth.

Learn to play the game for real before you start spouting bullshit about balance, because you haven't a clue.

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Platinum games is one of the few devs actually capable of making an action game with deep gameplay.

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And I'd rather play Dark Souls than the piece of shit that is Assassins Creed

I have netflix, and I have real games. Why would I want a linear story shoved down my throat with plastic figures disguising themselves as humans?

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So many people struggle their whole life to create ONE thing that makes an impression on the world and is considered a classic, and fail miserably, over and over again. He should be happy that he even has the luxury of the frustration of creating another classic.

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