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They're not going to have an E3 conference for the public.

They'll have a smaller conference/meeting for investors, and a private meeting for press.

The public will get the Nintendo Direct E3 video.

It should satisfy everyone! : D

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People were talking about this. Someone was just not paying attention.

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Yeah, I'll be picking both games up. I have been wanting to get back into the Atelier series and I was really hoping Toukiden would be localized. I'm glad we'll get both!

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All I know is, one of those better be Phantasy Star Online 2.

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You act like Microsoft and Sony are mortal enemies and never do business together.

You realize that there are Sony products and services on Xbox 360 right now, right?

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Sooo, essentially what is already being done with current gen consoles?

People, microtransactions and free-to-play are nothing new.

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No. Remote play will enable you to play anywhere there is a WiFi connection.

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"The PSP did so well because it was easily hackable, cheaper, and had a reasonable storage solution. The Vita is none of these. "

Oh, how we forget.

The PSP launched at the same price of $249 USD. The Vita basic is $249 and most bundles come at that price.

Games launched at the same price too averaging $39.99 for a regular retail game.

"A reasonable storage solution"? You forget that the PSP started out ...

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Insomniac is still heavily involved and the movie is written by the writer of the R&C Future series.

Seems like it's in good hands.

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I guess we might get a reveal before E3 after all.

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Wow. Well....

I can't help but think that better screens could have been found for comparison.


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That's true, but unfortunately, that's an easy way that they get readers/hits.

If the article didn't have that title and was something more like, "The 3DS Gets a Huge Boost," you can bet a lot less people would have clicked on it.

Hits = Advertisers and sponsors who help to keep sites running.

It's a vicious cycle.

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Hackers didn't take down the PSN, Sony took it down to protect their customers and their network from further damage, and to conduct an investigation after they found out that there had been an intrusion.

Big difference.

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@ThatMiamiGuy @iXenon

Or DUST 514. Isn't that still in beta? lol

Only MMOs on the PS3 that have worked so far are SOE MMOs - Free Realms and DC Universe.

DUST 514 still has problems, PS Home is another story all together, and we're still waiting on FF XIV.

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It might be. Although they might alternate with PS3 and Vita games. We'll see.

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You would be surprised how many things Nintendo fans claim Nintendo did first.

Pick any of the many popular Nintendo centered websites out there and you'll see these thoughts in the comments and forums.

Not only Nintendo fans, but just people who don't know much about video games. I used to work in games retail and I can confirm that these misconceptions are sadly prevalent.

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He said that last night after his presentation was over.

Your comment would make sense if Kojima didn't go up in front of a crowd at GDC and thousands of others online and take off the mask, publicly showing that he was this "Joakim."

He has no reason to pretend anymore as the game has been fully revealed. Not even the fake Moby Dick Studios site is up anymore. It redirects to the official MGS V site.

So, yeah. Anyway, the stupi...

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Hideo Kojima already said that this Joakim twitter account is fake:

But it really shouldn't have taken him saying it for people to realize that....

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Yeah, a lot of people (including myself) seem to be getting an ICO vibe from this game. I don't see that as a bad thing though.

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