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It has already been confirmed to be coming out for $19.99

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When PlayStation Mobile (previously PS Suite) releases, I think we will see an even greater influx of indie devs gracing the Vita as well.

There are already great games out and coming out for the Vita from the indie community. And I say, "Keep it coming!"

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This was the main reason I got a 3DS although there are other games on the 3DS I have played and others I still want to get as well. Hopefully it delivers.

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1) This is in response to a PS related article.
2) I said "one of the best" and I'm not the only one who feels that way.

#Reading Comprehension

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Journey is definitely one of the best games not only of 2012, but of this generation. Such a beautiful experience.

Pretty decent list.

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Oh, Amy.

Such a terrible game. :/

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Yeah. It's a prequel while they are knights.

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That localization. ._.

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I wonder when it is coming to North America. It's on the US PlayStation site, but we still haven't had any word on it coming.

Sounds like a fun game.

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Like the article says:

" Feel free to discuss below that you do not want any of these games, that they are not good quality games, that they’re ports, nothing original, etc. All of the debatable topics that are bound to come forth – but don’t say, 'The Vita has no games.' "

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Yeah, seems to be getting pretty good reviews from most sites.

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The MP experience is lackluster but the story was decent. One thing is true though, for the first FPS of its kind - two analogue sticks on a handheld, it was good enough.

I enjoyed it, got that platinum.

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And there's no problem building hype for a game. As long as you do not reveal a trailer six years early and still do not show much else about it.

*I'm looking at you Square-Enix. Final Fantasy Versus XIII*

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Already have the game, I think I'll pass but good deal for those who don't.

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And Assassin's Creed III. Ubisoft overall had the best lineup at E3 when it came to conferences at least.

The show floor was a different story - lots of great games there.

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They did announce that God of War 1 and 2 from the HD collection would be playable on the Vita this summer through the new Vita update.

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One is coming for the Vita this summer. It will bring quite a few big changes.

The one thing I would love an update for is the UI though. I ran out of space and these icons/pages are a little annoying. I would prefer folders or some other form of organization.

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One is coming for the PS3 though. FW update v4.20. Supposedly a major update:

It will likely be in conjunction with this summer's big PS Vita update.

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Gamers just need to shut up.

First they say: "Oh, it's a Smash Bros. clone."

Now they are whining about its unique features saying that the game isn't like Super Smash Bros. enough now? That it needs more elements that SSB had? Come on.....


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Wait not ONE single Vita game interests you? Not:

Army Corps of Hell
Asphalt Injection
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
Dynasty Warriors Next
Escape Plan
Everybody's Golf 6 (Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational)
F1 2011
Hustle Kings
Little Deviants
Lumines Electronic Symphony
Michael Jackson: The Experience
ModNation Racers: Road Trip
Rayman Origi...

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