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Too bad Activision is holding on to Crash and Spyro. Those would have been great classic revivals in addition to the stuff on the list.

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It's looking good!

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It will be good when all of these rumors are finally cleared up on Wednesday.

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Indeed. 5 more days!!!!!!!!

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Are we already comparing systems when we do not have confirmed specs?

Let alone, the systems haven't even been announced yet.

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I like Nintendo Directs. This could very well be their response to Sony's event next week, but who cares? I can't wait on Feb. 20th - But more games for me is always a good thing, in my opinion.

There are some titles I want to hear release dates for, more details on other already announced games, and a few games on the Wii U and 3DS I want to see localized too.


While I'm not a fan of DmC - There is something inherently wrong with your statement.

If nobody purchased/played it, how can they make the legitimate claim on whether or not the game is good?

It comes down to predetermined, judgmental, bias.

There are tons of great games out there that do not get the recognition or sales they deserve. Makes them no less of a great game. Popularity and sales =/= Quality

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And Half-Life 3.

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Supposedly: Those are the ones who have their privacy setting set to make it okay to send location data. The rest of the people you wont see because of their privacy settings.

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Crysis' MP was never that great in my opinion. Still, I enjoy the singe player campaign. I'll play that and wont touch the MP.

As for Dead Space 3, I haven't played it yet, but I'm hearing a lot of good stuff from die hard fans of the series.

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Journey for GOTY for me still.

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I think the main factor the Vita isn't selling as much, is marketing. Then the gaming library needs to build up and memory card prices need to drop.

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That's like yesterday at a Super Bowl party I was at. This guy and his gf were playing games on their phones and asked me what games I had on my phone.

In return I told them that I don't really play too many games on my phone, I have a Vita and 3DS for that.

I deleted most of the games on my phone to free up space for other things.

But at the same time, I do acknowledge that a huge portion of the people who purchased a Wii were not r...

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Edit: I definitely thought I clicked "reply" to @stragomccloud's comment. >.< *fail*

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Yeah, the article says that.

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Gotta keep the lore flowing! The four pages of previews looked pretty decent. I'll check it out.

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Same. I downloaded it on PS3 and 360 (my PC sucks) so I'll check it out there too.

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I didn't care for Crysis 2's MP too much, but 3 is looking pretty decent. I was planning on picking up the game for the sp campaign regardless.

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People act like I'm making stuff up. I run an online game store where I have sold hundreds of Vitas (mainly at launch).

Add that to the people who I persuaded to get one especially around the Holiday season (around 10 people), I have one way or another gotten over 200 people to get a Vita since its launch.

So how stupid are some of you feeling right now? lol

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lol @ The disagrees. Typical N4G.

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