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April Fools! :D

Zipper and Sony announce the SOCOM HD Collection! :D





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April Fools! :D



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I'm not quite sure either. I guess we'll just have to play the waiting game. At least the other games they will be showing are worth a checkout at the booth for those going to PAX.

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Unfortunately, the Vita version is slated to be released in 2013 whereas the PC version is supposed to launch this summer (2012).

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'It comes to this:' You will sue Sony and lose; Resulting in more money lost due to court and other fees surrounding the suit.

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I find it a little odd that these have not [yet] been announced for, you know..... America.

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ModNation Racers, for the PlayStation Vita, does not have online multiplayer. That is what mcstorm was referring to.

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I still think this is an odd move on PlayStation's part. Not only does this game involve the same Play.Create.Share concepts as the already established kart racing game, ModNation Racers, they are both developed by United Front Games.

I guess this is Sony's way of making Sackboy and the Little Big Planet franchise the face of the PS brand like what Nintendo did with Mario. Who knows?

At the very least the game does look like it's keeping some of...

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I actually enjoyed the motion controls with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows on the Wii a lot more than regular controls with an Xbox 360 and PS3 controller.

I hope they implement the Move controls in a similar manner. If they do, I'll gladly play it.

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Just wait for E3 announcements.

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Meh, people are completely overreacting with this whole situation.

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Not saying that I agree with the rest of the conversation as I have a neutral, "Wait and see," stance on all of this.

However, the PSP games that are playable on the Vita are not ports. They are just digital versions of PSP games. The same game that you download to play on your PSP is the same game/PSP game file(s) that you download on your Vita.

That is not the same as Genesis titles being ported to PS3.


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Did they? I missed that announcement. :/

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I have the 3D PlayStation Display and would love to get more use out of it so I would like this.

I'm not sure my internet connection would be fast enough for this but... We'll see!

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I would love to play that game. Not sure if I'll be able to squeeze out the funds though. :(

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Some good tips. I guess as time goes on, more folks are getting a better handle on all that it can do. Looking forward to what it will bring in the future.

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Might as well just make a PS Karting with a bunch of PS characters a la Mario Kart.

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"Are Video Game Ads Pointless?"

No. But these type of articles are.

They're made to cause excitement and anticipation. They're also made to publicize.

Contrary to popular belief, these people on the internet 24/7 going through gaming forums and sites, are not the only ones who play video games.

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You would be surprised how many people purchased Mass Effect 2 from the PSN (for full price at that) when it just released on the PS3. I remember reading that it was a rather large turnout. THIS is why they are doing it again.

Yet, I agree with you. For a digital version, it will probably be a bit pricey. But as long as there are people who will purchase it through that medium, they will continue to sell it there.

I can only imagine the large download size of...

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In my area I have seen a peak of 50 people using their Vita and Near.

I'm excited to see how many will have it when it actually launches.

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