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As the article says, there's more info. It's not just the videos.

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Sony Santa Monica tweeted earlier today, saying the announcement would come this afternoon.

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This game was overlooked by a lot of people but deserves to be played. It's great.

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Yeah, I don't know if I would consider the beta for God of War a big reveal since they announced it a while back, made an official post on the PSBlog about it, and said it was coming in November.

I hope it's something more - but it is also a possibility.

The iPad Mini I'm not too interested in either since I have a Kindle and Nexus 7.

As for The Arrival and The Reload - Long Live Play, probably starting off with a campaign for PS...

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It's likely just going to be a revival of the Long Live Play campaign that they had around this time last year - starting with the Michael commercial.

No doubt, they'll have PS All-Stars commercials that are part of the Long Live Play initiative for 2012.

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I think a ton of us will be =p

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More clues in the teaser point to Ape Escape than anything else. But we'll have to wait and see!

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Well, that's better than what they usually offer for game trades. So, I guess if someone plans on trading it already, that's an OK deal.

I'm keeping my copy for a while though.

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I love comics and all but I'm not interested in one for this game.

Great for those who are though!

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Yeah, some people are just too quick to judge.

I have been playing it since the closed beta a few months back, plus the more recent beta, and demos that are popping up around now.

The game is fun and that's what matters. Remember when that's what made people want to buy game? The good ole days.

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I have been with Assassin's Creed from the start - I don't plan on stopping now. AC III is one of my most anticipated for the rest of the year.

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For a handheld game, it looks great. Liberation along with Most Wanted will be my next Vita games for sure. That is, the next Vita games that aren't downloadable only titles.

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Sounds cool. Looking forward to the game.

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Old news, but still cool.

Love the Yakuza series. Here's hoping 1 & 2 HD plus Yakuza 5 make it to the West.

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PS+ content varies from region to region.

North America doesn't get half of the stuff that EU gets with PS+ and vice-versa.

Although I have been a little envious of the stuff that Europe gets. Meh....

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The beta is possible, although I dont think they would be all mysterious about the beta in the tease since they already announced it before.

Should be interesting, whatever they announce on Monday.

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That's a different Green Lantern. The one in the game is Hal Jordan - the main and most widely known Green Lantern from Earth.

The one that they made gay in the New 52 comics is Alan Scott. He hardly matters though.

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Yeah, I have to watch my spending as well so I'll have to pick this game up at a later time. Looks great though. I love stealth games. :)

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Does his over-sized crotch and abs make you uncomfortable with your manhood? Haha!

The character design is w/e to me, honestly. It doesn't bother me.

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It IS fun.

The price is a drawback though. However, if you were going to buy it in a retail store, that's probably the price you would pay anyway.

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