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So excited. 10 more days!!!!

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I was thinking about going to Aventura to try it out. Were there a lot of people there? Not a fan of crowds. lol

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Dual wielding.*

This isn't Yu Gi Oh.

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Download them digitally and she'll never know. ;)

Oh, and hide the bank statements. lol

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It's automatic, although you may have to set the BPM.

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It really is a good game and I hope it gets the exposure and support that it deserves.

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Not listening to the podcast, but IGN already got their PS4's. Gregg Miller tweeted a picture of him playing DCUO at home on his PS4. -.-

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All Blu-ray discs will have a partial background install to the HDD for quick booting and loading anyway. It's the same thing.

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Triangle for knife kills/melee. Depending on your position in relation to your enemy, then an on-screen touch gesture indicator may appear, but it's done rather well.

It also gives the opportunity for people to counter being knifed.

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It could be a special holiday or Black Friday bundle depending on the time the PS4 comes out. That wouldn't be as much of a loss as if it were a regular year 'round bundle.

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I wouldn't be surprised if it's about PlayStation All-Stars Island. lol

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Snake = Kojima/Konami

Sora = Square Enix

Cloud = Square Enix

Spyro = Activision

Crash = Activision

Sony tried to get most of those characters into the game, but ultimately the third parties wouldn't budge. Not their fault.

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I absolutely love how Guerrilla Games implemented the Move with Killzone 3. I didn't use the sharpshooter, but I sat down with the Move and navigation controller. It worked wonders for me. I was almost always at the top of the board every time I played. I couldn't play multiplayer without the Move after I started. I even platinumed the game with the Move.

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Yeah, that's essentially how most devs use it, if they use it at all. Controller + voice commands. It has become an expensive and over-glorified microphone.

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They probably got this from this older TV commercial from the U.S. a year or two ago. There was a kid asking his mother about sex while he was playing the Vita. It was a fridge commercial though.

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They only announced localization of the PC version and then they suddenly put an indefinite delay on it.

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Not sure why people are so quick to call them bullshots when the gameplay (not even the finished product) looks just as good as the screens.

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And still no localization....


They better be holding out on the localization because they're secretly making a PS4 version too. >=/

I'll forgive them if that's the case....

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