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Only game-based movies that I enjoyed so far were Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (pretty good animation) and the Tomb Raider movies (which were mediocre, really). Prince of Persia and the Hitman movies weren't bad either.

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Destiny is a rip off. The so-called expansions we have had so far were all locked on the disc and you had to pay at least $40 extra beyond the game's $60 price to access that content that should have been in the full game.

The tiny bit of story that was in the game is cut short because it's all locked behind a pay gate - the DLC.

The Taken King seems to be the only real expansion that Destiny is getting. It should have be...

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You say PS+ for PS3 is way more value? You have one PS+ sub that works across all platforms. It's a great value for me. I get games for my Vita, PS4, and PS3 each month plus other benefits. Online is still free to access on PS3 and Vita.

I understand why it's being charged for PS4. People always compare XBL to PSN. XBL has been charging for their network a lot longer than PSN, so it better be of superior quality. Sony just started charging recently, so it takes time ...

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It was on the show floor. There just wasn't a playable demo on the show floor.

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This is only for European territories.

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Well, the title basically says it: "A Thief's End".. :/

Maybe he and Elena will have a kid! Uncharted 5 will be "Son of Drake." =p

They didn't say it's the end of Uncharted! ;)

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Currently doing a playthrough. It seems okay for kids but unless you really, really want to play the game, I might hold back on it until a price drop.

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The FTC website (official government site has the link to the settlement.

It's good to be cautious with these types of emails but it's not very hard to look up either.

Also note: The emails should come from sender [email protected] Evidently, these are "legitimate emails authorized by the Attorneys General and Class Plaintiffs".

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Unfortunately, Home is dead although its spiritual successor, Project Nebula is coming to PS4. Project Nebula is being developed by one of the third party devs who worked on PS @ Home. This is an indie project for them and will launch its beta this Autumn on PS4. After the PS4 release, PC and Mac releases are to come thereafter with cross-platform play.

The PC version is said to support the Rift, so it would be cool if the PS4 version could support Morpheus.

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More of a workaround/exploit.

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It's not only about Netflix. That said, the Netflix app on Vita is terrible though. Sluggish and the UI is outdated. PS TV does not have a Netflix app either.

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It will be useful to some and useless for others. I know sometimes I just want to lay in bed and watch something on Amazon through my Vita (dat OLED) but the Vita has no Amazon app, so this works for me!

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There are smaller but still "fun" and useful changes. You'll notice them during your general use of the system.

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Sony retail reps do the advertising in retail stores. Best Buy had nothing to do with that promotion except allowing it to be in their store.

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Maybe because it came out the last week of February. It came out the last week of February and still made it into the top 10.

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I agree. I was skeptical until I tried out last year's VR. Blown away.

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It will have to have a wired connection to the PS4. Last design I tried had a sort of "relay box" that the headset was connected to and that box was connected to the PS4.

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The 2014 version of Morpheus was very comfortable when I tried it out at E3. This is coming from someone who wears glasses too. I can only assume they improved upon that comfort with the new design.

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They wouldn't even localize Yakuza 5. Sony had to step in to do the localization. :(

Hopefully Yakuza 5 will do well enough for Zero's localization but I doubt it.

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Because those type multiplatform games (especially with cross-buy) don't sell systems, I guess.

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