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Unfortunately, now the whole story is thrown across multiple handheld games in addition to the PS2 titles,

KH Chain of Memories (at least Re: Chain of Memories made it to the PS2)
KH Re: Coded (DS)
KH 358/2 Days (DS)
KH Birth By Sleep (PSP)
KH 3D Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

A collection would be cool but I doubt they would recreate all of those games for a console. Maybe just KH, KH Re: Chain of Memories, and KH II.

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Starhawk and Datura are the two I'll be playing this week.

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Same. I hope the characters they reveal at E3 are good.

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Yeah, a lot of stuff!

I'm still not sure what I'm going to get in May.

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Just announced. She IS a character.

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Not sure why you got disagrees, the article does say,

"Whether Sid’s reply about God of War starring Fat Princess was an obscure hint or a simple reply in jest, is yet to be seen."

Anyway, it would be interesting to see which characters they include in the game. I doubt she could be a main fighter as all she does is get captured and eat cake lol.

Maybe a special/support character that throws cake? =p Or sends out her fighters for h...

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From the article: " GTTV is supposed to reveal PlayStation’s new game from SuperBot Entertainment tonight. Tonight meaning, 1 am EST which is tomorrow morning for some people or late tonight for others."


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I assume we will be playing the very story that was told through narration at the start of the first God of War game.

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I think the only ones I'm really interested in playing with a Move on that list are BioShock Infinite to try it out at least, and Sorcery.

But it's good to know that there's still Move support out there.

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I bet someone could make money off of an idea like that.

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@Kaos and others upset:

I apologize. My comment above was not meant to be a spoiler at all. I suppose I wasn't thinking.

In my mind, it just wasn't a spoiler especially after so long. I myself do not like spoilers and I always refrain from talking about them. For instance, I just saw The Avengers a few days ago and several people have asked me online about the story. Out of respect for those who do not want any spoilers, I refrained from saying anyth...

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It's five years since the game came out. I think the statute of limitations for spoilers has long passed.

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Too bad Nariko died at the end of HS.

I would still love a sequel though.

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Other than Resistance 3 and a few others, Crysis 2 was one of my top FPS' of 2011. I'm looking forward to Crysis 3 for sure. :)

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Slant Six only did Tactical Strike and Fireteam Bravo 3.

Zipper did Fireteam Bravo and Fireteam Bravo 2.

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Zipper made great PSP SOCOM games. Too bad they're gone now. :(

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Yup! I have noticed a few developers doing this a bit this year. Free DLC that is.

I'm not a fan of paid DLC so I welcome it very much. :)

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The price is perfectly fine.For the technology, it is actually underpriced. Once E3 unveils more games, and more features are enabled, I'm sure it will pick up pace.

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Multiplayer DLC only.

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