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Here's the thing. They are getting rid of "used." U.S. GameStops did that in the past few years. Instead, "used" is called "pre-owned."

That's what getting rid of "used" means essentially.

Pre-owned games are the backbone and lifeblood of GameStop and EB games, they wont get rid of that side of the company.

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I wonder if they'll match the Best Buy price for the 250GB Xbox 360 Holiday bundle ($199).

I hope they do because then I won't have to fight with the crowds!

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Yeah, they did a great job with that game.

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Doth mine eyes deceive me? 2.9?

According to the review, the controls seem to be the reviewer's main issues.

The controls and gameplay may not have been as tight as Hot Pursuit, but they were also not THAT bad. >.>

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Well, we probably will not hear anything about the game for a while since the studio will not even be around until 2012. :/

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I got Skyrim for $29.99 last week at Kmart. o.o

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An amazing game from start to finish. I'm going through it on crushing mode right now.

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I just sold my TV and my consoles to get all of the games I want this month.

I have them all paid off and I'm ready to play!


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Bleach SR was developed by Sony Japan Studios. So I don't see this as anything surprising.

If it was a MP fighter, the game would have been MUCH better.

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Yeah, I went on Amazon earlier this week trying to make a few purchases for the PSN like a $20 card and some DLC that I saw on there for really good prices, only to find that the PSN store no longer exists on Amazon.

I'm not sure why. They did the same thing to the XBL store but at least they still sell XBL points and gold cards.

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I got Mario Kart DS years ago and I still play it down to this day. It's awesome. It's right up there with the all time favorites, Super Mario Kart on SNES and Mario Kart 64.

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Am I the only one who noticed the image not matching the story?

PS Awards, not PS rewards.

Anyway, great! Of course this is just for the Japanese market right now but I'm sure the North American one will show up soon enough. That means more discounts to come on the PSN! :D

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Well Square-Enix, you may still remember it but it was already forgotten by me.

It's a shame really, I used to want to play this game a lot before it came out on PC.

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I have to limit my spending this month......

There are at least 5 games this month that I want. How do I pick which one to leave out?! :(

I want them all!

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I'm really thinking about getting a 3D display or TV now that all of these big titles are getting it; and I was never one to care for 3D at all.

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I will be picking up my copy next week for sure. I just hope that it's at least as enjoyable as Shattered Dimensions.

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Coo. Looking forward to the F2P stuff coming in October.

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Yeah, the FIFA series has always been very popular. It's a bit strange that Konami would pick a release of PES on the same day as FIFA. =/

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Well, Naughty Dog is owned by Sony now, so I highly doubt that.

Still, it would be cool.

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Actually, it does have an online pass (and that is not because of Sony or D3Pub). That is a Level 5 thing. It was the same with the original game. You needed a pass to access the GeoNet (for those not familiar with the series, that is the online side of WKC).

It's on the back of the manual. I'm playing the game right now.

Also, in America White Knight Chronicles is not published by Namco Bandai as stated above, rather it is published by D3 Publisher....

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