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With the game just released and barely hitting the 200k worldwide sales, I doubt they're already looking at a sequel.

They could just be working on another game or need help for upcoming DLC.

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Indeed, it was. :)

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Journey is still my personal GOTY.

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No. You do not need PS+. Each game automatically saves to the cloud, or will have an option in-game for you to save to and sync from the cloud.

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Level 5 has too many ties with Square-Enix and Nintendo for that to happen.

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What are you talking about? There are a lot of PlayStation exclusives that have been published by Sony yet are not Sony IPs.

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I actually counted. Within a year of the 3DS' release it had about 100 games for the system (in North America).

Within 9 months of the Vita's release, close to 80 games (in North America) have been released.

The Vita's lineup is actually pretty robust taking it to its anniversary. The only thing is, most of the titles are digital.

Both systems are releasing games at about the same pace.

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The 3DS sells like crazy.

Now tell me how many of the games that push big numbers are not, as you put it, " ports or spin-offs of home console franchises that people have already played to death"?

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So this guy played a demo of the game earlier this year and "enjoyed" it.

He "enjoys" the demo of the game and was supposedly looking forward to it- but he never buys it.... Then he says Sony let us down because he didn't see marketing for it and the game wasn't a blockbuster sales success.



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"PS3 is currently the only platform to experience a new voice user interface called “Max” that’s currently being tested."

"the Netflix experience to PlayStation Vita in the United States. This enables PS3 owners to start watching a movie or TV show on Netflix, pause it, and seamlessly continue watching on PS Vita’s beautiful 5-inch high-def OLED screen."


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Kazuo Hirai is the CEO and President of Sony Corporation which includes all of its subsidiaries (electronics, TV, camera, gaming, entertainment divisions, etc.).

Yoshida is President of Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios.

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Haha! Mine too. But then again, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC are all owned by the same company. =p

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Yeah, he's a cool dude. Real down to earth.

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Borderlands 2 didn't require an install on PS3 either.

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Good old Kazuma, just trying to make an honest living as a taxi cab driver and then a clan tries to drag him back into the Yakuza.

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."

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One word: Awesome.

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GTA worked well on the PSP, it can work even better on the Vita, for sure.

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Did you mean "abomination of a game"?


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The European PS Blog.

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Europe always gets the better full games. :(

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