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When cloud gaming takes off, isp's won't be able to get away with data limits. They would be undercut and put out of business by a new player who realized this.

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Its for sure not the same but they usually come packaged together.

"Don't dump them on the player all at once, and let them get comfortable with ideas one at a time, and they'll gradually realise a wealth of new options"

This is fine as long as that gameplay depth is available from the start to those who figure it out or are playing a second time.

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I just want a rental service streaming from my PS3

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These little kids never learn.

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5. Jill Valentine



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They think we don't know that publishing online is massively cheaper. Its quite insulting when games do this.

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"More Hz = faster motions. You need to slow it down so that movement looks natural. "

Wrong. More hz = more DETAILED motions. 24hz/fps in theaters have been offset by the natural motion blur of film. So the perceived framerate is actually higher than 24fps in most cases (extreme speed and action can break the illusion).

As more and more theaters switch to digital projectors the 24hz will simply not be enough because the motion blur will not exist an...

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Its just a b/s excuse that maybe happens one time out of 10000000000000000000000000 times but they'll accuse you of it every other time.

just like "you must be lag-switching!"

"host advantage"

"camper" (applies when they weren't actually camping)

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Error 37 is the best thing that could have happened for Runic Games.

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"3. Bad storyline? Really? It has one of the smartest and most immersive storylines of any games the last couple of years. There are lots of really cool plot twists and the pacing is extremely well done."

I think people are confusing the single player "experience" with the actual plot. As a single player experience, yes its one of the best in years.

But to say the plot is the best in years, thats a testament to how low gamers standards hav...

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This game is classic!

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I think the info coming to light in the last few months have dispelled any chances of either Timesplitters or Battlefront 3 being made any time soon, and Team Bondi is pretty much dead in the water.

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Looks decent enough, though from what was shown the superheroes seem somehwat out of place. Could be the art direction, or just the gameplay style, but I think it will be fun regardless.

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"Glad to see that devs don't want it to be pay-to-win."

To be fair, anyone can claim that about their game but until players actually form opinions or meta-games around top tier items it may as well be marketing b/s.

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I guess you've never heard of Suda51 or Akira Yamaoka

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You know because you played the full game right?

Oh wait its not even out yet...

Yep because demos always reflect the game in its entirety.

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I think you mean 90% of the reviews submitted to N4G

"Maybe your right, it just seems like when there's controversy with some game score, then Jims involved and because of that he sticks in my mind-"

Thats because people purposely single out those reviews to submit here and then lose their fanboy mind over it.

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Spot on about the plot, though the gameplay alone makes it worth it anyways.

Some people don't like the same games as you. Deal with it.

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Exactly. We don't "know" GTAV will require space just because a non open world game requires 35 gigs.

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Beat and returned it within 24 hours of getting it for $2

Redbox ftw


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