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At the moment, unfortunately, no. When the Vita update comes, it has been suggested that the game will work with remote play though. Yes.

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Yes, it was announced during E3.

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Well, 1313 will be on PlayStation (something). It's being featured in the Official PlayStation Magazine for September.

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The beta was very impressive.

From the looks of just the bit I experienced during the beta, this could indeed be the best LBP yet.

It really blew my mind all the different kinds of community creations came out of it.

I give kudos to the dev team and the community on this one. I'll be picking it up for sure.

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You know, they DID show more games; Just not at the conference. E3 isn't just a set of conferences, there are also show floors and closed rooms.


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Apple iPlay or iGame. Something like that. Will cost almost $2,000 and people will buy 100000000 of them because it has an apple logo on it.

Called it years ago.


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Well, both companies are working on new IPs, so we'll see!

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I just hope they actually make the game within the next decade.

Don't let it become the next victim of SE Japan. :/

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Oh man, if this comes to North America.....

Please do. I <3 this franchise.

Also, Yakuza 5 please! :3

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They released Yakuza 3, 4, and Dead Souls in North America as well this generation.

I loved them. I'm hoping they'll do the same for 5. Love this series.

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Wow, I was just thinking yesterday how I would love to play Pitfall again; Both the original and the Mayan Adventures. I loved those games growing up.

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It would have been nice; But I'm sure we'll get more with DLC. I just hope the DLC is either cheap or free.

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It has already been confirmed to be coming out for $19.99

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When PlayStation Mobile (previously PS Suite) releases, I think we will see an even greater influx of indie devs gracing the Vita as well.

There are already great games out and coming out for the Vita from the indie community. And I say, "Keep it coming!"

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This was the main reason I got a 3DS although there are other games on the 3DS I have played and others I still want to get as well. Hopefully it delivers.

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1) This is in response to a PS related article.
2) I said "one of the best" and I'm not the only one who feels that way.

#Reading Comprehension

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Journey is definitely one of the best games not only of 2012, but of this generation. Such a beautiful experience.

Pretty decent list.

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Oh, Amy.

Such a terrible game. :/

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Yeah. It's a prequel while they are knights.

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That localization. ._.

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