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Well, it's 2 weeks until NYCC, so I guess we'll see! I don't doubt it.

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58 new pictures in the gallery.

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Yup. I'll be spending a bit of money especially in November.

October will not be too good either. Fortunately I'll get a break in December.

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Same here. I have had PS+ since the day it launched and they sent me a voucher early this morning.

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Although the meat of the game is MP, I thought the campaign was just fine.

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No, it's a new one separate from the Dragon's Dogma demos. Demo details are outlined here:

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It's not the same one.

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One should note: This is not the same demo from the Dragon's Dogma game though.

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For me, it's between that and LBP Vita. I was in the LBP Vita beta and I have to say, it was probably the best version of a LBP game I have played to date - and that was just the beta. I'm excited for it.

Borderlands 2: I'm not too into the FPS genre, so it took me a while before I finally sat down and played Borderlands somewhere in late 2010 I believe. Needless to say, I loved every minute of it and will be getting Borderlands 2 on day 1.

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Yes? Haven't people been doing this since the update anyway? This isn't exactly a hidden function.

Loads of sites have lists of PSOne classics (longer than the official PS Blog list) that can be transferred this way to the Vita.

Guess it's a good visual for those who don't know how to do it.

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I played Rock Band 3 too, but the novelty of these rhythm games with instruments just wore off for me personally.

Not saying it was a bad game; Just saying, I was done. lol

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Rock Band was cool the first two games for me. After that, I was done.

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It seems that CoD alone will be $49.99 according to retail stores. :/

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Don't feel bad. As someone who lives in America, I barely recognize half of the foods on there either.

Energy drinks and candy items are the most recognizable out of the majority of the categories.


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True, I have a 32 GB and it is down to 15 GB left already.

Still, getting a 4 GB card is better than getting no card at all. It's good for starting out and will be enough for a few games, game saves. I guess from there, if people want more space, Sony still hopes people fork over the extra $.

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It doesn't need a price drop right now and there are great bundles coming out for a steal.

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I doubt there will be an HD collection. And if there is, a lot of games will be left out.

Also, KH III was confirmed long ago as the next game after Dream.Drop.Distance. However, I still don't think we will see it for ages.

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I'm not worried.

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Well, if this stuff was on the official website, it's their fault anyway.

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