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Looking forward to it.

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More Ratchet and Clank is always good in my book. I love the series, I even liked All 4 One (although it admittedly wasn't the best in the franchise).

Side Note:

Full Frontal Assault will be released as a PSN download in North America but Europe will have a retail release of the game.

In Europe, the game will be called: Ratchet & Clank: QForce.

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This is the third good review on the game I have read. Only one negative review from Destructoid.

Here's the thing though: If you want to get a game, get it. Don't let reviews stop you from getting it. If you don't want to play a game, don't let others pressure you into getting it either.

Have your own individual tastes in gaming.

That said, I'm still playing this game.

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Only Jim Sterling's review (so far) has rated this game negatively.

So, is he honestly, objectively, reviewing this game and that's how he reached his conclusion? Or is he just being Jim and trolling?

I guess once the game releases, we'll hear the masses' opinion.

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I wonder if they'll have the Move support up and running for the demo.

Regardless, G.O. on PC will likely be my first choice. Hope to hear good things from E3 about it!

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Not sure if this has been mentioned but I know that Lucas Arts is currently working on a FPS and an Action Adventure, two titles.

I'm not sure which one they're announcing though.

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Yeah, I used to work at GS some years back as a SGA and always got nice swag from there when the store managers came back.

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Highly unlikely.

Square-Enix has always been a bit hesitant when it comes to announcing Japanese developed games at E3. Usually (albeit not always) the Square-Enix parties/events and the Tokyo Game Show are the venues that SE announces and reveals new titles.

While I'm dying for a KH announcement, I doubt there will be one at E3. The only bit of KH we will likely see at E3 is with KH 3D because it has already been announced for a Western release.

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Make it F2P and I'll be down.

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Can't wait! I love the resistance series.
My vita craves some Chimera action.

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I doubt it.

That's what Dissidia is for.

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I haven't had a single problem connecting to anything in Starhawk. The network is really good. I actually haven't even experienced any lag at all.

I only have been disconnected from games when the host ends it.

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Free stuff is always nice. :)

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I'm not a PS3 only gamer, but these are some games I have really enjoyed the Move with:

Heavy Rain
Killzone 3
echochrome II
PixelJunk 4am
de Blob 2
Sports Champions
inFamous 2/FoB

That's just to name a few. I have used the Move with a lot of other games. It is still supported widely. It's just not forced on gamers. It's usually offered as an alternative control sche...

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Unfortunately, now the whole story is thrown across multiple handheld games in addition to the PS2 titles,

KH Chain of Memories (at least Re: Chain of Memories made it to the PS2)
KH Re: Coded (DS)
KH 358/2 Days (DS)
KH Birth By Sleep (PSP)
KH 3D Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

A collection would be cool but I doubt they would recreate all of those games for a console. Maybe just KH, KH Re: Chain of Memories, and KH II.

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Starhawk and Datura are the two I'll be playing this week.

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Same. I hope the characters they reveal at E3 are good.

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Yeah, a lot of stuff!

I'm still not sure what I'm going to get in May.

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Just announced. She IS a character.

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Not sure why you got disagrees, the article does say,

"Whether Sid’s reply about God of War starring Fat Princess was an obscure hint or a simple reply in jest, is yet to be seen."

Anyway, it would be interesting to see which characters they include in the game. I doubt she could be a main fighter as all she does is get captured and eat cake lol.

Maybe a special/support character that throws cake? =p Or sends out her fighters for h...

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