Come hither, thy brethren.
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look at people who buy shitty games to boost their gamerscore....(/end faith in humanity)

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honestly when i see people with all the wipeout trophies i am so amazed that i vomit a little

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If you think that its genuinely a real problem that some players will see content that others wont because of how much work was put into the game...then honestly...stop playing videogames or at least writing about them. That is the holy grail of videogames, one that you may never experience all of the content.

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I think theres alot of actions being taken by video game companies right now that down the line, ten or twenty years when congress is filled with people who understand teh interwebz, will be illegal. Charging for a service is one thing, but labeling something a service when its a product is another thing. If EA wants to sell games as a service, then they have to actually...PROVIDE SOME SERVICE. EG: maps, maps, maps, maps, maps, etc.

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thats only because you are not man enough for her.

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bubble +

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just because someone failed in their half baked attempt to cash in on the def jam license, doesn't really mean it cant be dont. doesn't really mean anything besides that was a shitty game

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i could think of some pretty entertaining 4 hours...

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if you pirated it, wouldn't you be denied the ability to play it online? I'm genuinely wondering this, because that was always the case (so I uhh have heard) with pc. Seeming as this game is worth about nil without MP what would be the point of risking permanent ban and/or lawsuit?

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what if every game forced you to play as a woman? I wouldn't care personally, but I know a lot of people would, and they should have the ability to choose if the game presents the atmosphere where the choice makes sense.

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if you are going to add ANY minigames...make them playable online in free-roam with real people. You spent all that time making a fun pool minigame...why do I have to play it against a computer?

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Agent(PS3 only) will probably make gta4 look like a paint drying simulator so keep your pants on.

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I have, but they still rely on old arcade mechanics despite the impressive move set. What I would expect this long in the genres history is more of a EA Fight Night fluidity take on it. My point is: there's still a lot of ground not covered, and if i knew exactly what that ground was, I would be a developer :D

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i think you are taking this a bit too seriously. especially from a no-name blog...

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good read. I'm still waiting for a real fighting game that doesn't rely on arcade-visual-spamming or any sort of special moves. SF is great, but its 2010 all we need is a create-a-character where you choose fighting styles and you learn how to punch and kick, not bounce around the screen like you just railed some amphetamines.

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6. Don't read gaming news.

If you never know what is "new" then it all is to you. And cheaper...much cheaper.

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the knife demote is going to be stupid. ok in theory, but knifing is way too easy to pull off, so people will just troll gun game just to demote people

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Where did I mention multiplayer? I didn't. Getting my money's worth is not mutually exclusive with a tacked on multiplayer mode.

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so your complaint is that the people you played with were retarded. its unfortunate you have had that experience though...typically when my team is THAT bad I just find a new match and usually it works out. But yea, bf doesn't play itself it needs people who understand the idea of an "objective" other than killing.

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Every time you buy a shorter single campaign game like this, no matter how good it is, YOU are telling the developers that this is 60 dollars worth of gaming. They will use this information. Don't be surprised when they hold off on content till post launch DLC because YOU told the company that you already got your 60 dollars worth.

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