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I agree, which is just what the Vita needs. Doubt it will ever happen though. lol

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The Witness is still one of the games I want to play the most. Hurry up and come out!

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Many indie sites do it hopefully more larger sites will soon.

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It has been confirmed for PS4, PC, and mobile devices. Other consoles are likely in the future.

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Doubt it will.

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It is pretty freaking sweet (thus the avi). =p

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GameStop has addressed the error and is now changing the rating to W for Wumbo. :p

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One would think so, but this is Nintendo we're talking about here... They don't put online play in many of their games. Even the ones that seem like it would be logical.

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That would be terrible. lol

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I think a lot of gamers do but more of as a "see what it says but not really care" type of thing.

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And now we have a release date. Woot! March can't come fast enough.

What would make the game better is if it had online play too.. but knowing Nintendo... ;/

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From the day it was announced, the press release that came with it said it's a reboot and origin story.

From the Press Release:

"The new Mirror's Edge reboots the franchise for the next generation with advanced visuals and an all-new origin story for Faith."

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Are people still calling this reboot Mirror's Edge 2? It's an origin story that basically erases the original game from continuity.

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Not really. These were features that Killzone Mercenary was built around - a game released in 2013.

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That's more, Man-Bat. =p

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Pretty much. I hear more people getting called "fa**ot" and "ni**er" than anything else.

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Their last game was Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus. When Insomniac works on console exclusives, they usually (save for two side R&C games) turn out pretty good.

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Authors of these articles need to realize:

1) Publishers set the price for titles

2) Sony is currently working on a subscription model

3) PS Now is still currently in beta and thus can change before its official launch.

4) Even after its official launch, Sony has promised that the service will evolve and change

5) The service isn't meant to have universal appeal.

6) Instead of writing the...

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@mrpsychoticstalker and others complaining about the service:

If you really think the service is bad then tell Sony in a tactful and constructive manner how you would change it.

Sony is looking for feedback from the beta testers. The best way to let Sony know your thoughts on the beta and how to make it better is by putting your thoughts on the Official PlayStation Now beta forums:

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True. Not to mention the yearly installments of *other* games that have a large following. People will be on to the next thing by that time next year.

I guess that's the purpose. "Play on PlayStation or miss out."

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