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"Actually, Destructiods curse strikes again"

typical ignorant comment about Destructoid strikes again.

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It means Sony can help out their other exclusives more effectively.

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Its going to be nice to see RPG guys really try to solidify the classes of an FPS. Hopefully its not just typical dev-speak talking up their own game and they actually do bring something fresh to the table.

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the game is already 3x the price it should be...

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1 scout chopper can chew up infantry and spit them out

2 scouts with guided missiles can take out tanks pretty fast

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Digital download prices are great! I gameshared Mass Effect 3!

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ill tell you this though, anybody who uses heatseakers on a jet is probably a noob. flares wont help you against people who actually know how to shoot you down and save the second slot for rocketpods/guided shell.

jet balance on consoles just feels hopeless, so I hardly bother anymore.

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" worth your time. "
define time. 20 mins? 2 months?

its worth a try, I don't see a reason why any FPS fan on ps3 wouldn't try it. Its not even like they have to make a final judgement either....because it'll always be there.

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The problems were exaggerated. People just love to hate on DICE

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author is surprised because xbox has fewer full games up for download than psn.

lets be real though, when people talk about the value of going digital, they're talking about steam.

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aiming feels the same but strafing feels faster...weird.

good patch overall. disabling AA makes the framerate much better and especially on bigger maps

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Hey picasso, your portraits don't look like real people.

fix it please


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was just about to post the same thing

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This a rare exception where I say, who cares? Its a fighting game. Their focus should be on the characters, their balance, and online functionality. I'd gladly trade in MK9s awesome single player modes for a working online experience.

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not even good examples at that...

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no ps3?

thats a mistake...

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Whos Dark Sniper...


I get it...

YOU'RE Dark Sniper.


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*Clamors for more closure*

*gets closure, complains*

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I love fighting games but hate capcoms philosophies so if I want a capcom game I buy it used.

EA I don't mind so much, because they are responsible for supporting some pretty damn fine games, despite everything, and I don't know how some of those games would have fared without the massive budget.

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I'll celebrate when I get ZERO connection errors. Last night I tried to play with my friend who just got the game at a 90% failure rate. So depressing, because the game is so good.

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